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Upcoming Ford Maverick Will Come With A Small Sliding Rear Window

The sliding rear window has been a staple feature of pickup trucks for decades. In the old days, drivers had to reach back and open them manually, but in recent years, even the humble sliding rear window is power-operated, a good thing given the popularity of large, four-door pickups these days that make it impossible to reach back and open the rear window by hand. And now, Ford Authority has learned that the forthcoming Ford Maverick compact pickup will also have a small sliding rear window, just like the larger Ford F-150 and Ford Ranger trucks.

The Ford Ranger currently features the sliding rear window

The Ford Ranger currently features the sliding rear window

Much like traditional sliding rear windows, the Maverick will feature a small center window that slides to the side for extra air flow.

Back in 2018, Ford Authority exclusively reported that Ford had begun developing a small unibody pickup that would slot underneath the Ranger. Then, in May, we learned that the new pickup would be called the Maverick. Recently, a few key details have emerged about the compact pickup, including a leaked picture of its tailgate. Meanwhile, recent spy photos did their best to disguise the Maverick as an SUV.

The sliding rear window on the 2021 Ford F-150

The sliding rear window on the 2021 Ford F-150

The Maverick will ride on the Ford C2 platform, the same architecture that underpins the Ford Bronco Sport and the 2020 and newer Ford Escape. As Ford Authority previously reported, the Maverick will also share styling cues with the Bronco Sport, including its flat hood and upright front end.

The Maverick will be produced alongside the Bronco Sport at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Sonora, Mexico. Pricing is expected to start around the $19,000 mark, and the very first units are expected to begin arriving in roughly two years, if not slightly sooner.

A Ford Maverick prototype disguised to look like an SUV

A Ford Maverick prototype disguised to look like an SUV

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  1. Roy Chiles

    Sliding rear windows are pretty commom place today, the one I like best is the one used on Ford Sport Trac models which is now used on Toyota Tundra. I hope the Maverick use this style also- Its Power operated and slide down out out of sight. I don’t know why Ford didn’t Continue using this design on the F150s which is the only thing I like about the Toyota Tundra


    Ford makes this one in a Diesel Hybrid 75 plus miles to the gallon


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