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1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible Would Make One Seriously Cool Cruiser

Few nameplates in history hold the same sort of prominence as the Lincoln Continental, and fewer still have stuck around as long. Over the decades and generations, Lincoln’s flagship has taken many forms, most of them incredibly cool and quite distinguished. That’s certainly true of this 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible, which we spotted for sale on Craigslist recently.

In 1964, the fourth-generation Continental was treated to its first mid-cycle refresh, which included several updates. Chiefly among them was a three-inch stretch for the wheelbase, which increased rear seat legroom. The front fascia also received a bit of a redo, with vertical chrome accents, while the recessed rear grille was replaced with a simpler decklid with a trim panel.

The result was a car that arguably looked even better than before, and thanks to a new and more spacious interior, it was an even better cruiser, too. And that’s the first thought that comes to mind when we lay eyes on this beautiful 1964 Lincoln Continental. It’s just begging us to drop its top and take it on a long stroll on a pleasant afternoon.

Amazingly enough, the stunning classic is being sold by just its second owner, a true testament to how irresistible these cars really are. The Lincoln has just 113,000 miles on the clock, and has always been stored inside, which is quite evident. The white exterior looks to be in fantastic condition, as does the contrasting blue leather interior.

Original ’64 Continentals certainly don’t get much nicer than this, that’s for sure. The seller calls it the perfect parade car, and we’re sure it would be very good at that. But personally, we’d love to take this big-bodied Lincoln out on a nice fall weekend, top down and radio turned up. Simply enjoying the same luxurious experience that many famous and prominent folks did back in this era, one that was distinctly Lincoln back in that time.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    The 1963-69 Lincoln Continental are my favorite luxury sedans of all time. It’s sad that Lincoln never recreated it for our generation. Lincoln ain’t want it Should Be these days that for sure


    Too bad this company’s executives have no idea how to build and market cars like this today.

    1. Daniel Sandiford

      Agreed…they could sell in $70 K $100k neighborhood…
      I also wish Cadillac would cut the roof off the CT6 for a start

  3. William

    I own a 64 just like the one pictured. I bought it in highschool for 450 dollars. That was 1973. It still drives great! Top works fine.

    1. Roy Chiles

      Lucky U, that’s crazy you wouldn’t be able to buy A hulled out body For $450 today

  4. Tom

    What the real shame here is that all we have to read about now is old Ford /Lincoln AUTOMOBILES. Due to their stupid decision to quit building AUTOMOBILES all we have to read about is SUV’s and trucks. I can’t think of anything less exciting than reading about a new version of a pickup truck. Ford is going to rue the day they decided to stop building cars. I only hope with Hackett gone next month, Ford rethinks this decision and gets back in the ballgame before it’s too late.

    1. Roy Chiles

      I totally agree with U


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