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1979 Ford Bronco Freewheelin’ Needs Some Work But Might Sell Cheap

Perhaps no vehicular option from the 1970s so perfectly screams ’70s like the Ford Freewheelin’ package. Ticking that box back in the disco era netted buyers little more than a set of brightly colored stripes, unique wheels and interior treatments, and a blacked-out grille. But today, like vintage Broncos in general, they’re highly sought after. And that makes this 1979 Ford Bronco Freewheelin’ up for grabs on eBay a potential bargain.

Nice Ford Bronco Freewheelin’ examples have sold for big bucks in recent months, but this one hasn’t even reached $9,000 in bids as of this writing. Of course, there are reasons for that. This is certainly no gem, and the big SUV needs work in just about every regard. But for someone that doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty, it might just be quite the score.

The classic Ford Bronco has a relatively low 121k miles on the odometer, and the original Ford 351 cubic-inch V8 reportedly runs just fine. The body, on the other hand, needs some major attention. It has its fair share of dents and dings, but also rust along the bottoms of the doors, under the rear bumper, and in the rear fender wells. However, the seller notes that the floor pans are rust free.

The interior needs some love as well, including a complete reupholstering. The wiper knob is broken, and the weatherstripping is shot. Throw in a cracked windshield, and it’s clear that this Ford Bronco Freewheelin’ is a project.

Regardless, the bidding on this Bronco has been brisk to say the least, which isn’t a surprise given the inherent rarity of the Freewheelin’ package, or the insane popularity of the second-gen Bronco these days. Just how high it goes, however, we’ll be interested to see.

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