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2021 Ford Bronco Badlands Takes On Mickey’s Hot Tub At Hell’s Revenge: Video

The Blue Oval has been out and about testing the 2021 Ford Bronco at some of the toughest off-road areas in the U.S. lately, including the Rubicon Trail and some hairy looking rock formations at Moab. Now, a 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands model has tackled yet another tough task – Mickey’s Hot Tub, located at Hell’s Revenge in Moab, Utah.

Hell’s Revenge is a 6.5 mile trail recommended for experienced drivers only, and it’s easy to see why in this footage. The trail contains a variety of steep climbs and challenging obstacles, including Mickey’s Hot Tub, so named because it’s a deep hole with a near-vertical climb required to exit. But the 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands in this video makes easy work of it, rolling up and out with little drama.

Making this feat all the more impressive is the fact that the four-door Bronco is completely stock with no modifications. Regardless, it struts its suspension articulation and weight transfer in this clip, and it has plenty of approach and departure angle to handle the steep climb.

The Bronco is equipped with the Sasquatch Package, however, which means it has 35 inch tires, 17 inch beadlock capable wheels, front-and rear-locking differentials, Bilstein position shocks, a 4.7 final drive ratio, and high clearance fender flares, which undoubtedly helps it on this trail just a little.

Regardless, not just anyone is going to rock up to Mickey’s Hot Tub in their new Ford Bronco and pull this off. This feat requires some skill, not to mention a good spotter. But it’s nice to know that buyers of the 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands model have a vehicle capable of tackling some of the toughest obstacles on the planet, right off the showroom floor.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    BadAss that looks like fun

  2. JohnR

    Although mine will be a base, non-Sasquach Bronco, I plan to have plenty of fun with it. Trying this? Probably not, haha, but I’m an outdoorsman and I haven’t had a proper SUV since my old two-door Isuzu Trooper.

    I am so glad that Ford didnt listen to the 13 year olds who are all up in arms because it doesnt have 800 horsepower and it doesnt make the Excursion look like an Escape.

    They built the right SUV. The cornerstone to the lineup. There is room for expansion, but if they hadn’t built me a two door, base model with a manual transmission, I’d probably buy something else. And no, it would not be a Jeep. I respect the Wrangler, but I’m not interested in owning one. Kinda how I feel about the Corvette, lol.

    It would have been a sporty car with a manual (not a Ford, although a Ranger or F-150 would’ve been in consideration had I not decided that my first new vehicle will have three pedals), and I’d have to have found an old SUV to use instead. I’m so glad I can buy the exact version I hoped and prayed they’d build.


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