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Custom 1941 Lincoln Continental Convertible Comes With A Hefty Price Tag

We’ve featured a few cool custom Lincoln Continental models recently, but most of those are from the 1960s. First-gen models aren’t quite as common, but this very nice 1941 Lincoln Continental convertible we spotted for sale on Craigslist certainly demonstrates why that’s a shame. The curvy classic is in fantastic condition with a slick and shiny paint job, and has a few modifications designed to make it a little more pleasant to drive.

On the outside, this 1941 Lincoln Continental retains much of its original charm, with shiny chrome and a flawless matching blue convertible top. Interestingly, however, the seller chose to stick a set of Dayton 100 spoke wire wheels on the car, a popular choice among low riders from years ago. That’s bound to be a point of contention, but wheels are perhaps the easiest thing to change on a car.

What won’t be quite as easy to change is what lies under the shiny surface of this classic Continental – a GM LT-series V8 engine, which is connected to a four-speed overdrive transmission. We know how much everyone loves a GM-powered Ford around these parts, but this car is far too nice to ignore over that little transgression.

The suspension of this beautiful Lincoln was also lifted from a GM vehicle – a C4 Corvette, to be exact. As such, it now has four-wheel disc brakes and power steering, which should make it handle and stop eons better than before.

The interior features acres of tan leather with plenty of amenities, including power windows, power front seats, and air conditioning, to name a few. There’s really only one problem with this Continental (OK, two, if you count the drivetrain) – the seller wants $125,000 for it.

That’s a bit rich, even for a car this nice, even with what appears to be top notch body and paintwork. But it only takes one interested party to make a sale, so perhaps this old Lincoln is someone’s idea of the ideal cruiser.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    This Continental is simply gorgeous minus one thing, it needs a heart transplant with a Ford V8 under the hood it would have checked all the boxes of being near perfect. I can’t see how all this work was done so right then put the wrong engine?

  2. Douglas Wentworth

    Nice restomod, but this is a 1940, not a 1941. The difference is that the 1941 had turn signal indicators on top of the front fenders ( the 1940 model didnt have them). I know, cuz I have a 1941 Coupe in my garage.


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