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First 2021 Ford Base Bronco Rolls Off The Assembly Line

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While plenty of people will pay the price to bring home a 2021 Ford Bronco in Badlands or Wildtrak trim, perhaps the most intriguing trim level is the inexpensive, uncomplicated Base Bronco. With a price tag of just under $30k with destination and delivery, the Base provides a nice blank canvas for folks that want to buy their own wheels and tires and add other modifications.

For those looking to go that route, it’s worth noting that the very first pre-production Base Bronco has just rolled off the line at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant, and it looks great. As we reported last week, this two-door, Iconic Silver Base and its counterpart, an Oxford White four-door Badlands model, were built to test out tooling at the plant.

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Bronco Nation was there to capture photos of the assembly process, and also provided these shots of the completed Base Bronco. Both the Base and the Badlands are equipped with Ford’s 2.3L EcoBoost I-4, which produces 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. The Base features Ford’s new seven-speed manual transmission, while the Badlands is equipped with the 10 speed automatic.

The two-door is clearly a very simple, bare-bones model, but is fitted with a black hard top. The wheels are Ford’s new 16 inch bright polished silver-painted steel units, which are the Base trim level’s standard wheels. For the most part, they’re likely just placeholders for people intent on purchasing a set of aftermarket wheels and big knobby off-road tires.

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Alternatively, buyers can opt to add the Sasquatch Package to the Base and step up to 35 inch beadlock-capable wheels and tires. Later in 2021, that package will also be available with the manual transmission.

These Broncos are just pre-production models, and we’re still a ways off from seeing an actual production Ford Bronco emerge from the Michigan Assembly Plant, as deliveries aren’t scheduled to begin until June of 2021.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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    • Best tell that to the unions. By the way, did you know most vehicles Ford sells today cost less than their older counterparts when adjusting for inflation?

      • Tell what to the unions? What does that even mean!? Strange statement sir. They all collectively working hard (an it shows w/ this beauty) to design engineer develop & manufacture an amazing iconic SUV. I know ppl that work at Ford. The passion for their products is 2nd to none. Got mine on order! Reservation is in. Go Ford!

        • I agree David. My father was skill trade in the UAW for 30 years with Ford. The majority of workers in the Union are in it for the long haul. They do care about the product and they strive to make a great product. I would like to get the 2-door Bronco, but 2020 has not been kind financially. And I generally like to hear about the performance of a vehicle in its 2nd production year. Hoping any bugs are worked out from the first year. So maybe later in 2021, I could explore the 2022 model.
          Realize there will be some people in EVERY forum that just want to stir up some crap. Or are disgruntled in some way. And everyone has their favorites which leads the weaker minded to criticize the competition to what they like. I have a 4-door Jeep Wrangler too. It is plagued with electronics problems. But it is a special edition that I would hate to get rid of. So I will tackle those problems as they keep coming up out of warranty. But I will say, the 4-door Bronco will clobber Wrangler sales. The Wrangler will still sell, it will not go away, but the Bronco will be a real winner. Especially in the fancier packages. Both Ford and Chrysler will be winners with what they offer. There are enough buyers to keep all the companies going.

  1. So the first one off the line is an Ugly one? What is with those terrible rims? Come on. You wanted to make a splash. Start showing the cool looking Broncos. All those shown in the ads, especially that little yellow one with the extra lights and oversized wheels, bring those off the assembly line and brag about them.

      • So you think paying for the Bronco with the ugly rims, and they are standard steel rims that are terrible, is a good plan? Why not opt for a nicer set of wheels from Ford, most of the time this is only a $800 to $1000 upgrade, and then drive home and have something nice already. Instead of getting the ugly rims, then going out to customize at near $1000 per wheel aftermarket, with no guarantee that you could even cross over the tires. Thus you may have to buy 4 tires also. And if you think you will be selling that ugly set of rims for anything of value, forget that.

        I was not criticizing the Bronco as I see several others doing here. I was criticizing whomever chose to show it off in the “basic” state. At least make it look a little more flashy, or else you will already lose customers. All of the previews of it so far have not been the basic package. We are seeing the Sasquash and others climb rough terrain. We are not seeing the basic package in these commercials. Would you show off a Mustang with dirt ugly steel rims? I have no problem with the Bronco, I would like one. What I have a problem with is how you flash it to the public. We all know we can strip it down to the basics and pay the intro price. But show the better looking version to get people interested. Similar to an F150. Not many of them on any lot, other than the white utility vehicles, would be displayed at a dealership with cruddy wheels. I have an F150 Harley Davidson Edition. I am use to the “flashiness.” The Bronco has good looking models. Bragging about the first one off the assembly line should had been more flashy, less basic. That is all I am saying.

        • You needn’t look any further than the Jeep Wrangler community to see that many people who are going to buy a Bronco won’t want factory wheels – they want to pick their own and make it their own. There are plenty of folks that are planning on buying a base model and doing exactly that. I also doubt Ford is concerned about losing customers by showing off the base model since it already has over 165,000 reservations lined up.

          • Many of the factory wheels are nice. Most vehicles give you about 3 to 6 options. Nothing wrong with spiffy factory rims. But for those who want to spend a lot on custom rims, go for it. The majority of consumers DO NOT do that. You are aware, right? It is only a small percentage of people who customize after market.
            I am glad to hear that Ford has that many reservations. That is a very good sign, especially in this year of higher unemployment and economic distress. I hope 2021 proves even better for requests. I remember how I waited to start seeing the new Ranger on the road. I still do not see many Rangers, but when I do, I do look them over. Some are plain … some are not. The spiffier looking ones get longer looks from me. And fancy factory rims aren’t offensive.

            • There’s a report that came out a while ago that stated 60% of Jeep Wrangler owners customize their vehicles. That’s a bit more than a small percentage. And you can bet Bronco owners will follow suit, which is why Ford is offering 200+ accessories for it at launch.

  2. We run the base model 1st for tooling purposes. Issues with fitting etc. We’re all waiting to build the sweet ones next week. I’m to old to buy one but if younger no doubt would own.

  3. Great job Ford Motor! Iconic Bronco is back being built alongside the all new Ranger..the midsize truck class leader ppl are raving about! I have my reservation (deposit) in for a 2-dr Badlands Edition Bronco w/2.3L Ecoboost in black. My son just ordered a ’21 Ranger FX4 crew cab in race red. Both our vehicles will be built in same award winning Michigan assembly plant. ALL AMERICAN!!

  4. Tell what to the unions? What does that even mean!? Strange statement sir. They all collectively working hard (an it shows w/ this beauty) to design engineer develop & manufacture an amazing iconic SUV. I know ppl that work at Ford. The passion for their products is 2nd to none. Got mine on order! Reservation is in. Go Ford!

  5. You must understand, all automakers do this ‘pilot’ run as reported in the article as a test for all things required in the process of producing a vehicle from all sources to a completed product. When you get the first ones right you build on that success. It’s a base model and it came together beautifully. Cograts Ford MTP, I smell a winner!

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