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Ford E-Series Sales Decreased 50 Percent In Q2 2020

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Ford E-Series sales decreased significantly in the United States and Canada during the second quarter of 2020.

Ford E-Series Sales - Q2 2020 - United States

In the United States, Ford E-Series deliveries totaled 5,802 units in Q2 2020, a decrease of about 50 percent compared to 11,560 units sold in Q2 2019.

In the first six months of the year, E-Series sales decreased about 29 percent to 15,900 units.
MODEL Q2 2020 / Q2 2019 Q2 2020 Q2 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019 YTD 2020 YTD 2019
E-SERIES -49.81% 5,802 11,560 -28.86% 15,900 22,351

Ford E-Series Sales - Q2 2020 - Canada

In Canada, Ford E-Series deliveries totaled 490 units in Q2 2020, a decrease of about 72 percent compared to 1,771 units sold in Q2 2019.

In the first six months of the year, E-Series sales decreased about 45 percent to 1,596 units.
MODEL Q2 2020 / Q2 2019 Q2 2020 Q2 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019 YTD 2020 YTD 2019
E-SERIES -72.33% 490 1,771 -45.06% 1,596 2,905

Competitive Sales Comparison

Ford E-Series sales decreased nearly 50 percent during the second quarter of 2020, putting it in fourth place in its competitive set when ranked by total sales volume. The E-Series’ corporate stable mate, the Ford Transit, came in first place in the segment (see Ford Transit sales), though sales fell 57 percent. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Express (see Chevy Express sales) was in second place, with sales volume down 58 percent, and the Ram ProMaster (see Ram ProMaster sales) was in third, with a 41 percent decrease.

The E-Series outsold the rest of the competitive group, including the Chevy Express’ twin – the GMC Savana (see GMC Savana sales), and the soon-to-be-discontinued Nissan NV. However, we should note that comparing E-Series sales to any of those models is far from an apples-to-apples comparison, since the E-Series is available exclusively in the cutaway configuration, while all other models are available as full-bodied cargo and passenger vans and, in most cases, as cutaways.

Sales Numbers - Full-Size Vans - Q2 2020 - United States

MODEL Q2 20 / Q2 19 Q2 20 Q2 19 Q2 20 SHARE Q2 19 SHARE YTD 20 / YTD 19 YTD 20 YTD 19
FORD TRANSIT -56.52% 17,944 41,265 39% 40% -25.07% 54,780 73,107
CHEVROLET EXPRESS -58.17% 9,006 21,528 19% 21% -42.40% 22,315 38,743
RAM PROMASTER -40.92% 7,913 13,393 17% 13% -34.49% 17,498 26,712
FORD E-SERIES -49.81% 5,802 11,560 12% 11% -28.86% 15,900 22,351
GMC SAVANA -68.60% 2,984 9,503 6% 9% -55.40% 7,166 16,069
NISSAN NV -42.57% 2,888 5,029 6% 5% -30.62% 6,616 9,536
TOTAL -54.50% 46,537 102,278 -33.37% 124,275 186,518

From a market share standpoint, the Transit saw a 39 percent share, followed by 19 percent for the Chevy Express, 17 percent for the Ram ProMaster, and 12 percent for the E-Series. The GMC Savana and Nissan NV each held 6 percent.

Sales Numbers - Ford Full-Size Vans - Q2 2020 - United States

MODEL Q2 20 / Q2 19 Q2 20 Q2 19 YTD 20 / YTD 19 YTD 20 YTD 19
FORD TRANSIT -56.52% 17,944 41,265 -25.07% 54,780 73,107
FORD E-SERIES -49.81% 5,802 11,560 -28.86% 15,900 22,351
TOTAL -55.05% 23,746 52,825 -25.96% 70,680 95,458

It’s also worth noting that both of Ford’s offerings in this space, the Transit and E-Series, saw cumulative deliveries of 23,746 units, accounting for 51 percent segment share during the quarter. Meanwhile, Ford’s crosstown rival – General Motors – trailed in second place with a 25 percent segment share, as Chevy Express and GMC Savana deliveries totaled a combined 11,990 units.

The full-size mainstream van segment, which includes passenger, cargo, and cutaway/chassis cab models, contracted nearly 55 percent to 46,537 units in Q2 2020.

The Ford Authority Take

The substantial decrease in Ford E-Series sales isn’t surprising given the COVID-19 pandemic, with the second quarter containing (arguably) the months most heavily impacted by the virus, at least as of this writing. Additionally, it’s worth reiterating that E-Series sales cannot be directly compared to those of the Transit or any other model in the segment, since Ford only the E-Series only as a cutaway, and not in cargo or passenger van configurations.

Outside of that, it is very impressive that Ford commanded over half of the segment during the second quarter, a circumstance we don’t think will change any time soon. The Blue Oval has been steadily iterating and improving the E-Series over time, giving it the new Ford 7.3L Godzilla V8 gasoline engine for the 2021 model year. Meanwhile, the 2022 model year will add FlexFuel capability.

Note that 2021 model year updates are represented by these sales figures, since the E-Series skipped the 2020 model year. As a result, the 2022 model year will go into production prior to the end of the 2020 calendar year.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford E-Series Q2 2019 sales, unless noted otherwise
  • In the United States, there were 77 selling days in Q2 2020 and 77 selling days in Q2 2019
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Sales not available, as the automaker does not share sales figures for the model

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  1. Yes the Pooh flu thru everything off and things will pick up again. Trucks are arguably the one thing FORD seems to be able to do right these days. The E SERIES is a prime example of if it works for the segment just leave it the way it is and introduce improvements once it’s certain that they will work.

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