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Ford Escape PHEV Production Dates Revealed

Quite a few people have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Ford Escape PHEV, or plug-in hybrid. We first learned of the Escape and Lincoln Corsair PHEV’s existence way back in February of 2019, after all. And while it’s unclear what has delayed Ford Escape PHEV production to this point, Ford Authority has learned that the new model will enter production in January 2021.

Despite entering production in 2021, from what we understand, the Escape PHEV will still be a 2020 model year vehicle. Incidentally, 2021 Ford Escape (regular/non-PHEV) production will begin on January 4th, 2021 at the Ford Louisville Assembly Plant.

“Customers love the all-new Escape and Escape Hybrid, which have earned top honors in the J.D. Power 2020 APEAL Study. We expect to soon start shipping Escape PHEVs to dealers,” Ford Motor Company spokesman, Mike Levine, told Ford Authority in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Escape’s Ford C2 Platform mate – the Corsair PHEV – will enter production earlier, on November 9th, 2020, as we recently reported. The Kuga PHEV – which is what the Escape PHEV is called in Europe – is already on sale and doing quite well.

The Escape PHEV is powered by Ford’s 2.5L iVCT Atkinson-Cycle I-4. That traditional gas powerplant is paired with a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a liquid-cooled, 14.4 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery to produce a combined targeted output of 209 horsepower, which flows to the front wheels through an electronic continuously variable transmission (CVT).

When running strictly on gasoline, the Escape PHEV carries an EPA-estimated rating of 41 miles per gallon, or an EPA-estimated all-electric fuel economy rating of 100 MPGe combined, which is best-in-class. The Escape PHEV will travel up to 37 miles on battery power alone, too.

The Escape PHEV is capable of charging on Level 1 or Level 2 AC. Using a 110 volt Level 1 charger, the estimated time to fully charge the battery is 10 to 11 hours. Using a 240 volt Level 2 charger, charge time drops to roughly 3.5 hours.

The new Escape PHEV has a very affordable base MSRP of just under $35,000. The plug-in hybrid drivetrain is available on every Escape trim level except for base S and SE Sport, meaning that it can be had on SE, SEL, and Titanium trim levels.

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    Ford has not released more technical details on the Escape ECVT, but I suspect that it is an updated version of the HF35 unit that powers the Fusion, C-Max, and MKZ hybrid and Energi models before. I have a 2014 Fusion Hybrid, so I know how this will work in the Escape Hybrid and plug-in versions. Reaching 41 MPG is easy, since I get that almost every day in my Fusion (a heavier vehicle), and I have reached 54 MPG once.

    The benefits of this power train is simpler maintenance: No alternator, starter, pumps, pulleys or belts in the engine bay, and once a year oil and filter changes! Every accessory is electric driven, even the power steering assist and A/C compressor.

  2. mark pinkerton

    Maybe I missed it, but didn’t Ford ask all owners of the European version of the Escape PHEV to Not charge their cars at all? I think it was a fire risk. I didn’t see an update and the resolution. FYI – I drive a 2017 Fusion Energi PHEV and the Escape PHEV is most likely my next vehicle, although I’m tempted by the Model 3

  3. Ben

    “ Despite entering production in 2021, from what we understand, the Escape PHEV will still be a 2020MY vehicle.”

    I can pretty much guarantee it will be a 2021. There’s no logical reason not to and doing so to avoid some kind of regulation is illegal. It would also hurt resale value.

  4. Edward

    I had a chat with a Lincoln spokesperson on Twitter who confirmed that the Lincoln Corsair PHEV will be released in November 2020 as a 2021 model. I specifically asked about it because that’s the vehicle I’m interested in purchasing.

  5. Frank

    Where do you get such info?? I’ve got my order in for a PHEV for over 2 months and got a call from my dealer with a production date and attempt delivery time frame that is earlier then your info here…

  6. Matt McGlashen

    I did a search and there are Escape plug in models on dealer lots in California (LA and SF area). How could this be if they are not building them till next year?

    I really want to buy one this year so I can get the tax credit. It would be nice to know when I can actually get one.

    They have all the ordering info on the Ford website as well as incentives available also.

    1. Ben

      “ I did a search and there are Escape plug in models on dealer lots in California (LA and SF area). How could this be if they are not building them till next year?”

      Having a VIN /= an actual car. Note that none of the Escape PHEV listings have a photo of the actual vehicle. You can also find listings with a VIN for the Mach E which doesn’t start production until the end of the month.

  7. Mark

    Got a call from my Ford dealership minutes ago– the 2020 Escape PHEV I had on order (and even had a Nov. 1st build date confirmed) has been cancelled. According to them the 2020 model year PHEVs will not be produced and the 2021s will be arriving in early Spring next year.

    I’m in Canada, so perhaps this is just specific Canadian-based orders.

    1. Ken

      Got the same call from my dealership in Toronto. But I’m considering cancelling my order. If you join the “Ford Kuga/Escape PHEV Owners” group on Facebook, you’ll see that things are basically a disaster and we may be lucky to get our cars before mid-2021.

  8. Jeffrey Nassif

    I ordered a 2020 Ford Escape PHEV on May 23rd, 2020 – I was told that it would be made in August, then late August, then September, then October, and now they are “saying” late November (if I check the vin on the Ford order tracking website it says “dealer delivery / production NA”, so I for one think this article is legit and I am thankful for finally having some kind of answer).

  9. Scott Dewicki

    I contacted my local Lincoln dealer to ask about the Corsair PHEV. She said that Ford notified them this week (Oct 5-9) that it is delayed until November 2021. Moreover, my Ford dealer told me the next day that they received an email from Ford that the Escape PHEV is delayed until “first half of 2021.”

    My guess is that the batteries and or electric motors are in short supply.

  10. Brad M.

    I ordered a 2020 Escape PHEV, and I have been in contact with my dealer and it will end up being a 2021 model once they get the kinks out of the battery issue, I have been waiting since late July for this and hope I can get it soon!


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