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Ford Is ‘Really Happy’ With Bronco Sport Interest And Feedback

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With all the attention and interest surrounding the sixth-generation 2021 Ford Bronco, it’s easy to forget that the Ford Bronco Sport is also a pretty big deal. Like its bigger brother, the Sport is designed to offer excellent off-road capability, but in a small, easy-to-live-with, and more affordable package. And most importantly, it appears that consumers are quite interested in the “Baby Bronco,” too.

“We have both reservations and orders and we’re really happy with the feedback we’re getting from the dealers, with people coming in and asking about [Bronco] Sport,” Jovina Young, Bronco Sport marketing manager, told Ford Authority executive editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview.

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When asked, Young didn’t put an exact figure on Bronco Sport orders and reservations.

The Blue Oval did officially announce that it received 165,000 reservations for the larger two-door and four-door Ford Bronco models during the first three weeks of availability. Reservations for the Bronco Sport opened at the same time as the new models were revealed back in July, but the Sport is able to be both reserved and ordered at this time, since it will be the first model to go into production.

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Bronco Sport production is scheduled to start at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico on October 26th, 2020 and deliveries are expected to begin shortly thereafter in November.

The all-new, 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is based on the Ford C2 platform shared with the fourth-gen Ford Escape, first-gen Lincoln Corsair, and the 2019 and newer Ford Focus sold in international markets.

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The rugged crossover’s base engine is Ford’s 1.5L EcoBoost turbocharged three-cylinder, which produces 181 horsepower and 190 pound-feet of torque, mated to Ford’s 8 speed automatic transmission.

The Ford’s 2.0L EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder is optional. The up-level four makes 245 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque. It’s mated to an 8 speed SelectShift automatic transmission equipped with an oil cooler and manual shifting mode with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. This Bronco Sport looks worlds better than the Jeep Compass, A bigger problem for FORD is this might out sale the vehicle it started it’s platform with the Escape. It will be interesting to see how both sale on the same floor.

    • Ford knows the vehicles are based on the same chassis, even if you might have just discovered this. It will be fine. The vehicles appeal to two different audiences. The Focus in the UK is also based off of this chassis, as well as the planned small size pickup and three-row Escape. People won’t be confusing those.

      • You just discovered it from the sound of it, I been knowing it. The same can be said for Capri and Mustang or Firebird and Camaro. You can flood the market with a product and it end up competing with something that you already have on the market which confuse the buying customer and lose one. Read Dave’s comment below a lot of customers are going to view it the same way

  2. The Bronco Sport reminds me of the first generation Escape… which I thought was just
    the coolest looking little CUV/SUV at that time. I think The Sport will have alot of buyers.

    • As soon as we get a Magnetic Bronco Sport at our dealership, my boss gave me permission to put my gray escape next to one for photos to put onto advertisements. A LOT of people around here still drive first and second gen Escapes and don’t like anything newer because of the design. These Sports might change their minds.

      • With the Escape, I think Ford figured people coming out of cars would want something that looked like a car. If you liked Focus styling, then you’d like a bloated version of it.

        I think the Bronco Sport will prove that people coming out of cars want something different, and with more personality. After all, when Apple designed the i-phone, they didn’t try to make it look like a flip-phone.

  3. When the PHEV version comes out I’ll be trading in my 2010 Escape Hybrid for one of these! I agree with the other commenters about the styling, I’ve always loved the 1st/2nd gen Escape styling (I’ve owned one of each) but the current jelly-bean style has never interested me. This new Bronco Sport though looks to be just right!

  4. The Bronco Sport reminds me of the 1st/2nd Gen Escapes but it lacks the ENGINE to compare with the early escapes. The new bronco’s 2,200 pounds towing capacity with the “BIG” engine is just pitiful. I have both a 2005 and a 2010 escape and would gladly move up into a little Bronco if they offered it with a 6 cylinder engine like the solid study 3.0’s that my escapes have…. or better yet, offer it with a 8 cylinder so that it can tow a camper.

    I also have to agree with the prior poster concerning the ‘newer escapes’ – the jelly-bean looking escapes aren’t appealing at all.

  5. I have Oct 26 marked on my calendar. Can’t wait for production to start. I ordered an Outer Banks because I’m 76, and I don’t plan on climbing hills or going over rocks.

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