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Ford Mustang Driver Rips Donuts In Parking Garage, Crashes Into Pole: Video

It goes without saying that the Ford Mustang suffers from a bit of a bad reputation. Or, shall we say, Ford Mustang owners have developed a bit of a negative rep for showing off, only to promptly crash. From roadside creeks to literal houses and other vehicles, we’ve seen all sorts of these incidents in recent weeks and months. And now, we have yet another embarrassing act to add to that list.

This footage was actually captured by a Mustang owner who rolled into his favorite parking garage in Houston, Texas to capture a few cool photos and videos of his car. But then, another Mustang showed up with some very different intentions. That driver was obviously keen to put something extra entertaining on film for the other guy, so he started ripping some donuts.

Instead of looking cool, however, he promptly lost control and smashed into a light pole. Luckily for us (or unluckily for this guy), the camera man captured the whole thing on video. And once again, we continue to perpetuate this awful stereotype that Mustang guys just can’t shake, thanks to a few irresponsible, non-driving souls who just can’t seem to resist the urge to show off in public.

It’s a rep that the poor Ford Mustang just doesn’t deserve. Sure, it’s a V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive machine, but plenty of skilled drivers have proven that it’s capable of being driven without smashing into whatever object just might happen to be nearby. So from us responsible Mustang drivers who know how to handle our rides and keep the hooning contained to the track, we beg of them – please, just stop.

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  1. Jason E

    Yeah, you can’t fix stupidity…. glad the other Mustang owner wasn’t hurt.

  2. JimL

    Jerk. Making a bad name for all of us.

  3. Pete Musick


  4. Mike M

    Bet he wont do that again…

  5. Mark L Bedel

    Brett, why do you guys keep posting this kind of stupidity for us? We know they’re out there…we see it frequently…you don’t have to keep reminding us!

  6. R8

    Stupid is as stupid does…
    What a moron..

  7. Mike


  8. Canadian Iceman

    LMAO. Deserves him right. Learn how to handle a mustang or any other vehicle in a proper area.. void of obstacles like lamp posts. Showing off rarely pays off when your an idiot. Videos like this give a bad rep to Mustang fanatics. I’ve shreded alot of rubber in Mustangs. But wow, what a moron.


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