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Ford Of South Africa Calls Aftermarket Raptor Mods ‘Major Safety Risk’

The Ford F-150 Raptor and Ranger Raptor have become massive hits for The Blue Oval, and most everyone that doesn’t own one wishes they did. Subsequently, the off-road performance-focused models have unsurprisingly inspired a host of aftermarket Raptor mods designed to make regular Ford Everest and Ford Ranger models look like their Raptor brethren.

However, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) is warning consumers that installing those parts could have some potentially serious side effects. The automaker calls these aftermarket Raptor mods a “major safety risk” and potential hazard. FMCSA Managing Director Neale Hill targeted Raptor-style grilles and appliques in particular.

“While we appreciate the desire of enthusiastic owners to make their vehicles unique, it has major implications for the performance, reliability, and safety of the vehicle. Ford spends an inordinate amount of time and money developing every aspect of its products, with millions of actual and accelerated kilometers of testing completed before any new vehicle is signed off and goes into production,” Hill said.

“The grille of the vehicle is carefully designed to manage the air flow characteristics through the radiator and engine bay, which is critical to the vehicle’s cooling and performance. An aftermarket grille could lead to increased air temperatures in the engine bay, which has an adverse effect on numerous mechanical and electrical components, dramatically increasing the risk of premature failure.”

Hill also added that many other aftermarket parts such as lift kits, LED lighting, performance chips, cooling system and electronic upgrades, non-approved bull bars, and roll-back tonneau covers can also degrade long-term reliability, compromise safety, and lead to some warranty issues. Hill noted that the installation of some of these parts can void a customer’s warranty, and that some of them are also illegal in South Africa.

“We encourage Ford owners to carefully consider any modifications they wish to do to their vehicles, and discuss this with a Ford dealer. We offer a range of Ford-approved accessories that meet the required specifications, and can be ordered as factory-fitted items, or professionally installed after purchase by a Ford dealer,” he said.

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  1. Joe K

    In other words, buy Ford parts. It isn’t what you want, and it probably isn’t as high of quality, but it will be more expensive and Ford gets the money. If Ford truly wants to keep money in house, spend the time to put out products that doesn’t feel like I’m trying to emulate what my great-grandfather would be interested in.

  2. MATT C

    How is a roll top cover going to void my warranty?

    1. Keith C

      Ford doesn’t like the idea that you can buy a base model and deck it out the way you want and not purchase one of thier appearance packages.

  3. Trav

    Ford just don’t like not getting royalties from some aftermarket suppliers. I mean I’m sure almost ANY vehicle today has something aftermarket on it these days.

  4. Heyward

    I understand the desire to alter the vehicle but go ahead if you want. Just understand you won’t get the manufacturer to warrant the vehicle any longer since you changed it dramatically. Don’t moan and b!tch when any warranty claim is denied. Sleep in the bed you made. Sorry that’s life. I suggest buying an older vehicle and alter it all you want since it’s out of warranty anyway. That’s my approach.


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