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Ford Shares New Details About The All-Electric F-150

Back in June, we reported that the first-ever all-electric F-150 was scheduled to arrive by mid-2022. Today, Ford confirmed that fact, and also shared a variety of new details about the forthcoming Ford F-150 EV, which will be built at the automaker’s brand new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, currently under construction in Michigan.

“F-Series pickups are the backbone of work and productivity across the country. And now we are preparing to build a fully electric version of America’s most popular vehicle, and it will be a seriously capable, purpose-built tool for serious truck customers,” said Jim Farley, Ford’s chief operating officer and incoming CEO.

Ford says that the all-electric F-150, which is undergoing tens of thousands of hours of torture testing and targeting millions of simulated, laboratory, and real world test miles, will be more powerful than any F-150 available today and deliver commercial and personal customers the lowest expected lifetime total cost of operation among Ford F-Series trucks.

Ford also shared a variety of details about its first-ever F-150 EV. For starters, the automaker will debut new technology on the electric F-150 that allows mobile power generation so customers can use their trucks as a power source for places from campsites to jobsites when needed. This technology is similar to the Pro Power Onboard system available in the 2021 Ford F-150.

The all-electric F-150 will feature dual electric motors to deliver more horsepower and torque than any F-150 available today, the fastest acceleration, and the ability to tow heavy trailers. Additionally, Ford was quick to point out that electric vehicles, including the electric F-150, require significantly less maintenance than a typical gasoline engine, creating more than 40 percent savings for its lifetime total cost of operation.

Like most all electric vehicles, the absence of an engine underhood creates a giant front trunk on the electric F-150, which adds even more cargo-carrying versatility and security to help protect and move valuable items. Finally, like the rest of the all-new F-150 lineup, the electric F-150 is capable of receiving over-the-air updates, so new features can be added continuously over time.

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  1. Mark L Bedel

    Electrics are and will continue to become an ever larger part of our transportation pool. One question I have is how will we as both manufacturers and consumers deal with recycling the battery packs that eventually wear out in all these vehicles? I’m sure that there is some industry segment working on this potentially lucrative opportunity…if not, hopefully there will be soon!

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      Use the Chevy Volt as an example. It began production at the end of 2009, so the very first Volts are eleven years old and are still on public roads. The few packs that are replaced are returned for recycling. Well designed and maintained batteries can last over ten years.

      Now I ask what about gas engines? Do you know if they are “recycled” or dumped as landfill?

  2. cary

    Get the battery pack up higher or under hood so it can be used in off road.


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