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Ford Super Duty Towing Trailer Flips After Semi Rams Into It: Video

The Ford Super Duty is classified as a heavy-duty truck, and there’s no denying that it’s a rather large and heavy vehicle. That’s especially true when we pair a trailer and a load up with one of those big pickups. But lest we forget, the Ford Super Duty is no match for the real kings of the road – semi trucks.

In this video, that fact is on clear display. The footage is provided by one semi driver that’s simply cruising down the highway when it comes upon a Super Duty towing a trailer to the left of it. Suddenly, another semi comes into the picture and rams into the back of the Ford’s trailer, an impact great enough to send both sideways and ultimately flip them over.

It’s a scary scene for sure, and the video doesn’t provide us with any information as to what the semi driver was doing to cause such an accident. They could have fallen asleep at the wheel, or simply been distracted by something else. Regardless, their negligence caused a serious accident with potentially life-threatening consequences.

It’s also truly astounding that a simple tap like this could make both the truck and trailer flip over, but in slow motion, it seems like that might have been largely due to the weight on the trailer. The Ford driver is hauling several stacks of wood, and likely didn’t even see the semi barreling toward them in the side mirrors.

This is the sort of video that makes us want to keep our heads on a swivel while driving down the highway. It’s just too easy to become complacent and ignore what’s going on around us, but in a split second, things can change dramatically.

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  1. John W Brown

    One of the first things I learned and was taught as a class 7/8 mechanic is there is no such thing as a small tap driving a tractor.

    A small nug at 3 mph in a parking lot, where you are parking 400+ trucks, can easily cause $1000 worth of damage. Not to mention if you nug an older truck someone left in gear and you bump start it!

    Or send something rolling and kill an innocent person.

    Figure if the tractor trailer was only loaded to 30 tons, well under the legal limit, and over came the other truck and hit him at a 5 mph difference, he hit him with 300,000 pounds of force.

    That is some pit maneuver!

  2. Mike Barker

    Cool story from years ago!

  3. Joe

    This happened in SLC to someone I know. The driver of the red truck claimed the pickup hit his brakes but it’s clear in the video the brakes didn’t light up until after impact. Then the driver who provided the video showed it to troopers and the red truck driver was charged. It nearly killed the man driving the pickup. My guess the red truck driver was distracted and needed to come up with an excuse.

  4. DJT

    Thanks has to be given to the semi driver who provided the video to troopers. Too many times accidents caused by a driver who is inattentive, sleeping, etc gets away with it. My question was did the red truck drift over, the driver misjudged or, as happens more and more, try to force the super duty to speed up.

  5. Mike

    While the effort to be the truck with the highest tow rating is great for “your team”, an 8000lb truck towing 25,000lbs is stupid and dangerous. Never mind 32,000lbs. At some point this has to stop. I’ve towed some heavy stuff with 1/4 tons up to 1 ton trucks, but I’m in flat Florida. The idea of stopping 25,000 lbs with 4 or 6 little wheels, down a mountain, is a joke unless all the trailer brakes are working. Changing the radio station while moving is out of the question, never mind texting. But people do.

  6. Wesley r.

    This video has been on YouTube for years…. It’s terrible accidents happen but let’s look at the facts that’s a pickup truck any vehicle can pull that trailer but is that pickup truck really designed to pull that kind of weight and that kind of load structure I’ll answer it for you no…. You can hook up a Volkswagen to that trailer and it’ll pull it down the road does that mean that Volkswagens really physically designed to pull that weight no it’s not a slight tap from the weight of a semi is devastating my prayers go out to everybody involved in that it’s a terrible thing what we need to do is look at the weight ratios the size of that vehicle the body structure the frame structure everything that involves that weight I’ve been into trucking industry for 48 years driving I seen a pickup truck like that pulling an empty utility trailer that had an accident on interstate 66 a few years ago the trailer fell off the edge of the road and it flipped the pickup truck the trailer was empty when the truck went across the median strip the tongue came loose and it went through the back window of the truck it happened right in front of me within 50 ft from me grab the man in the back seat by his vest holding through the back window and threw him up in the air and the man hit the road killed him instantly later the discussion with the sheriff’s deputies and the investigators in the corner the utility trailer was designed for bulldozers etc real heavy equipment it was being pulled by an F-250 diesel Ford pickup truck again the truck can pull it is it designed for it no it’s not we need to look into some new weight distribution laws not to find people but to protect their lives and other people’s lives out here and I’m a firm believer that 80,000 lb is too much weight for one of these semis that’s a lot of weight to try to control if it gets out of hand you’re done let’s take a look at the whole dichotomy of this situation and again my prayers are out to everyone involved in that accident or anyone that’s had an accident we need to look at things a little more close and way things out a little bit thank you God bless everyone have a safe journey

    1. RWFA

      Paragraph breaks exist for a reason.

  7. Lee

    Wesley is probably a great truck driver after 48 years, but he obviously wasn’t taught punctuation in grade school. One VERY LONG SENTENCE that makes little sense.


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