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Ford Transit 5.0-Tonne Is The Most Capable Variant To Date

Today, Ford of Europe has revealed its most capable Transit variant to date – the Ford Transit 5.0-Tonne. The new flagship Ford Transit is available as panel van or chassis cab with a 5,000 kilogram (11,023 pounds) gross vehicle mass (GVM) and net payload of up to 2,383 kilograms (5,253 pounds) on the panel van, or 2,558 kilograms (5,639 pounds) on the factory-fitted flatbed model.

The Ford Transit 5.0-Tonne features significant mechanical updates to offer customers best-ever payload and vehicle capability, while maintaining the durability, refinement, and car-like driving characteristics the Transit family is known for.

The 5.0-Tonne Transit delivers an additional 300 kilograms (661 pounds) of payload over the previous most-capable Transit variant, and will particularly appeal to customers desiring a heavier-rated donor vehicle for conversions including tippers, ambulances, police vans, and mini-coaches with 19 seats or more.

Ford is making the 5.0-Tonne option available across a broad range of Transit chassis cab variants, giving customers a choice of three wheelbases, four frame lengths, and single- or double-cabs with seating for up to seven occupants, including the driver.

The 5.0-Tonne Transit is also available in Ford’s L4 high roof “Jumbo” van configuration. New reinforced bodysides support durability when carrying heavier cargo, while the existing flat load floor, tiedown points, integrated rear bumper step, and 4,217 mm (16 inches) load length are carried over to facilitate loading and carrying standard-length items such as pipe or board. Transit panel van is also suitable for heavier conversions including police vans, welfare vans, and construction vehicles.

All Ford Transit 5.0-Tonne variants come in rear-wheel-drive configuration and are fitted with Ford’s 2.0L EcoBlue I-4 diesel, which produces 170 PS (167 horsepower) and up to 390 Nm (287 pound-feet) of torque, coupled to either The Blue Oval’s six-speed manual transmission or 10-speed automatic gearbox.

To support the increased payload ratings, the 5.0-Tonne Transits feature upgraded hub assemblies, wheels, and wider 205 mm (8 inch) rear tires, as well as new uprated brakes on the rear axle. Panel vans also benefit from reinforced upper body structures and ancillaries to support greater cargo weights.

In addition, the 5.0-Tonne Transit is fitted with an uprated 3,500 kilogram (7,716 pound) rear axle already present on North American Transit models. If specified with the 10-speed automatic gearbox, a new 2,100 kilogram (4,629 pound) front axle is also fitted, which offers an additional 225 kilogram (496 pound) load capacity over the standard version.

The new 5.0-Tonne Transit variants will be available at European Ford dealers in late November.

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  1. Crabbymilton

    You got me excited for nothing. When I saw that 5.0, I thought perhaps that there would be a heavier version here in the USA available with the 5.0L V8.
    But to no avail. Guess there’s no chance of the TRANSIT with any gasoline engine other than 2 V6’s.

  2. Manuel

    Very disappointing. I also thought this was going to announce availability in America. As a hopeful soon to be van owner this article is of no value to me.

  3. crabbymilton

    I could actually see them putting the cab of the TRANSIT on the E SERIES chassis in order to consolidate at some point.

  4. Martin Scott

    Good to hear what’s going on across the pond as North America is obviously not fords only market. Since driving a transit as a rental, I really can’t drive any of the old vans at all. They feel like 1976. Regarding the need for a 5 litre, there is no need for a five litre, it’s a van. Maybe a bigger more torque diesel?

  5. Harry Bisjak

    When will this transit be coming to Canada.
    The cutaway transit should be the only type sold in North America


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