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Graham Rahal’s One-Of-One Ford GT Is Up For Sale, But It Isn’t Cheap

Most of us would give just about anything to own a Ford GT, let alone one currently in the stable of a famous IndyCar driver like Graham Rahal. And now, one lucky person is going to get that very chance, albeit at a not-so-discounted price, because Rahal has listed his personal Ford GT for sale on his website.

We’d argue that any Ford GT is special, but this particular example is certainly a one-of-one. That’s because it’s painted a very unique shade called Deep Purple, with Ingot Silver stripes to break up that Barney-like exterior hue. Rahal notes that the car has been turning heads since it was built, and we certainly can’t imagine he’s lying about that.

The unique Ford GT sits on 20 inch gloss carbon fiber wheels with titanium lug nuts, and features The Blue Oval’s Dark Energy interior upgrade that features a host of Ebony Alcantara-wrapped bits including the steering wheel, carbon fiber seats, instrument panel,  pillars, headliner, door sills, air register pods, and center console, along with Matte Dark stainless appliques on the instrument panel and seat X-brace.

The car has just 1,210 miles on the clock, so it’s essentially brand new, though we imagine that Rahal has ripped it on more than one occasion. Thankfully for the next owner, at least he know’s what he’s doing. After all, we are talking about a guy who drives much faster machines around tracks for a living.

The only problem with this car, other than the fact that some folks may not appreciate the purple hue, is that it isn’t going to be cheap to obtain. The asking price is a cool $1,095,000, though that’s pretty much par for the course for a second-gen Ford GT these days. Add in the fact that this one has a famous first owner, and that only helps justify the sky-high price tag.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    I remember when he had this machine built not to long ago, now selling it??

  2. Jay

    Out of all the 2nd gen Ford GT owners (flippers), I didn’t expect him to do this. Looks like Shmee150 is the only true Ford GT owner.

  3. Mike

    Ford sure screwed up most of their choices for buyers. Only a small handful ever show their cars, almost no one drives theirs, and people like Graham, don’t bleed blue or even drive for Ford. I understand Ford drivers getting one, but Honda drivers? If it wasn’t for Schmee, we’d never see one on YouTube. If a guy has a lot of cars and doesn’t drive any of them, chances are he isn’t going to drive this one either. John Cena probably didn’t fit in his. There is one guy that gives rides to handicapped kids, that got one. That bought Ford a dozen or so screw ups imho.


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