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Heavily Revised 2021 Lincoln Nautilus Interior Leaked In New Photo

A new photo has emerged online that shows a heavily revised 2021 Lincoln Nautilus interior. The photo was reportedly posted to social media by an employee from the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant, where the Lincoln Nautilus is produced alongside the Ford Edge.

The most obvious changes to the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus interior are an all-new dashboard and center console design, both of which better align the crossover with the rest of Lincoln’s lineup. Like the Lincoln Aviator and Lincoln Corsair, the new design features a horizontal trim piece that effectively “splits” the dash into two sections, while the infortainment screen protrudes from the center.

The HVAC controls are all-new as well and similar to other Lincoln models. The infotainment system itself appears to be brand new, and looks much like the SYNC 4 system in the Aviator. Push button shift buttons are located on the left hand side of the infotainment screen, which lead us to a new steering wheel design lined with a host of controls.

2020 Lincoln Nautilus Interior

This new interior design comes on the heels of some uncertainty surrounding the future of the Lincoln Nautilus. Recently, Ford Authority exclusively reported that production of the Nautilus, formerly known as the MKX, will end in July 2024 at the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant in Canada. After that happens, it’s unclear what will happen to the Nautilus. It could be imported from China, or it could cease to be offered in the North American market altogether.

Recently, we also reported on a rumor that the next-gen Ford Edge has been cancelled, and that Ford was planning on moving Nautilus production to China in 2023. However, this could all simply be a matter of positioning on Ford’s part in ongoing labor talks with Canadian union Unifor.

The union recently selected Ford as its target in pattern agreement negotiations, and has also voted in favor of strike action if it’s deemed necessary to secure fair contract settlements with the Big 3 Detroit automakers.

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  1. JJ Dwyer

    I hate those computers standing on their sides. Won’t be buying a new car this year! How could you make it like this with it sticking up and in the front view. Ridiculous! Get some new designers or spend a little money to make it right. Couldn’t look cheaper!!!

    1. Charles

      With more and more functions accumulating in these displays it makes sense to me to enlarge them and elevate them in the driver’s view. I agree with Lincoln Fan Mark about the placement of the screen. The driver is constantly shifting gaze between straight ahead and downward to the right to see the screen, and the fewer degrees angular difference between those two the safer it is. I find the eight inch screen in my 2011 Ford Edge too small and placed too far down. The new tiny air conditioner vents is a much bigger problem. I don’t see why I should have to sit in my expensive new car sweating in the summer heat to accommodate some idiot stylist’s dopey idea that they should be made small.

  2. Joseph E Stimpert

    Your intrusive and agrivating advertising means no clicks and no return to site where it originates. Infuriating crap.

  3. Jordan

    When I saw this I had hopes it would be better than the Navigator’s GM rip-off dash, but no we get more rubbish. Lincoln is going to have huge problems moving units with these bad interiors lacking a thoughtfully integrated info-tainment system. One of the biggest reasons I bought my MKZ was the sweet interior design. People choose Lincoln for a nice classy ride, and these interiors are far short of being classy. Up your game Lincoln!

  4. Adithya Ramachandran

    Will a plug in hybrid be offered ?

  5. Roy Chiles

    I’d still like to know who came up with the name Nautilus and why? It’s a nice SUV What’s in a name of a vehicle can make or brake its chances of succeeding

  6. Lincoln Fan Mark

    If this photo is actually what’s intended for 2021, I’ll offer a counterpoint to some others here. The Aviator and Corsair both seem to follow this same design language and after checking them out on a recent service visit to my dealership I think the interiors of both are functional, attractive, and display high quality materials.

    I’ve actually been waiting for a refreshed interior in the Nautilus along those same lines and will be more inclined to purchase a 2021. The current model interior is fine but it’s basically a modest refresh of the same layout as my 2012 MKX. That’s too long for many luxury brand owners if Lincoln wishes to cultivate owner loyalty and repeat buyers.

    Regarding the placement of the touch screen, that seems to be a trend in many brands today. It’s probably safer as it doesn’t seem to reduce a driver’s field of vision and actually puts information a bit closer to that vision rather than looking off the road for a second or two to gaze down into the center console.

  7. Charles

    I actually like the large solid state display in the center of the dash. What I don’t like is the tiny air conditioning vents in the middle. I don’t think they can keep the inside of this car cool enough in very hot weather, they look too small. I’ve been planning to buy the 2021 model or 2022 but now I’d have to drive one in hot weather to make sure it’s sufficiently cool. And I’m starting to look at other options besides the Lincoln Nautilus because of this.

  8. Mark H. Munderloh

    I own a 2019 Nautilus Black Label. This is my third Lincoln since 2012 and I like it a
    lot and I was considering buying a 2021 until I learned that the Nautilus/Edge might
    be phased out in 2024. If so, the value of my investment would tank as a result.
    I’m thinking about moving to another brand to get the same mid size vehicle.

  9. Charles

    What I don’t understand is if they are planning to terminate the model why would they invest in heavily revising it? Doesn’t make sense to me.


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