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Rule Changes Could Push Ford Out Of Supercars Championship

The Supercars Championship is currently working on a few rules tweaks for the 2022 season, which it has dubbed Gen3. These changes are intended to make it easier for new manufacturers to participate in the sport by effectively lowering the barrier of entry. Problem is, those updates may also force an existing automaker out of the Supercars Championship altogether.

That automaker is Ford, which has serious concerns about these proposed changes to the ruleset. As of now, manufacturers and teams are responsible for the development process involving homologating a vehicle body to compete in the series. However, Supercars is considering moving that process in-house.

That would reduce development costs for new manufacturers, which is the intent. Another proposed rule change involves making the cars look more like their road-going brethren, with interchangeable glass and body panels. Supercars organizers want to take over developing the body panels and aero, leaving manufacturers to simply grant them permission to use that intellectual property.

These proposed changes aren’t going over well with Ford, however. “In our experience [body homologation] cannot be done separately, and nor would we want it to be done separately,” Ford Perfomance’s global chief Mark Rushbrook explained to Wheels. “That is why we are racing, for that innovation, development, and technology transfer. If the series wants to do the body, then it is not our body, and we wouldn’t be in the sport.”

Currently, those efforts revolve around the Ford Mustang, which has been competing in the Supercars Championship since 2019. And it isn’t just possible rule changes revolving around the body of the pony car that Ford is taking issue with. Supercars is also considering using one engine for all competitors, with Ford’s 5.0L Coyote V8 a leading candidate for that role.

“We think that brand identity is very important for us, and our competitors, and we think it would be confusing for the sport, for the fans, if there was a Ford or Ford-based engine in another brand’s body,” Rushbrook said. “We would not be in support of doing that.”

Regardless, Supercars chief strategy officer John Casey doesn’t sound too threatened by Ford’s possible departure from the racing series. “Some [manufacturers] will want to get involved, and some wont. That’s the way things are,” Casey said. “We need to move into a position where we aren’t reliant on the support and participation that they have in the past. Some manufacturers will choose to not be represented on the race track, and that is totally their call. For some brands we will be a good fit, and for some brands we won’t.”

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  2. Chuck

    Wonder if the Nascar boys are watching this. Could be bad in the long run. Ford has a loyal following just like Holden

  3. Mike

    What’s next with Australia? They’re going a bit crazy lately down under. NASCAR has been shooting itself in the foot over and over with a 22, this is a shot with a 12ga shotgun. What manufacturer would want a race car with another’s engine in it? They won’t just lose Ford over this.

  4. Joe

    V8 Supercars what a joke. Finally road have a real fighter in the mustang and of course there has to be a rule change. Spectaculars are floundering as it is. Do this and it will all but spell the end of v8 supercars in Australia

  5. Trevor

    Supercars let Holden race a Mickey mouse discontinued sedan race for the last few years . They slowed the Mustang down now they want to use the Ford engine in what every other car bring back group C or group a

  6. Robert Murrell

    The elephant in the room that no body is talking about. Australian Supercars would not modify the rear role hope to accommodate the Ford Mustang body shape. Roland Dane who owns 888 racing was vocal about the issue not in favour. FPV then had a green light for complete new design. The decision was political and not in anyone’s interest. Dane obviously thought it would restrict design and give him the edge being the factory GM team. Not so as it turned out to be a design golden opportunity. I knew that they would want the role hoop modified soon because it limits manufacturers of coupes and there was discussion about modifying it to accommodate Camaro. I thought if Supercars rules change very shortly re this topic and expect Ford to redesign a new Mustang FPV will be pissed. Supercars are Machiavellian organisation and I note that they are not mention this part of the rule change.
    1 I think FPV should say f%$#@ off
    2 I think FPV should accommodate to see the entire feild running Ford quad cam V8s so that Ford Australia continues with it’s racing and fan loyalty, if Supercars pick a non ford engine they must leave because we don’t want the ego’s of the Chev idiots getting any bigger, if that is possible

  7. Kerry LAWRENCE

    Why can’t the dipsticks at Supercars get a brain. The format is working as it is. Ok a few tweaks here and there are ok but as for ONE engine? The engine is realy the only component that makes a Ford or a Holden different. Floppy plastic body panels dont realy make it anything. I think because a certain driver is doing so well makes one wonder if there is a favourite at Supercars. And its not Ford.

  8. Tony Lovell

    Really what gives!! Ford had to change spoilers etc because the Holden’s supposedly could not complete,is GM in the ear of Supercars all the time.They are ruining what was a good Australian car racing series.Will just be rice grinders soon.


    well looks like dane is doing the best he can to shut down supercars along with the idiots in the control room He is nothing short of being an out and out prick if he gets his way as the whole network of supercars is so biased toward DJR PENSKE AND ANY OTHER FORD TEAM it makes me want to spit blood
    I have never come across a team like 888 it bloody disgusting what they get away with Anyone else tries it BANG A PENALTYis thrown at them The whole supercar management needs TO CLEAN OUT THE SWAMP AND GIVE ALL COMERS O GO INSTEAD OF FAKEDORES AS THERE IS NO BRAND CALLED HOLDEN ANYMORE (now i need to wash out my mouth )

  10. Jake

    Wow. What a joke. Claims they don’t feel threatened about Ford leaving? We’ll see how they feel when the fans leave with them. Can’t help but laugh reading they want to put a Ford motor in all the cars.
    But this sounds ridiculous. I know I sure as hell won’t be watching anymore if they go down that road. Scared I’m not going to have anymore motorsports to watch with all these different changes happening. Where’s the time machine at?

  11. Chris

    F1 next ? Ferrari, Mercedes, etc all running with a Renault engine ? I don’t think so. It’s bad enough that some top racing series use one identical chassis, but at least the engines are manufacture specific, even though they must share some of
    the same technical and engineering details. Imagine the new names, FERR-NAULT, MER-NAULT, etc, sickening!

  12. charlie beecham

    supercars has lost the plot and the fans if they implement this rubbish!

  13. Peter Buckingham o

    Reduce downforce, Chev & Ford crate engines & keep them off the curbs. Multiple makes of tyres not one control tyre with NO PITSTOPS. No telemetry & get rid of the engineers & a cast of thousands in the pit lane. Bring back some sort of skill & make cars more difficult to drive. Entertainment not repetition.

  14. Keith Schadel

    The death of the sport, instigated by Roland Dane, sookng again and supercars bending over backwards yet again to suit him and all his sycophants who don’t have cheats specials anymore, but managed to infiltrate the control of the sport.


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