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Severe Duty Ford Super Duty F-550 6×6 Is A Military Grade Machine

There are many aftermarket conversion Ford Super Duty pickups out there, ranging from cool show rigs to vehicles that look more like a tank than a truck. But for those looking for perhaps the ultimate street-legal heavy duty pickup, one built to a military grade standard, the Severe Duty Ford Super Duty F-550 6×6 from DBL Designs certainly seems like a real dream come true.

Street legal and seemingly unstoppable, the Severe Duty Ford Super Duty 6×6 is designed to handle literally any sort of terrain it might come across. The 6×6 is DBL’s toughest truck, and was originally designed to take the place of the Hummer H1 and Unimog U300. As such, it’s fitted with some pretty serious equipment.

That includes the addition of another axle in the rear, of course, along with 6.17:1 gears. The pickup rolls on three-piece military grade super single wheels, which are wrapped in 335/80 Continental R20 rubber that’s rated to hold up to 7,400 pounds. The Severe Duty F-550 sits up high thanks to the giant rubber and a 2.5 inch lift, and is also equipped with custom Fox shocks, an independent or solid axle suspension, and a central tire inflation system.

Throw on a set of wide fender flares, and the Severe Duty is not just tough, but also seriously imposing to look at. But unlike a lot of other custom trucks out there, DBL doesn’t just build them to look cool. The company also supplies trucks to the United Nations, armored vehicle clients, and various fire stations, so they’re obviously quite capable as well.

So for those looking for a heavy duty pickup with a customizable bed section and unparalleled capability, the Severe Duty looks like a pretty safe bet. Plus, it’s pretty much guaranteed that people will be quick to move out of the left lane if they see this thing appear in their rear-view mirror.

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