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Speedtech Performance Builds Slick, Super Modern 1954 Ford F-100

Speedtech Performance is a Utah-based custom vehicle builder and parts maker that’s perhaps best known for their wild, classic Chevrolet Camaro creations. But Speedtech has also lent its talents to this 1954 Ford F-100, and the results are nothing less than stunning. The owner of the pickup has a racing background, so he wanted a “show and go” kind of build. Needless to say, the folks at Speedtech pulled it off about as well as could be expected.

A full 13 months went into transforming a stock 1954 Ford F-100 into the modern masterpiece we see here. The first order of business was to ditch the stock drivetrain for a brand new, supercharged GM 6.2L LT4 that produces an even 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. Coupled to an 8L90-E eight-speed automatic transmission, the drivetrain is both powerful and reliable, a start contrast to powertrains from this era.

To ensure that power can get to the ground effectively, Speedtech installed its own 1953-1956 F-100 Extreme full chassis underneath the old sheetmetal, a platform that also received a built 9 inch Ford rear end and Wilwood disc brakes at all four corners. A set of Forgeline wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes rubber rounds out the bottom end of this classic Ford.

However, the customization process didn’t stop there. Speedtech went to town on the F-100’s body, smoothing out the roll pans, flush-mounting the front and rear glass, and adding its own, custom-designed billet aluminum front grille. The whole thing was then covered in an attractive shade of BMW Rock Fish Blue.

If the interior looks familiar, that’s because it was lifted from a 2016 Ford Mustang, including the seats, center console, and a Mustang-inspired dash cover. Other cabin highlights include a suede-wrapped one-piece headliner, a Billet Specialties steering wheel, Alpine stereo, Vintage A/C, and Dakota Digital instrumentation.

Add it all up, and this 1954 Ford F-100 is certainly more than the sum of its parts, as good as they are. This vintage pickup is essentially a brand new ride with timeless styling, and that’s a combination we can always get behind.

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  1. Gary

    With all the good ford crate engines why would you ruin a beautiful ford pickup??? So Sad😢

  2. Roy Chiles

    This is a Beautiful truck Period, Point Blank, The End. So why in the HELL would you use FORD reared and Interior, then finish it off with a GM 6.2 instead of FORD 5.0 Coyote SuperChargered 725hp with -10 speed transmission? I don’t want to hear it can’t be done…So Disappointing

  3. D. Bishop

    Who wants to read about a beautiful ’54 Ford truck with a GM motor? Time to ditch this rag!

    1. Geronimo

      Admit it, you were never a reader anyway. First time visitor… and you mad bro!

  4. Marty

    Geezus how about you feature some trucks from Fat Fender Garage! Plenty O’Ford trucks with Ford engines. Mad I clicked on this link! “Ford Authority” really?

    1. Derek Shmeal

      So much hate from these small minded goons. The truck is still a Ford! Ford no longer makes small block engines, which is why the GM engines are so popular. Coyote costs 3x more as a crate than the trusty LS.

  5. dale o aastrom

    Hate seeing lazy people putting Government Motors engines in FORDS

  6. Freddie Ford

    Horrible hideous waste of a Vintage Ford.

  7. Lee Glidewell

    Y’all lost any credibility when mentioning Government Motors in a classic Ford. SACRILEGE!
    And to then call this blurb ‘Ford Authority’? Sheesh people, are y’all without shame, or did y’all run out of Ford stuff to talk about?

  8. Sam Shive

    Why did you write about a HALF BREED Pickup, Once that POS Government Motors CRAP engine was put in it the truck turned into a BLUE POS. This is a FORD PAGE……..NO NEED FOR ANY gm CRAP HERE.

    1. CamRon

      I’m a GM guy, always preferred GM over Ford. GM is better quality than Ford. But I don’t hate Ford. I daily drive a Camaro, but I would buy a Mustang if I could. You guys out there sending hate to your own domestic market. If youre going to hate on anyone why not hate on the Euro/Japanese cars. GM guys dont talk shit about Ford. But I bet you BMW and Mercedes guys talk shit about Ford and GM all the time.

  9. KC Scott

    Why a GM engine? Why not GrabberBlue? Why?! Why??!! KC

  10. Thomas Smith

    The name of the site is Ford Authority. If you can’t feature vehicles with Ford power, don’t print anything!

  11. JimL

    Please stop featuring vehicles with competitors’ engines… what with this site being FORD Authority and all…

  12. John Yeoman

    Boy, you really stirred the coals with this article. GM motor in a Ford? LS is good, but Coyote is so much more suitable and at least as potent. I think that perhaps you should post an article about the Coyote motor in that white Camero now to make up for this blunder.

  13. Cody52

    You are always asking “what do you want us to write about”, and I can speak for numerous Ford people and tell you that a Ford powered by GM is NOT IT. Putting an GM motor in a classic Ford is UNACCEPTABLE. Ford has great options for powerplants, and putting an LS in this otherwise nice truck renders it useless to me, I hate it.

  14. Junior Roberts

    When I started reading this article I was very impressed with this truck. As I got to the part where they started talking about the engine I completely lost interest. Even more disturbing was that a FoMoCo site would even put it on their publication. Come on Ford there alot of quality Ford/Ford machines out there.

    1. Junior Roberts

      I just realized that Ford Authority is a product of Montrolic LLC and is not sponsored, owned, or in any other way condoned by Ford Motor Co, its brands, subsidiaries, or partners. This being said I have to take back the statement in my previous reply about FoMoCo putting half breeds in their publication. I used to get upset when Ford sponsored Chrysler hemi powered/ Ford bodied drag cars so maybe I jumped the gun (red lit 🙂 a little bit.

  15. Robert

    I don’t like autos with a different company motor in it like the 54 ford with a Chevy motor and trans . Wouldn’t buy it . However you don’t care because you show it on the front cover .

  16. Robert weno

    I don’t like autos with a different company motor in it like the 54 ford with a Chevy motor and trans . Wouldn’t buy it . However you don’t care because you show it on the front cover .

  17. Roger f

    Beautiful truck!!…..almost completly ruined with a gm. So sad😭


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