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Texas Woman Pretends That Ford F-250 Is Hers, Has It Towed To Home

Ford F-250
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We’ve all seen at least one vehicle in our lifetimes that we wished was ours. Maybe it was a cool car or truck sitting in a parking lot somewhere, or just a general new vehicle that we lust after. But at the same time, these wishes remain just that – wishes, at least until we’re in a position to actually buy said vehicle. But that wasn’t the case with a woman in Laredo, Texas recently, who simply decided to have a Ford F-250 that belonged to someone else towed to her house.

That’s one way to get what one wants, we suppose, but it also isn’t exactly a legal way to do so. According to local news source LMT Online, it all went down when a man called police to report a stolen vehicle. He noticed that his white rental Ford F-250 had been stolen at 8:05 in the morning. Luckily, a witness had seen the whole thing go down, and told police that the Super Duty was picked up by a tow truck overnight.

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Laredo police department investigators took over the case, and were quickly able to contact the tow company and figure out what had happened. Apparently, a woman called them and asked to have the Ford Super Duty towed to her residence, claiming that she owned it. The tow company obliged, obviously, and the rest is history.

The woman was quickly arrested and charged with theft of property in what might be one of the dumber crimes we’ve heard of lately. Apparently, she didn’t think that anyone would put two and two together and figure out this little mystery, which was a terrible assumption. But at least it gives us a new and somewhat humorous method of vehicle theft to laugh at, we suppose.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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    • Yeah that smells fishy.
      I’d be raking that company over the coals in court. You don’t just tow a car without some proof of ownership and the registration would have had the rental company’s name on it.

      • Other than the key, I’ve never shown proof of ownership when I’ve had a car towed to a shop. I’ve never shown proof of ownership when I’ve locked keys in a car, either.

  1. Tremor package?? Where did it say that in the story? The pics shown are simply stock pics. That was a dumb statement. Simply another way to start rumors without proof.

  2. Remember! We all learn something every day! Hopefully she did too! And don’t be too hard on the the tow company. Trust, makes life beautiful and pleasant, distrust makes life miserable. Even if you get bit a few times.🙂

  3. And here i am paying several thousand dollars cash for a car like a sucker when i could have just had someone else’s car towed to my house for FREE!! Doh!!!

    • You could have just said neighbors across the street. Like how in the article they didn’t specify and description other than Laredo Woman, because it’s not relevant to the story. (Non-english speaking) is irrelevant. And if they were doing anything as dumb as this article it would have been found out very quickly.

    • Ronald, you know damn well that when they charge a woman for any crime, the Captain-save-a-ho cops and courts downgrade the charges!
      Society views all women as victims and all men as violent criminals.

    • Most women lean left…..gotta have those entitled female-only safety nets like welfare, section 8 and free healthcare!

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        • It’s people like you don’t know what the f*** you be talkin about stop bringing politics into everything because evidently you don’t know what the f*** you talkin about Trump haven’t done anything for this f****** country but made it worse you idiot

  4. This is very common and has happened to my family 3 times. The tow truck driver is usually a small outfit and they are usually in on it to a degree. They should be fully charged as well.

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  6. Tow company’s fault. No key present, check registration, than truck only goes to a Ford dealership. Anything fishy, call cops. Been there done that.

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