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This 1947 Lincoln Continental V12 Coupe Deserves A Total Restoration

Most of the classic cars for sale that we feature are in fantastic condition, and are either original or completely restored. But this 1947 Lincoln Continental V12 Coupe we spotted on Craigslist is a different sort of animal. The car most certainly needs some work, and isn’t currently running. But if there’s a vehicle out there that deserves a total restoration, this is it.

Any classic Lincoln is certainly special in its own right, but we’re especially enamored with the V12-powered cars. Lincoln’s V12 lineage actually spans way back to 1932, when Ford was rolling out its legendary Flathead. The first Lincoln V12 was a 448 cubic-inch unit that produced a mere 150 horsepower.

Lincoln’s V12 offerings changed quite a bit over the following years, and included 382, 414, 267, 306, and 292 cubic-inch variants, the latter of which can be found under the hood of this particular Lincoln Continental V12 Coupe. The 292 V12 was used in Lincoln-Zephyr models in 1940 and 1941 before being revived for the 1946 through 1948 model years.

This V12 in this particular Lincoln Continental is not currently turning over, but was running when the car was parked five years ago. Thus, it shouldn’t be too hard to get it back on the road again. Otherwise, the classic Lincoln is in completely original condition, but needs a good deep scrub and perhaps some chrome polishing.

The good news is, everything appears to be present and in good condition. The new owner could choose to simply clean it up, get it running, and enjoy the car. Or, it would make a great candidate for a total restoration. Either way, we’ll just be happy to see this cool coupe back out on the road in some capacity, where it can serve as a rolling Lincoln history lesson.

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  1. Robert A.

    Jay Leno needs to buy and restore this car for his collection! From the photos, it would be a piece of cake job for him to do.

    1. Arthur Wolek

      Leno is too busy being Silicon Valley’s minion to care about classics like this one.
      He’s got to answer to his bosses.

  2. Arthur Wolek

    Cadillacs of that era are much nicer…..but I must admit….nothing beats a chopped lead sled.

  3. Roy Chiles

    Buff this Beauty out clean it up, re Crome some pieces, rebuild the motor, transmission, rear end add all new fluids, put new tires on it and enjoy the drive


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