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Vanderhall Navarro EV Off-Roader Could Be Some Sort Of Ford Bronco Rival: Video

For now at least, the 2021 Ford Bronco won’t be directly competing against too many other vehicles. After all, the Jeep Wrangler has pretty much had the off-road focused SUV market to itself for some years now. But now, Vanderhall Motor Works, a Utah-based company known for making three-wheeled autocycles, is throwing its hat in the proverbial ring with the new Vanderhall Navarro. Well, sort of.

Vanderhall says that when it arrives in 2022, the Navarro “will revolutionize and create a new category of adventure vehicle.” Thus, it isn’t really an SUV, but it is geared toward folks that might typically buy a side-by-side or maybe a Jeep Wrangler or Ford Bronco for off-roading purposes.

Other than that, we weren’t provided with too many details about the Vanderhall Navarro. We do know that it will be all-electric, however. Vanderhall’s Edison model utilizes a pair of electric motors that drive the front two wheels, as well as a 28.8 kilowatt battery. Range for that model comes in at around 200 miles, while 0-60 takes 4.4 seconds.

Vanderhall Edison

The Navarro is likely going to be larger and heavier than its three-wheeled predecessor, so we imagine that it will feature more power and perhaps an electric motor(s) on each axle to provide all-wheel-drive for off-road purposes, though that’s mere speculation at this point.

Regardless, the body of the Vanderhall Navarro certainly looks like a real SUV, with an actual roof and four doors. It’s also riding on large knobby tires wrapped around big wheels, or at least they look that way in proportion to the body. Flared fenders protrude from the body to cover them, and the overall look is boxy like most vehicles in this segment, albeit quite modern. The suspension is also likely a long-travel setup, given the way the Navarro bounces in the video.

Regardless, we likely won’t see a full reveal for the Navarro until sometime next year, as it’s slated to join the lineup in 2022.

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