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Young Aspiring Designer Sends Concept To Ford, Receives Touching Response

Many of us dreamed of becoming automotive designers when we were young. We grew up drawing vehicles that we aspired to own, as well as potential concepts we’d dream of seeing come to life. But if our inner aspiring designer knew back then, had we sent our ideas to Ford, they might just respond in the same way they did to 11-year-old Teddy Quillard of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Quillard had an idea for an interesting concept one day, and proceeded to put pen to paper. “The body of the Ford Taurus, and I wanted to turn it into a luxury sedan,” Quillard explained to local news source AZ Family. “A luxury design that could beat the Mercedes-Benz, a BMW, those are luxury cars.”

Quillard proceeded to send his design out to several automakers, but only received a response from one of them – Ford. The Blue Oval sent the young man not only a letter in response, but also a toy car.

“I took out the letter. It said I couldn’t help them yet, but I didn’t care. I was just happy I got a response, and Ford loves it when young people look into their future,” he said. “So, apparently, I have 6 years of waiting until I can actually help them, but that gives me enough time to study the oil, see how it works, how the A/C works.”

The 6th grader is an aspiring designer, but has admittedly been a car fanatic his entire life. His current collection, as is the case with most kids his age, consists of buckets of Hot Wheels cars. But he’s also starting to dive into some of the more technical aspects of automotive engineering, too.

“I’ve convinced my mom into studying her car and my aunt’s car’s oil – in comparing them, see how they run, how the power’s done,” Quillard said. “My aunt has a Chevy Impala. My mom has a Volkswagen Atlas. Both run on a V6. I’m just curious as to how they’re different since they run on the exact same engine.”

As for now, Quillard is just going to keep perfecting his design, but he’s also seemingly living in the moment. “I’m just treasuring it for my entire life because it’s just special that I have a gift from ‘thee’ Ford Motor Company – one of the most famous companies in American history,” he said.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    That may be one of the coolest thing FORD or any car maker could do- Inspire the next Generation, Job 1

  2. Jason E

    A very gracious move by Ford for acknowledging young aspirations!

  3. Donald

    2016 F-150 with 80,000 miles. Great truck. I have been driving a Ford vehicle since 1970. There is nothing else that can beat the Ford. That 11 year old looks like to me has a promising future with the Ford auto company. Keep this young person on your back burner till he reaches the age in which you will hire him. PS. Every chance I get, I advertise to people why a Ford is the best auto to buy and drive. Over 40 years is a long to stay with one auto company..
    Thank you and continue to make the Ford auto the best ever… and that is no bull..

  4. Sandy

    I AGREE with Mr. Chiles and Jason E. WHOLEHEARTEDLY! I Adore my “old” truck.
    F250 SD Diesel… I wonder if he’ll branch into trucks? I’ll wait n watch……. Great Job!

  5. Sandra Pritchett

    Stellar initiative Teddy!

  6. Jerry J Cattelane Jr

    Agreed. My 2001 excursion is past 215000 miles and still turns heads. Ford forever!

    1. Rickard

      Yeah, I doubt it turns heads.

  7. Curbd

    The way he talks about cars is like every commentor on Instagram. Plucky and uneducated, but with good intentions. <3

  8. Rick

    I applaud Ford for the human response given to this aspiring designer. I think its awesome and the rest of the industry could take lessons.. ive been a Ford fan my entire life.. my 1990 ranger made 400,000 miles with just routine maintenance. I replaced with an 03 which sadly is suffering from chassis rot. Tho I love the truck I think before you look to make it more appealing, your energies should be directed to make them more reliable and built “Ford Tough” when that slogan meant somethibg.

  9. Steven H. Maines

    Jerry Cattelane. I love Fords and would love an Excursion. But is the reason yours turns heads is the shear power of gravitational force? Those things are huge.

  10. John

    I have 2000 F150 with 317,000 miled. Original engine. Did need to rebuild the trans at 225k. Driven most days.

  11. Jake B.

    Must have been before that executive got a buyout offer. Ford is outsourcing design work to Mexico and India now. Let’s be honest that kid doesn’t have a chance.

  12. Billy

    I was doing a report for school on the automobile when I was nine years old. I sent letters to several car companys and received answers from only two. One was a nice letter from Studebaker and the other was a very large envelope from Ford that was packed full of historic information, wall posters, decals and a personal letter. The year was 1959.

  13. Tritonruben

    This was great on ford’s part keep the young inspired and let them dream and help the dreams come true.
    I have a 2012 f250 422,000 mile a 2008 Escape with 208,000 miles a 2014 Taurus with 102,000 miles a 2018 Taurus with 44,000 miles and my joy 1999 crown victoria with 213,000 miles and still out drives all my other Ford’s.
    This is why I continue to buy Ford’s.
    Great job!
    On another note your cars are getting a little high.

  14. Garbage man

    I hope he learns to draw.


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