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2021 Ford Bronco Build And Price Configurator Is Now Live

After what feels like forever, Ford launched the Bronco build and price configurator today, as it said it would earlier this week. Now, those 190,000 plus reservation holders are able to finally piece together the 2021 Ford Bronco of their dreams, choosing between a host of packages, trim levels, colors, and accessories. One of the more interesting things about the choices in the Bronco build and price tool, however, is the fact that Ford looked to nature for some of the Bronco’s inspirational options.

“The color and material offerings of the all-new Bronco and Bronco Sport are genuine and trusted, and establish a visceral connection between nature and the authenticity of this new family of rugged SUVs,” said Missy Coolsaet, Bronco color and materials designer. “They motivate our customers to return to the wilderness and challenge themselves – and Bronco takes them there in a carefree, spontaneous way.”

Those Broncos will be clad in exterior colors that are a mix of earthy grays, blues, and blacks, plus a few new vivid reds and oranges tracing back to the vintage hues of the first-generation Ford Bronco.

Traditional exterior colors in the Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport lineup include classic Oxford White, Iconic Silver, Carbonized Gray, and Shadow Black, along with several blues – a deep, rich Antimatter Blue offered on the two- and four-door models, while Alto Blue Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, a deep hue with hints of earthy green, is available on the Bronco Sport.

Several all-new hues have been introduced across the Bronco lineup including Area 51, a smoky teal, Cactus Gray, inspired by weathered brush and tough cacti, plus an all-new Kodiak Brown, available on Bronco Sport. On the sporty side, Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, a color shared with the Ford Mustang, is available on both models, while Race Red is available on the Bronco two- and four-doors.

Two new colors trace their roots to first-generation Broncos – Velocity Blue, available on Bronco two- and four-door models, and Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat, a 2021 feature color available across the lineup. As we previously reported, Lightning Blue will be offered on the limited run of First Edition Bronco two- and four-door models.

Things get even more interesting when we consider the way Bronco designers came up with material choices for the SUV’s interior. They lived alongside off-road enthusiasts on the trails to learn how they use their SUVs. Along the way, they collected items that served as design inspiration once they were back in Dearborn.

Among the key artifacts: an old, worn baseball mitt, backpacking gear, and treads of a trail running shoe. A vintage leather Filson briefcase and leather watch band influenced interior leather trim selections, while an old fisherman’s net served as inspiration for the MOLLE hook storage system on board the Bronco and Bronco Sport.

“There’s a real honesty to these items that’s subtle and still rugged like a Bronco interior should be,” Coolsaet said. “Just like an old baseball glove, they’re meant to be used rough – getting better with age and emulating the customer’s adventure prowess as the vehicle ages.”

Bronco two- and four-door interior colors are fresh and natural with five primary themes including Medium Sandstone with Black Onyx, Dark Space Gray with Black Onyx, Roast with Black Onyx, Black Onyx with Dark Cactus, and Navy Pier with Dark Space Gray. Several series feature Active Orange and Grabber Blue accents on grab handles, door trim and seat stitching.

The design team’s travels led to the creation of a washable interior for Bronco two- and four-door models, with available mold-resistant marine-grade vinyl seating surfaces and durable vinyl washout flooring with active drain plugs for easy cleanup after after a day of off-roading.

Bronco Sport customers can select from five interior color combinations, including Ebony Black, Ebony Black with Medium Dark Slate, Ebony Black with Roast, Ebony Black with Navy Pier and Slate, plus Ebony Black with Active Orange. Active Orange and Area 52 interior accents, inspired by camping gear and kayaks, are available on Badlands models.

Bronco Sport designers also used innovative materials for durable, all-weather interiors. Available materials include water- and dirt-resistant fabric to protect seats from spills and trail mud while durable low-gloss micro-suede vinyl covers the center console and door armrests on all Bronco Sport series, and is available on the seat sides and second-row center on Big Bend and Badlands models.

“The Bronco Sport design team even looked to popular athletic shoes to create a Y-shaped pattern on the available floor and cargo mats to help keep dirt and water in check. The pattern is repeated on the available rubberized second-row seatbacks,” said Carrie Kennerly, Bronco Sport senior color and materials designer. “With the second-row seats folded flat, the entire cargo area is now easier to clean.”

The Bronco Build and Price configurator can be found here.

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  1. GaryB

    I recommend waiting to use it until ford officially says the b&p tool is finalized. It’s missing a whole bunch of accessories, stuff that is standard on certain packages are showing up as unincluded extras, adding certain things completely removed other unrelated things (there are many examples), no manual t or roof racks with Sasquatch, etc etc etc. It’s a disaster at the moment. Gotta give ford time to fix it

  2. LFX323HP

    The overall content of B&P is a let down considering how long it has taken. There are some accessories, but no where near 200 that has been rumored? At minimum I expected a few grille options and a few spare tire covers?

    The manual with Sasquatch is missing, but not a surprise as it was more recently “approved”. Besides many who demand the Sasquatch Pkg, just do so because of the “look”. If you want 35’s (or 37’s), it should be an easy aftermarket upgrade on this vehicle at a fraction of the cost of the entire Sasquatch Pkg.

  3. Wayne

    So the Ford Bronco colors blend in with the natural terrain and landscape colors? Then Ford will need to have a “Find My Ford” button on the key fob so hikers, fisherpersons, and National Park parking lot users will be able to locate their vehicles. Well done Ford, you will sell a lot of replacement Broncos to owners who never find their Broncos in the wild.

    1. Motorpsychology

      The only color that might blend in with nature is Cactus Grey. The others will blend in with the rest of the suburban greyscale traffic.

    2. Ford Fan

      this is truly hilarious. anyone who goes 4x4ing in the wild will at least bring a map. Kind’ve hard to lose something that big as well.


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