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2021 Ford Edge Gains 12-Inch Infotainment Screen, Host Of Tech Upgrades

The 2021 Ford Edge and Edge ST are adding a variety of tech features for the new model year, including a new standard, largest-in-class 12-inch size center screen, all-new SYNC 4A with connected built-in navigation and cloud connectivity with conversational voice recognition, along with refinements to the crossover’s interior and exterior design.

Ford Edge is the choice for tech-savvy customers on the go,” said Angela Cascaden, Edge marketing manager. “It offers standard Ford Co-Pilot360 technologies with driver assist features. And with SYNC 4A with over-the-air updates, customers can get the latest tech and services from Ford at any time – no dealership visit required.”

The 12-inch screen supports multi-tasking, enabled by splitting the screen into larger and smaller windows, just like the 2021 Ford F-150. For example, if a customer wants to keep their navigation route on the screen while changing songs, they can choose to display the radio or other streaming music services in the smaller display area. While parked, customers will be able to quickly scroll through nine different features to display as Information on Demand.

All-new cloud connectivity combines conversational voice recognition with the power of internet-based search results, so owners always have access to the latest information with almost every request – such as “Find me the best Thai restaurant” – while SYNC can make data-based suggestions to drivers. Staying in contact with friends and family becomes easier, with natural speech recognition enabling communication via SMS and email.

Removing the need to plug-in a mobile device, SYNC 4A includes Wi-Fi enabled Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and SYNC AppLink. For customers subscribed to SiriusXM with 360L, the 2021 Ford Edge can also provide a curated listening experience with on-demand streamed content and personalized entertainment channels.

To make charging mobile devices easier, the 2021 Ford Edge adds two additional USB ports, one being a USB-C – bringing the total to four – to give backseat passengers easier access to device charging.

SYNC 4A is connected with built-in navigation for traffic and hazard information, parking, gas prices, and weather – all stored in the cloud. And while SYNC 4A leverages the cloud, it will still retain on-board processing power to help minimize performance issues where there might not be strong cell service.

Finding information about the 2021 Ford Edge will also become easier than ever with SYNC 4A, which includes an all-new digital owner’s manual. Instead of flipping through dozens of pages, the digital owner’s manual includes in-depth information on vehicle features, streamable how-to videos, and more – all through a searchable database.

Edge was the first Ford SUV to offer Ford Co-Pilot360 as a standard suite of features and continues to offer available advanced driver assist tech including Enhanced Active Park Assist, Evasive Steering Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go and Lane-Centering, and a 180-degree front camera.

The 2021 Edge also features an extensive wheel lineup, with nine options including 18-inch Sparkle Silver-painted aluminum wheels standard on the SE series and 21-inch premium gloss black-painted aluminum wheels available on ST. New interior trim options for Edge include a Ceramic interior option on Titanium Elite models and a new Cloth interior option for SEL. New available exterior colors are Carbonized Gray and Lithium Gray.

Returning for 2021 is the Edge ST-Line for SUV customers who prefer Edge ST‘s bold style while prioritizing value over performance. Edge ST-Line features a unique ST-style grille with body-colored bumpers, black ST beltline molding combined with lower sport cladding, standard fog lamps, and signature LED lighting. Black roof rack side rails, 20-inch gloss black aluminum wheels, and unique Edge ST-Line badging further enhance the look.

Edge ST remains the choice for performance-minded customers. The ST features Ford’s specially tuned 2.7L EcoBoost V6 pumping out 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque, which is mated to a quick-shifting 7-speed automatic transmission, standard all-wheel drive with selectable traction control, an available ST Performance Brake Package, and ST-tuned sport suspension and steering.

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  1. Chris

    I don’t know if I like that big vertical screen. It kinda looks like it might have been a cheap way to update that center stack. The Edge interior did need updating but this is a disappointment. A slightly larger horizontal screen with a few key physical buttons and switches would have been nice for auto climate, heated, ventilated and audio. Why don’t these Ford screens have more color?

  2. Smalls

    Smart way to get more buyers used to buying/using sync 4, especially since a lot of edges are fleet vehicles. While I don’t love the styling, solid move.

  3. Dave

    Ford designers have totally blown it! Their obsession with screens has ruined otherwise great vehicles. The new F150 interior doesn’t come close to the styling of the Ram. This screen in the Edge is hideous. Nearly all the other Ford / Lincoln vehicles have a screen “stuck” to the dash, rather that integrated into the dash – case in point, look at the Mach-E. I’ve been driving and buying Ford and Lincoln vehicles for over 45 years. I’m a Ford shareholder. I would love to buy a new Lincoln or Mach-E. Until Ford hires someone with some type of style, I won’t be purchasing either. Bring back the Edsel while you’re at it

  4. trailhiker

    I would have given it a new front end. It still looks similar to a 2013 Fusion. It was a great look in a sedan, but it has become too bloated for a 2020 CUV.

  5. Keith

    the BIG new screen is nice but the 2021 model is being massively decontented in other areas:
    -A gear in the transmission (now a 7-speed)
    -Rain-sensing wipers
    -Media door cover
    -Illuminated sill plates
    -Turn signal mirrors
    -Heated wiper park
    -10-way power seats (now 4 or 6 way)
    -Foot activated liftgate
    -9 speaker stereo system (now 6 on SEL and ST)
    -Laminated sound glass
    -Sound glass windshield
    -Front camera washer

    1. Jean-Francois Rivard

      Wow! That’s a lot of stuff off the list. Most of it actually used frequently / enhancing the experience. We love our 2019 ST. It does everything right. Super smooth, efficient, and remarkably quiet when it needs to (98% of the time), surprisingly quick and quite playful when I get a wild hair. I see only a couple things like the illuminated sill plates and Media door cover we would not miss too much. The rest: like the laminated sound proof glass or rain sensing wipers is part of what sets the car apart.

  6. Chris

    It looks like Ford slapped that into the center stack instead of taking the time to thoughtfully update it. It looks awful! Does anybody on the Edge interior design team have any taste? Too bad because the exterior looks great. If it’s a cost issue to do it right, it must be because Ford has plans to eliminate the Edge. They should have just left the center stack the way it is instead of doing it half-assed.

  7. Fred Underwood

    And why should anyone even a died in the wool Ford person care about the newest gimmickry on the Edge, when it will be discontinued in 21 can you tell this one ??

  8. Dave

    Just another Ford with zero interior styling. “Just glue that anywhere”

  9. Swift

    The new EDGE screen is too large for its current space. It looks very awkward; kinda like a design afterthought that went extremely bad.

  10. Chris

    It looks terrible! Can’t Ford see that? It’s embarrassingly bad looking! They’ve ruined the interior. It over-powers the cabin! Sad!

  11. Jean-Francois Rivard

    We bought a 2019 ST for my wife last year and I found-out through research / confirmed with the dealer that getting a late build had advantages with software calibration and other small details. They do change minor stuff over the course of a year, especially the first one. Our car was a November build so it seems things had improved as the trans was responsive to the paddles from the get go, unlike what you may have seen on Youtube.

    Also, what the magazine / Youtube testers don’t get is the adaptive learning functions on both the ECU and transmission controller. They learn / adapt to your driving style. A test car does not have that benefit as the driving style changes with every other driver.

    Long story short the transmission was fine for 98% of the time when we got it and the rest got taken care of over the next 1200-1500 miles, I could definitely feel a difference.

    I guess it got sensitive to my occasional “Nasa Weekend” driving style. It definitely downshifts / upshifts when appropriate when entering / exiting a corner, especially so in Sport mode.

    Lastly, another thing that most magazine / Youtube testers don’t get is: Just because you can downshift for a corner doesn’t mean you should. A lot of time the car is actually faster through a corner rolling off the turbocharged torque in 3rd gear than revving to the moon in 2nd / running out of revs before tracking out. Downshifting may “feel” fast but isn’t. I learned that on race tracks a long time ago. Even my friends running low torque rotary powered RX8’s were doing that. Youtubers and magazine wonks with 0 – 1 or 2 track days under their belts won’t get the nuance.


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