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2021 Ford Ranger Will No Longer Offer Heated Wipers


Last month, Ford Authority exclusively reported that the 2021 Ford Expedition was doing away with its windshield de-icer feature. Now, we’ve learned that the 2021 Ford Ranger is following suit, as Ford has removed its windshield wiper de-icer, or Heated Wiper Pack as it’s otherwise known, from the mid-size pickup.

2021 Ford Ranger Tremor

Previously, this feature was included on the Ford Ranger Lariat 501A package (mid model), but now, it’s not even available as an option at all. Interestingly enough, a handful of other Ford models continue to offer the windshield wiper de-icer feature, including the Ford EcoSport, Ford Edge, Ford F-150, and Ford Super Duty.

Ford’s windshield wiper de-icer is designed to prevent the vehicle’s wipers from freezing to the windshield, a common problem in winter, particularly in areas where temperatures routinely drop below freezing. This keeps the driver from having to manually pull the frozen wipers off the windshield so they can be operable.

Much like traditional rear window defrost systems, the base of the windshield where the wiper blades rest is equipped with a local heating element. The system is designed to clear light snow and ice from the wiper blades in under 10 minutes at minus 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

Drivers were also able to use SYNC Connect to activate the windshield wiper de-icer system from their smartphone as part of the FordPass experience. SYNC Connect allows owners to start, lock, unlock, and locate their vehicle from virtually anywhere using a smartphone. Drivers could even schedule a specific time to start their vehicle remotely so it would be ready to hit the road, de-iced and warmed up.

The windshield de-icer feature eliminated the need to pull wiper blades up and away from the vehicle when parking outside at night, and helped keep streaks of water and ice from forming across the windshield when the wipers were in use. That way, ice and snow could be wiped away neatly, leaving the windshield clean and streak-free.

The 2021 Ford Ranger will enter production at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant on December 7th, 2020. A handful of changes are in store for Ford’s mid-size pickup, including the introduction of the off-road-focused Ranger Tremor and STX Special Edition Package. As Ford Authority exclusively reported, the 2021 Ranger will also be available with a black Ford logo as part of the Black Appearance Package.

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  1. David Pickford

    Seems a really strange decision for vehicles that will often find themselves in icy conditions, I would imagine the cost would be pretty minimal with the cost of annoyed or even lost customers being far higher in the long term.

  2. John Mullen

    Ford TVM (Cost Save Group) strikes again, not concerned about customer. Mark my words, this group will be the death of the Lincoln brand at Ford.

  3. Bill

    That is/was an incredibly nice option to have available. I currently own a 2nd gen Tacoma, and every winter I wish my truck had this feature. I didn’t even know it was available on any truck on the market, especially the Ranger. Why would you, Ford, eliminate such a great option?!

    I will be purchasing a new midsize truck within the next year, and I find myself going back and forth between a new Tacoma or Ranger. From my research Ford has done a great job on the Ranger’s interior features and comfort, as well as creating a very nice, quiet sound proofed/sound isolated cabin, more of a car-like comfort in a truck.

    That is an area which Toyota still doesn’t ‘get’!


    We want features for our trucks such as the quiet sound proofed/isolated cabin, comfortable ride, and all the safety features and options, which are available on cars.

    All of those features are extremely important to me, and from current data, the majority of noncommercial truck buyers want this!

    These are all features which new Tacomas are lacking.

    The heated windshield/wipers feature, had I known, and had Ford kept this feature available on the Ranger, believe it or not, would have swayed me to purchase a new Ranger over the new Tacoma.

    If Toyota improves on Tacoma’s interior comfort and quietness of ride, along with Tacoma reliability and resell value, I will have to again purchase a new Tacoma.

    My neighbor just purchased a new 2020 Ranger, and I was extremely impressed by the much nicer and well appointed interior, and more advanced technological features it has compared to the new Tacoma. Living in an area of the US which has extremely long and harsh winters, I would have loved to purchase a Ford Ranger with heated windshield/heated wipers feature. But oh well, as the other commenter stated, the money crunches at Ford win again, but unfortunately Ford Motor Company loses, as a result.

    Oh, Ford, if you decide to include this feature on future editions of the Ranger (again caps for emphasis) PLEASE MARKET IT, SO POTENTIAL BUYERS KNOW ABOUT IT!

  4. Mamalakis

    I work at the Dearborn Truck plant and can confirm that the heated wiper park strip has also been eliminated on the 2021 model F-150. 😔

  5. Motorpsychology

    What I and many other Snowbelt folks do is simply pull the wiper arms up away from the windshield when leaving the vehicle parked outside.There’s really no need to wait 18 minutes for the strip to heat; you have to/should pull the wiper arms up to clear the windshield of snow & ice anyway. After busting a couple wiper blades while chiseling them off the icy windshield, I finally learned this. Now, standard heated mirrors across the board would be helpful!

  6. Scrappy

    My guess is this is being done as a preventative measure. Several other makers including Subaru are discovering wiper heaters can cause windshields to weaken or even eventually crack in cold climates.


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