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6.0L Power Stroke V8 Leads To Fraud Ruling Against Ford

Since 2014, one Ford Super Duty owner has argued in court that Ford knew about issues with one of its most popular diesel engines, but decided to sell them to customers anyway. And now, a new development could have major implications for The Blue Oval.

In September, the California Court of Appeal upheld a ruling by a lower court concluding that Ford engaged in fraudulent behavior when it decided to sell a 2006 Ford F-350 equipped with a defective 6.0L Power Stroke V8 to Charles Brian Margeson. The decision marks the first time a case regarding this particular engine survived the appeals process.

Key to this particular lawsuit’s success was evidence that Ford knew about problems with the defective 6.0L Power Stroke V8 for years. In fact, emails between Ford management detailed exorbitant warranty repair costs dating as far back as 2006. According to John Koszewnik, who at the time served as the director of Ford’s North American diesel division, warranty repairs on the 6.0L engine ran “as high as $5 million a month.”

Ford Motor Company offered the 6.0L Power Stroke V8 in the 2003-2007 Ford Super Duty and 2003-2010 Ford E-Series.

Before this latest lawsuit, some owners of the Ford Super Duty with the 6.0L Power Stroke claimed that the diesel engine had numerous issues, including faulty head gaskets, turbos, and oil coolers. A class action lawsuit against Ford regarding the engine was settled in 2013, but that was before this new evidence came to light.

As it currently stands, Ford has agreed to pay Mr. Margeson a total of $214,537.34, plus legal fees. A separate decision regarding punitive damages is still pending.

We’ll have more on this latest decision in the future, so be sure and describe to Ford Authority for the latest Ford lawsuit news, Ford business news, Ford F-Series news, and 24/7 Ford news coverage.

Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Haven muncy

    Really disappointing to me always been a Ford man

    1. Royce Tanner

      Do what I would do buy a Kia Rio and leave those diesels alone

      1. Dmax

        Because a kia Rio is going to make a great work truck 🙄 diesels usually are really reliable (ask a Chevy Duramax or Cummins owner)

        1. David rubin

          I think the 6.0 is a good motor. Most people run them hard and don’t do regular service intervals. I definitely wouldn’t buy a 6.4 or early 6.7

          1. John

            The 6.0 was the most problematic of all the power strokes. I have one and after 14k it is a reliable motor. Should’ve came that way from the factory but oh well. The 6.4 was based on a very similar artitecture and was much less problematic. Mostly had to do with dismal fuel economy related to the emissions system and of course people not maintaining the emissions system properly.

            The 6.7 is a rock solid motor. The biggest issues are again people neglecting the emissions system and not maintaining them correctly or the turbo bearings on the earlier ones. They tended to give out at 100k. But not an super expensive fix if swapped out before they grenade. Obviously if it does and it sends shrapnel through the engine then that can FUBAR the engine. Again something that should have never been in the engine to begin with.

            The newer ones have addressed those issues and are excellent motors.

            Even Cummins had the KDP. Can destroy a motor because of a down pin. And this is the mighty 5.9 Cummins! Which I still think is a great motor, had one in a medium duty truck. But even the best motors can have an Achilles heel.

            Not as familiar with the 6.6 Duramax, except that they have their own quirks but are still super solid motors.

        2. Khalid Lester

          Bent or broke Pushrods/ Ball joints, body and Hubs.

  2. Powerstroke for life

    What a Douche, this is the problem with America, any litigious minded jack wagon can make his problem someone else’s problem. I’ve been working on the 6.0 since it’s conception and it’s still to this day one of fords strongest motors. I’d like to take this guy to court for lack of maintenance and using aftermarket parts


      Your full of it they was junk and everyone who bought one soon found out.

      1. Mike

        I believe If everyone would stop with this tuning of the 6.0 that’s so popular,,why cause they want to hear the whistle well then there ya go..blow them up..or go buy you a damn whistle and blow away…so unless you actually need the extra HP leave it alone. I own 2 6.0s now and a 7.3 all tuned and the most I’ve had to do in 8 years was oil changed , fuel filters coolant filters and injectors on 1 of them ,, great motors,, and trucks all together..

        1. JR


    2. Greg Brown

      So you mine cheap jackass! Of course not. You won’t put your money where your mouth is. Nobody wants these garbage trucks. Can’t give mine away

      1. Keith

        Ill take it. Im looking for one.what year and model?

        1. Jesse

          I have an 2003 Super duty XLT 4c4 6.0 bullet proofed with new turbo and tires. I’m looking to sell.

    3. JC

      Confirmed junk unless you put $6K worth of work into it. Lucked out selling my ’05. Talked about 10 peeps out of seriously buying ANYTHING ford

      How the resale value on these POS?

    4. Hoss Taylor

      Your the douche moron. I’ll match my Duramax against any freaking Ford any day. My friends who had a powerstroke have all gone to GMC. Best truck by far!

    5. SgtSlauter

      The engines were/are good engines, but required a lot of regular maintenance. Ford and International fixed a lot of the problems in the early 6.0’s, but they continued to take the cheap route, especially with the head bolts and gasket failures. Ford should be liable for re-studding every 6.0L that exist today! It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the engine oil cooler is crap.

      All in all the 2005 and later motors, replace the head bolts with ARP studs, O-ring the heads, and do meticulous routine maintenance and you will get a 500,000 truck. And of course if you put a monster tune on it, you are on your own, thats not Fords problem.

  3. Me

    Should change his name to Karen

  4. Leslie Redondo

    You are so full of crap that the 6.0 is the strongest Engine its the crapiest 1
    I’ve had nothing but trouble w mines
    So u go to hell

    1. Smokeskull

      The engine block, crankshaft, pistons, heads are bulletproof. It was fuel system, emissions system and complex oil system that was major issue with 6 liter if we could turn back time the understanding we have now would have made these a lot better PowerPoint.

    2. Hayden rung

      I don’t know bout that if you don’t hot tune it and use it as a truck and not a race truck once your o ring the heads stud them they usually are fine

      1. John

        O-ringing the heads is completely unnecessary on a stock engine, it is just for 1000 plus HP engines. The emissions system, EGR cooler, EGR valve, oil cooler, and most important of all the head studs. But when you bullet proof and engine it is more than doing a delete and call it a day. When you pull the engine out you also go through the whole engine and make sure everything is up to snuff and replace anything that is near the end of it’s lifespan and take care of all the 100k mile items that will just go out regardless. When you have the engine out and disassembled. It is stupid not to because you already paid for the labor, just need the new parts and then you will have a solid truck that won’t have any issues for a long time.

  5. jeff terry

    My (100% stock) 2006 has had multiple failures and I’m a maintenance fanatic. E.G. The bed plate leaked oil within the first month of ownership; The FICM died; The dash instrument cluster gauges went hay-wire in the first year and had to be replaced; All but one bulb in the instrument clust died; The turbo VGT seized within the first two years; I had the steering death wobble, which I fixed myself by replacing all the steering rod ends with high quality MOOG components. Ford claimed the wobble was “normal”. Wobble never returned after I fixed it (now 100K miles later); The high pressure oil STC fitting failed resulting in “no start”; The EGR cooler failed, Top turbo CAC hose poped while towing. All of these issues were dismissed by local dealer as “normal” and not considered ford’s problem. I kept the truck (still have it) because I could not aford a replacment. i.e. It was cheaper for me just to fix it myself.

    1. George S

      As usual, want it fixed right, do it yourself. This is about the first time in years reading this Ford forum that Ford owners are trashing Ford. It’s almost daily on GM Authority forums.

    2. ronnie watts

      Well Said!!!! I too, purchased a brand new 2005 and before I had 50K miles on it, it was towed three times, spent a total of 6 weeks in the dealer who replaced “supposedly”, FICM, entire wiring harness, 2 turbos and the oil cooler. All while 100% stock. They had no clue what was happening to the thing and went so far as to tell me nothing was wrong. It was only when the truck almost killed me due to the “no throttle response” stemmed from the HPOP fitting failure, that I had had enough. I couldn’t afford to fight them or replace the truck so I began doing the research and learning how these things worked. Bought the bullet proof kit, installed it myself and 10years later, I am still driving the truck and most importantly, trust it!

  6. Smokeskull

    It is and was a difficult and time consuming engine to properly diagnose. The first big issue was injector stiction. Leaking evr coolers misdiagnosed as head gasket failure. Siezed turbos vgt vanes causing undetrcted overboost that did blow head gaskets. Consumers added power enhancements only exasperated problems. Lots of misdiagnosis by technicians due to unfamiliarity with new technology.

  7. John papan

    I’m one of the lucky ones that purchased a 2006 get used with 60,000 miles in 2013,still own it,but can’t drive it,it has all the problems that the 06 lawsuits claim,I’m just about ready to call Altman and Knight law firm,(show me the money baby)

  8. Darcy Umbach

    If the 6.0 is so bad why is Bill from Powerstrokehelp is able to make them work? He re-engineers the engine & it lasts for 500,000 miles mininum. His business is knowing what it takes to make the powerstroke last. He is straightforward with no bull$hit!

    1. Charles Whitmore

      Your logic is off. The product should work well from the factory… not after being serviced or massaged by a third party.

      You can make anything work and last… but definitely at no small expense.

    2. Bob

      He’s making a killing on Ford’s crap.
      There’s no guy out there doing this on the Chevy or dodges.
      Interesting there’s no swap in kits for power strokes, only swap outs.

  9. Steven Humphreys

    An that’s why I got the 7.3 with 444,588.2 still starts up every day an runs great

  10. James Campbell

    The 7.3 was & still is a beast. The 6.0 was, still is & always will be .. a POS in stock form. I sold my 2001 7.3 with 315k miles. It had an upgraded turbo, intercooler, exhaust & engine managment system. The only “maintenance” it ever had was injectors & oil pump replacement at 250k miles. Like an idiot .. I sold it to buy a 2005 6.0 F250. Problems from 20k miles on. Texas has lemon law protections. Ford rebuilt the entire engine at 45k miles .. along with a settlement amount. I had 11 “in the dealership” service appointments .. specifically because of engine issues .. .. before complete engine failure. The settlement allowed me to BULLETPROOF the rebuilt engine. The mods are typical of the 6.0 to prevent engine failures. It’s ridiculous for the d*ckhead above .. claiming the best engine ever. Must be a Ford executive. After I replace the leather seat covers on my truck with new .. it will be sold. Know what I’m looking for ? A LOW MILEAGE 7.3 POWERSTROKE FROM 1999 TO 2002 !!!!!

    1. Wyatt022298

      I’m guessing by complete engine failure you mean the engine was damaged beyond rebuilding. What did you do to cause this? The 6.0 has its issues but catastrophe failure isn’t really one of them unless its been neglected or abused.

      1. JC

        Hey 6.7 owners – How’s those $6K DPF exhaust repairs workin’ for ya? I sold my 6.0 and got a “02 7.3 and haven’t looked back.

        Ofter not mentioned – 50% chance all 6.0 have at least 1 cylinder head crack – try and get the heads reworked after the cylinder gasket replacement. Lucky for ford Toyota didn’t come out with their diesel dually in the US.

        I shoulda bought a Dodge

  11. Royce Tanner

    Do what I would do buy a Kia Rio and leave those diesels alone

    1. Ford Fan

      Because I could totally tow my horse trailer with a kia rio :eye-roll:

  12. Cris Connelly

    And my 5.4 triton still sits in my yard wheres that lawsuit?

  13. Lee

    Garbage 6.0. Had the e350 van. Nothing but problems. Brake booster went every 30,000 miles, right after 90,000 had the no start when hot. Garbage motor until it is rebuilt and ” bullet proofed” sold that pile of crap and bought a tundra. No problems with over 60,000 miles.

  14. Greg Brown

    OMG! My 2004 6.0L totally broke me. And there it sits in the yard with 170k. Crew cab. Lifted 4×4 fender flares whited out. I can’t afford to put $3,000 into a motor every 6 months. I’m a father of three and I’m screwed now. I’m driving $1,000 s10 thanks ford. Pretty truck. but garbage under the hood. Never trust Ford.

  15. Larry

    Well I have a 2007 I purchased it in 2017 I have had it bulletproofed and also had to have the tranny rebuilt and it still runs hot
    I also think it was one of the worst motors built every time I ask about a recall they push me away
    I am going to make a phone call

  16. Troy McClanahan

    I have a 2005 350 6.0 that I’ve probably put over 20 thousand dollars in trying to keep the piece of $hit running now it’s sitting in the barn for the past 2 years and hasn’t run I’m tired of putting money in it. I have a 95 F-350 with 400 thousand miles on it with the 7.3 that I use every day

  17. Phillip

    I think Ford like other automakers has put out good and bad batches of vehicles. Overall the F series is a very good line of trucks, but Ford has shown they will continue to sell a bad product even if they know it is bad. Millions of the 6 speed dual clutch automatics are a testament to that. Everyone i have talked to said they never shifted right and their last ceo said it was not a safety concern, go figure. If a vehicle was good, i will write a few sentences. If the vehicle was junk, I will write a novel. That’s just my opinion based upon my experience with lemon cars.

  18. Cogent1

    I have owned two 6.0 liter super duty fords. The first one was a 2006 f250xlt it so bad i traded it in with 75000 miles on it. My second Ford is a 2007 king ranch f350. It has 172000 miles on it. I have maintained it very well but have put almost $15,000 into it to keep it running. That is doing most of the work myself using motorcraft or superior aftermarket parts. The egr system and oil cooler were the achilles heel to the cooling system. I bulletproofed the motor. I did not delete the egr emmisions. I replaced the injectors. I had to upgrade the fuel injection control module and have had to put 2 upgraded alternators. My pickup runs great but i hold my breath waiting for the next shoe to drop and more money to escape my wallet. It was a great motor that Ford screwed up. But on a brighter note i have become a decent diesel mechanic.

  19. Ford Guy

    And commute to a cubical… Or will that Kia tow your mini ex to to the job site?

  20. Tim

    You guys are both right!
    It was a POS and one of the best engines out there. Ford screwed the base engine with the electronics and emission equipment. I had a diesel tech that use to tell me “give me a 6.0 and let me build it the way it was meant to be built and it would be Bullet proof ^

  21. Jerry Lockridge

    What is that going to do for me? I have a 2006 F250 6.0 that has cost me over $12k in repairs out of pocket and this vehicle always had the scheduled maintenance done at the dealership where I bought it. The main problems involved the egr system, fuel delivery, oil cooler, and control modules. Am I going to get compensated or is Margerson the only one?

  22. Rich

    How soon before 6.4 owners get our share?? 🙂

  23. Eric Whitley Az

    I had a 2005 with only 68,000 miles and it did all the things that cost me a lot of money, so I traded it in on a 2014 f- 350 6.7 powerstroke???? Now it has 44,500 on it and out of warranty at 36 months and had to replace rotors, now the electrical system quite working just when I was going to get a 2020 F- 450 to pull my toyhauler!!!!!!!! Yes I got scrued twice by Ford and no recalls for all of the trouble that everyone is having?????? So I could not trade it in for no much and will get scrude again!!!!!!! Thanks Ford you greedy Bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Mike Scarpelli

    The 6.0 Powerstroke is not even a Ford designed or built engine. It is a Navistar engine and because of all these issues Ford brought the entire project in-house. The result is one of the best
    diesel truck engines on the planet. I still think Ford should have abandoned the Powerstroke name for the new design so it would not be mistaken in any way for the Navistar engine.

  25. Ernie mallory jr.

    I bought a 2004 f350 with 74k on it.within12months I replaced FICO all8 injectors twice. 2 turbos egr oil pump hi volume oil pump. Oil cooler alternator starter brakes both batteries. Luckily I bought a warranty with the loan. After 20,00.oo I traded it for a2002 dodge 3500 with a gas motor. The guy that bought it has replaced all injectors oil pressure censors and it has sat at the locl ford garage for 5 months with a junk tranny. Wheres my money

  26. Ruben Argomaniz

    I have an 2003 6.0 F350 I had to put a lot of money in to it for all the problems that came with it. So how would I be able to get some or all my money back from parts and labor?

  27. Alex

    Egr delete and head studs, and if you insist on running a tuner pony up the cash for a professional tune. The out of the box tuners will destroy a 6.0L.
    The 6.0 short falls can be corrected, the 6.0L ran well in Internationals bus fleet.
    The 6.4L is the boat anchor PowerStroke

  28. Michael spillman

    Spent $10,000 on the first motor the lifters come apart went through the high oil pressure system destroyed the motor Ford charged me $10,000 for a reman motor plus $2,500 to put it in I am so disappointed with the bastards.

  29. J.Edmer Fudd

    I bought a new F350SD 4×4 Crew Cab in 2006 and had all of the above problems, blown oil cooler connection, turbo, fuel pump, death wobble, and so on. I have been stranded several times with no help from Ford. But, I refuse to give up. It sat unused for four years while I drove one of my 7.3s while I tried to figure it out. The Blue spring upgrade solved most of my problems with fuel delivery; however, to this day, I have still have problems with the P0401 code and carry a code reader for daily use. I have 155,000 miles on it and plan to do a EGR delete this winter on the truck. I was offered upgrades to make it bullet proof for around $10,000, but I could not afford that. It is a piece of junk compared to the 7.3, and figuring it out has been expensive and depressing. I am 76 and have owned many Ford trucks, and this engine has made me decide to never buy another Ford product, ever.

  30. John

    I have a 7.3 IDI NA, I have an ’05 Excursion with the 6.0. My Brother has a ’05 6.0 King Ranch CCDRW. Thing is sick.

    Blew up my 7.3 IDI, do to my fault. 6.0 blew up and $14,000 waranty work later it is fixed. My dad’s fault for pulling 32,000lbs GVW up the mountain passes multiple times like a redneck. Blew a headgasket, proceeded to drive it 26,000 miles and screwed it up bad. Currently has 100,000 miles.

    My Brother has a bone stock PROPERLY maintained 6.0 with 200,000 miles and still on the original injectors. Although they are getting tired and is starting to run slightly rough because of them. But not badly. He is a contractor and works the thing but doesn’t abuse the snot out of it or neglects it.

    As you can see it all comes down to MAINTAINCE!!!! Yes you could still get the typical 6.0 issues. But if you fix them right away your are not going to destroy your motor like what happened to my dads (Now mine) Excursion.

    And the root of the most destructive issues with the 6.0 is the oil cooler. That is ussualy the source of the worst issues. Either keep tabs on it when it fails (White smoke out the tail pipe and check engine light) or just delete it like I did.

    But the other thing to realize is the majority of 6.0’s don’t always have catastrophic issues like mine or others. People who have running 6.0’s tend to not post about it as much as people with issues. There are MANY high mileage 6.0 out there that are still going strong.

  31. Kevin

    I think the main problem besides cheap wiring and lack of heat to exit the engine compartment. The 03’s were rushed to market with casting sand still deposited it inside the block which came out in solution and wound up clogging the oil cooler. Ford does not have a temperature gauge On the exhaust gas and or the upper oil system. So repeatedly taking the truck back to the dealer and being told they were minor issues then taking the truck back out on the road and repeatedly doing more damage.I understand Ford was under tremendous pressure to put a motor that was more efficient on the road with newer technology and I understand we’re all going to have to deal with this. I started ownership with his truck not understanding anything about it and at this point I would say I am I as knowledgeable as most mechanics that I have working on the vehicle.Change those oil coolers reduce that heat level not once but several times

  32. Ned Doan

    It’s about time! Ford let their customers down by releasing an engine that had known problems from the start. A friend of mine who bleeds Ford blue had to recommend to his customers to stay away from the 6.0. He is a certified Ford diesel mechanic.

  33. Carl Crisp

    Yep…my ’07 F250 Lariat gave up it’s head gaskets and boiled over 3 gallons of coolant out of the degas bottle while pulling a 6k lb 5th wheel in the hills of northern GA. It’s stock, no tune and had the oil cooler replaced before this happened as a cautionary measure. It has been maintained with regular oil changes, coolant flush and has a coolant filter system. But the point remains that the dang engine overheats too easily.

  34. James Griffin

    I’ve had pretty much all the same problems out of my 2006 F350 SRW. I spent tons of money on this truck getting it fixed I hope. So what I would like to know is there any way that I can Recoup some of my money from
    Ford Motor Company.

    1. James

      I’ve had pretty much all the same problems out of my 2006 F350 SRW. I spent tons of money on this truck getting it fixed I hope. So what I would like to know is there any way that I can Recoup some of my money from
      Ford Motor Company.

      I also bought my truck new pretty much went completely through the motor. It’s 14 years old now and only has 140480 miles on it.
      And that doesn’t count the times that the dealership has took the motor out to replace the rear main seals, put head gaskets on it among other things.

  35. Robert Kellogg

    Also not to happy with my current 06 f550 6.0 .i currently had 8 new injectors stand pipes , ipr valve , new ficm , injector wiring harness installed to solve a stalling issues driving down the road. Still have the same issues . My service truck is unreliable im loosing alot of money not sure what to do . I do love my Fords but this truck is killing me

  36. Hoyt Brown

    Is the suite still open for owners. I bought mine new in 2005a d have had to change the cooler a d different sensors to keep it running in the last few years. When it was new they had to tear the engine down at dealership to replace a. Intern ad l sensor but they never mentioned the problems the 6.0 had.

  37. Tom

    Let’s be very clear the 6.0 is built by international. Not by Ford. Ford took international to court to stand behind the motor because it was costing Ford a fortune in warranty repairs. The motors, turbos, just about everything on them was junk. I worked for ford from 1981 untill 2012 I’ve not seen a worse motor untill the 6.4 international was put into the F and E series lines. Ford’s first diesel was the 6.7.

  38. Dave Mathers

    $214,537.34? Really? I thought consumer laws allowed for the full return of all moneys paid to buy the vehicle. Was there some punitive money in there?

    1. Fords forever

      The punitive damages are still pending. The way some courts are , they could POTENTIALLY be more than the original settlement. Maybe another $250,000+.

  39. Brent

    The only thing that wore out quicker than the ’05 motor was the Ford emblem on the front of it.

    1. jeff terry

      Had to laugh…. that POS front badge bubbled and faded on my ’06 pretty quickly too (and my truck is garaged). I bought a replacement on eBay and 10yrs later it still looks new. The OEM was junk.

  40. Brett

    Greg brown, you can give me yours since you said you cant give it away. As long and chassis and body are in good shape the engine is a cheap and easy fix.

  41. Robert

    I can sum things up….buy a Chevy….Ford…Fix or repair daily.

    1. Andrew H.

      I’ve personally owned 2 Chevy trucks. 1st was a 1500 hand-me-down from my dad. 2nd was a new diesel from the dealership. Both trucks looked great, but functionally were complete garbage. I now own a business with a fleet of trucks. I’ve had 28 Chevy trucks in my fleet over the last decade, and of the 28, 21 lived in the shop with repairs and down time that cost my business over $300k. I’ve washed my hands of all GM products.

      I’ve since owned 55 F-Series trucks, of which have cost me ~$20-$30k in down time and repairs (including 16 Powerstrokes, 2 were garbage).

      I recently introduced 5 Tundras into my fleet. Too soon to tell, but it will be interesting to see how they survive the test of time (only 1 wheel bearing replaced so far).

      I’ll let you all do the math on the difference between Chevy & Ford surviving the test of time.

    2. Fords Forever

      You mean a DURACRAPS MOTOR? Their worse than Any of Fords so called bad motors combined. No way in hell I’d buy one. Would buy a Cummins before that would EVER happen. Worked on the Cummins diesels for 20+ years in the Army. They don’t call them Million mile motors for nothing.

  42. Billy

    HuI I Im second owner of a 05 6.0 its been deleted, Ficm replaced oil cooler replaced twice, coolant filter system to remove casting sand fro the block, replaced unisom ring on turbo to keep it from sticking, replaced steering box to a heavy duty red head steering box with twin steering dampers Only thing i havnt done was change to head studs. Replaced water pump and radiator. I wished id kept my 02 7.3, even though my mechanic says i have a good strong lasting engine
    now!” Now i need body bushings

  43. Ralph Thomas

    I Have 02 7.3 350675 miles still running strong Love my 02 Ford F350 supper duty

  44. Geoff Brown

    Ford 6.0 Powerstroke, and Dorothy Mantooth are saints!!!

  45. roger haptonstall

    Yeah and still stuck with one of the 2004 POS ,barely 110k and still paying out the a## to keep it running , where is my justice Ford?

    1. David Morgan

      Amen I miss him too!!!

  46. Rusty Shacklford

    I love my 6.0 Powerstroke, and the one guy who taught me how to fix it, and work on it is dead. We miss you Diesel Tech RON…


      I’m having problems to my 2004 and 2007 powerstoke stay in the shop it has do be some kind of defects what can we do.

  47. EddieJoe

    Seriously? You actually think the 6.0 is the best Ford has offered? Mine is on its 3rd turbo, all before the 60,000. It lacks power, alot of power compared to my 7.3, significantly lower mpg, way higher maintenance/repair. F’d up buying that pos. Either you’re the engineer that designed, or they’re ur significant other, and can’t admit you don’t know what you’re doing or saying. Everyone I know that has one, and everyone i talk to that has one are all on the same page, that powerplant is JUNK.Face reality.
    For the guy lookin for one, 03, 4dr, full size box, 5speed manaul tran., great shape, no rust, grey leather int.
    [email protected]

  48. Jimmy

    Not sure why some revert to name calling. Either you like the truck or not. I have an 05 F350 with 300,000 miles on it. I pull heavy equipment and a bumper-pull RV. Only problem I ever had was trying to get 10 min oil changes. The engine started to run bad and my injectors started to mess up. Once I started changing the oil myself, the problems stopped. Using good quality oil, use motorcraft coolant and filters, and cleaning the EGR valve every oil change, I have had no problems at all

    Drive what you like and take care of it.
    It will last as long as you want it to. No need to attack someone else about what they drive.

  49. Sean VanSickle

    I had a 6.0 powrchoke had all the problems they had Ford never came out til now 15 yrs later WTF

  50. Norman

    The 6.7 motor is gonna be a shocker to all owners when it gets worn cylinders after 150 200 K…. Can’t bore it. Not cast iron…. 18K for replacement motor plus install. The 6.0 needs mods in order to be a pretty good engine which is crappy but doable. I have a 2001 7.3 that l will NEVER get rid of. You cannot performance mod these new DEF trucks without the Feds crawling up your tailpipe….

  51. Gary Baker

    I bought a new 2005 Ford F-250 6.0 L power stroke diesel. Went great empty, but trying to tow a trailer was a joke. Couldn’t keep coolant in it! The dealer said it was the radiator cap! Lol. I took care of the problem by selling it and bought a new 2005 dodge 2500 Cummins powered. Pulled same trailer like nothing on behind! Ford cost me a lot of money! Be hard pressed to ever own a Ford diesel.

  52. Drew

    I have a 1993 F350 crew cab, (mfg. late in model year-1994 7.3 engine installed by Ford) single rear tires, long bed, goose neck hitch. I was thinking about selling.
    I think I might keep it after reading all these comments.

  53. Grant Corley

    Go propane! Engines last far longer with less trouble and maintenance and burns far cleaner than gas or diesel. Been doing it for over 40 years, it just works and works.

  54. mike

    I personally have 2 trucks with the 6.0 both over 275,000 miles and close to 8000 hours on each. one bulletproofed for towing, one left bare stock and still going strong.. ford sold a ton of these to ignorant owners, who ran the hell out of them and did not maintain accordingly. they all loved the power and fuel mileage while the drove the hell out of them while pulling massive trailers on oversized tires without gearing the axles. Then dropped them off at the dealer demanding a new engine after they uninstalled the toxic tuners they ALL had at some point.
    Sorry Ford..

  55. Raymond Nichols

    I have a 04 Ford F250 that I bought and still own and drive every day with 223,496 miles on it the only problems I have had is 1st at 60000 miles a new turbo then at 73000 miles a I did a EGR delete and oil cooler because I didn’t want any other problems people can believe it or not I don’t care but it’s true. I love my 04 Ford F250 it pulls my travel trailer and bass boat with ease. I think it is cause I use Shell 15/40 Rotella motor oil and change it every 5000 miles with Motorcraft filters

  56. Kory

    I love my 2007 f250, only issues I’ve had were self inflicted by running a programmer at max settings. Yes I learned my lesson and when my warranty ran out my programmer was removed. Since then, original owner, I’ve replaced my dummy plugs and my ficm on my own dime. Not bad for a 13 year old truck. I did need a alternator and batteries too, but those are accessories not really engine related. I can attest that I had several and I mean several warranty visits for repairs and what I found was incompetent techs that didn’t know what to do. They basically just threw parts at it and gave it back to me. I’d return 2 days later with the same issue and they’d throw more at it. This went on for almost 2 months until a engineer looked at it. Turns out it was just a partially plugged ipr valve the entire time. If I remember right they did almost 7k worth of warranty work before they put a $50 part on it.

  57. donald aus

    I had a 1996 7.3 and was great, but then I bought a 2005 6.0 and owned it for 11yrs and still running like new with no add on. Love it and will run as long as you know what your doing. I pull gooseneck and travel rv weekly at 2000 miles a week for work and farm. If you don’t know what you are doing you shouldn’t own one

  58. Bfordme

    I have two ford diesels 97 7.3 f250 2006 6.0 f350 dually I am not kind too either one. Spent about as much for repairs on each one.I get a lot of flack from my friends. But who do they call to come save there @ss

  59. Jim Whisenhunt

    I will keep my 7.3 for another 500,000 miles

  60. R. Just

    Totally junk! We had gone to trade our truck in and Ford wouldn’t even take it for a trade in because they knew it was junk! What kind of company doesn’t let you trade in a vehicle??

  61. RatC

    I was working in a used truck dealership with Ford changed from the 7.3 to the 6.0. We soon stop purchasing 6.0 L trucks for resale because they were just junk. Especially oil leaks. I don’t know who’s idea it was to let the motorcycle guys design a diesel engine. I still have my 1997 F2 50 with a 73

  62. Joseph Snyder

    Money pit of a truck and everyone I go to won’t even touch it just the fact that its a 6.0

  63. Mark Miller

    I bought a 2015 Ford with a Cummins engine in it I am totally in love with a 300,000 miles later ranch great I get 14 miles to the gallon the oil is still clean between oil changes in 2016 I bought another Ford F650 have had nothing but fuel pump failure problems and DPF exhaust filters what a turd.

  64. James Littleton

    It’s a international engine not a Ford engine. It’s a POS. No matter what. International only makes junk now !!!!!! Maxxforce

  65. JMB

    Funny…I have 3 05 6.0s…the one in my f650 is stock w/ 244568 miles on it…deleted exhaust…now a straight pipe 5″…deleted the egr and have air to oil cooler on it…
    I have an 05 f250 6.0 that is built…650-700hp…all KDH Diesel performance parts…except the 190 30 precision Diesel 8njectors and a 5 star turbo…its my daily driver.
    I have an 05 f250 stock…deleted exhaust, egr and air to oil cooler…250k miles…
    I haul a 6 horse trailer gooseneck etc with it and a 34′ Regulator center console boat.
    No problems from any of them…
    I run 5w40 rotella changed every 7000 miles
    I think you all suck as truck owners…go buy a Prius you fags.

    1. Kevin Kellerman

      Lol! Comment of the thread award here!

  66. James Littleton

    We have them in school buses bone stock had 4got 1 left engines craped out at 125 to 150 thousand miles. Just a matter of time even with proper matinance. International POS

  67. W g wells

    Had a 2005 6.0 and for 100,000 miles it was fine. Then over next 3-5 years it was nothing but trouble. All the problems described – turbo, injectors, gasket and a few others developed in sequence. After many thousand dollars in repair I sold it and new owner has had no problems for 3 years. Everything was fixed.

  68. Charlie

    I LOVE my Cummins. 😁.

  69. Eric J Best

    Are these the diesel engines reengineered for low sulfur diesal fuel of today or the old high sulfer diesal fuel of yesterday before egr , regen diesal engines.

  70. I'm alive coal roller

    I got news I love my 6.0 all it bulls down to is some jackass lawyer to make a buck if that’s true we can go to court with all the car dealership on the junk they sell it depends on how you drive it get in a rug of war with a 6.0 powerstroke you will see how badass it is leave the motor alone jackass grow up one more thing kiss my country ass

  71. Mark R Simpson

    I’ve got 2005 F350 dump w/6.0. I’ve kept up with maintenance religiously. But at 30k it began to have sticktion issues that made the truck inop by 40k. It also needed exhaust manifolds, egr delete, turbo cleaning, injectors, aFICM, and a bunch of other things that I can’t remember right now. I’ve probably spent $15k on fixing it in addition to buying it. It’s now finally the truck it should have been without the extra work.
    But I love my truck, call me crazy.
    And I can’t replace it for less than $75k! I gotta make it last until I’m dead. Can’t afford to get a new one.

  72. Mike

    I’ve seen plenty of 6.0’s with no problems, plenty with problems. Good stout motors yes they have issues from factory. Uhm first off it’s an International motor not Ford. 2nd if we’re going to complain about factory issues well this will be a real long one Dodge issues from factory on Cummins engine and truck itself. Head gaskets, wiring, fuel system front to back, valve maintenance, and auto transmissions. Chevy with Duramax engine transfercase, injector failure, head gaskets, engine computer, harness from ECU to TCM, harness for injector #’s 2 & 7, power steering and hydroboost system. All of these issues come straight from the factory with these problems trust me have all 3 brands all different years and set ups. Between 4 of us 3 Cummins 2- 5.9 an 1- 6.7, 4 total Powerstrokes 2- 7.3, 1- 6.0, an 1- 6.7, and 5 Duramax all 6.6 with 02, 03, 04.5, 05, 06, and 19

  73. Robert tennant

    Really don’t care. I have a 7.3. Total beast.

  74. Mike

    I am fire chief of a volunteer fire department in Texas. We run an F550 4X4 all the time. It is either idling long periods of time or wide open. It does have throttle control to prevent EGR problems at extended idle. Regular maintenance is a given but you can’t leave engines idling long periods without controls be and not expect trouble. We have had 0 problems with this engine so I suspect many problems ate consumer related.

  75. Mark Walters

    My 2004 f250 bought new had the usual problems, I was not able to take part in ford class action suit as I used independent diesel repair. Since replacing the problems with up graded oem parts I have had a good truck. I did learn not to do a tuner on my stock truck. Going on 255 K now, and always adhere to the maintenanc schedule.

  76. Ed

    I bought a 2004 new from the dealer. I had nothing but problems. It spent a total of two months at the dealer getting “reflashed”. Each time I got it back it ran worse. Ford finally bought it back. I took the money and bought a used 7.3. With 50k miles. 360k miles later and all I’ve done is routine maintenance.

  77. Chris

    What about all the early 5.4 motors that took a dump under 150000?? Nothing about that.

  78. Darryl McDonald

    All you guy`s on here wanting to give yours away,.leave your info in a comment to me and I’ll get in touch. The motor was a navistar that FORD was already unhappy with and then they hop it up. I do not disagree that when the major issues started they should have done something. BUT,that being hind sight I will take a 06/07 F250/350 4×4 for free. Flatbed,dually ,work bed w/crane,welder,air compressor. So long as it’s got a decent body and interior I’ll take it. Sorry if I seem picky but I’m disabled and on a limited income so I need to save all I can on refurbishing. But a free truck in decent shape. Thank You in advance for your generosity. And close to Tn would be nice.

  79. Chris staggs

    This truck is a pos!!! 2005 f350 Powerstroke 6.0. I’ve had nothing but problems with it. I have well over 100k in repairs to this thing. All done by the dealership!! Always just hoping that this next repair would fix the problem… but no. Turbos, egr, heads, oil coolers all done multiple times. Too many to really count but I do have the paperwork for it. Wanted to try and sell it but nobody wants these things. Mention 6.0 and it’s automatically no. It’s spent more time in the shop than actually driving it. People on here can say “well it wasn’t maintained properly”. Yea right!!! I have all the paperwork to prove everything was done and by the dealership I got it from…. biggest money mistake of my life was buying this 6.0 and thinking “it’ll be good after this next repair”. So much money invested in it to walk away but I’m done with it now. It’s a yard ornament. Good looking truck, not many scratches… but a yard ornament

  80. JMB

    Well…you are a moron for throwing good money after bad…you could have e
    easily fixed it yourself instead of paying someone to f##k you over at a dealership…lol…they sure saw you coming.

    Oh and everything you described has to do with oil and cooling.
    5w40 not 15w40…get rid of that $hit Ford coolant and use an ELC.

  81. John

    Ok, something is SERIOUSLY wrong with that statement. I have owned multiple 6.0’s. They have a few issues but overall they are good trucks. As far as nobody wanting them. Some people don’t. But they get bought and sold all day long every day. Obviously if they all had 100k into them Ford would have stopped production and figured out what the issue was. But the reality is far from that.

    Not saying you did not have a nightmare experience. My Excursion was one. But they are not all like that and even when they go crazy and blow up a whole new motor is 15k. 100k???? I don’t believe that for a second. The Insurance/Ford would have given you a new truck or engine long before that. You could have replaced the engine 6 times for that money.

    The only reason my Excursion had as many problems as it did was because before I bought it from my dad he neglected and abused the shit out of it. He would have told “I took care of it, I have all the receipts”. Yeah, so you changed the oil and coolant on time. What about towing 32,000lbs GVW up a mountain pass multiple times with a leaky EGR Cooler. Then blows the head gasket, then proceeds to drive it for 26,000 miles till the 4X4 gave out, didn’t grease them like he was supossed to. Then when the engine refused run at all and had to disconnect the 4×4 because the drive shaft had completely wore out and was falling out and had to be towed to the shop he blames the truck for being crappy. No, it’s the idiot driver. This is the main reason for 6.0 issues. Being a stupid. But they will never admit it or think it is totally normally not to do anything besides oil changes and basic maintenance.

    It comes down to this, fix it when problems arise and if you can’t afford it park it. You won have a blown engine if you do.

  82. John

    50% Cylinder head crack rate? You are just looking like a fool. Most 6.0’s do not have cylinder head cracks and the ones that do are mostly because of abuse, aka driving them with a blown headgasket, leaking EGR coolers, bad oil coolers, over pressurized cooling system ect. Not counting the poor maintenance the trucks are subjected to. Oh everyone says they take care of their trucks but when asked when was the last time they changed their coolant they probably never have and the coolant is only good for so long, 45,000 to 100,000. But they “Only’ have 120,000 miles. Thats “Nothing for a diesel”. Enough to blow up an engine if the coolant failed. Right there is the source of many 6.0 problems.

    I know multiple powerstroke owners that have never had a cracked head or otherwise. Sure a 100k truck needs some love but is far away for the reputation the interweb echo chambers lead you to believe. People who have good running 6.0’s tend to not post about them as much as people who are pissed off because they have to shell out 15k on an already 20k truck. Been there done that.

  83. mark smyth

    Every single diesel in a HD pickup or heavier truck or bus or motorhome runs too hot sometimes in the summer. It’s all about the oil. Never use any oil other than a partial semi-synthetic or a full synthetic oil. The SAE had an annual meeting in 1988, where the oil for both gasoline and diesel engines was the topic. Even then, before the nasty emissions stuff on the engines now, under certain conditions, normal diesel engine oil is not up to the job. Turbos run at extreme high speeds and the shafts on the turbo will coke up from carbon when they run too hot. A full synthetic solves almost every heat problem. A full synthetic is the cheapest thing you can buy, because it pays back in fuel savings of about 2 percent over the same grade of non synthetic oil. A synthetic oil is not made from crude. It’s actually a chemical. Pennzoil says their 100 percent synthetic oil is made from natural gas. The other huge advantage of a full synthetic is the Pour Point of the product at extreme low temps. Mobil One pours to minus 55 F for the 5W30 stuff. Diesel engines hate temps below about -10 F below and a synthetic doesn’t thicken up very much at these low temps. You still need a spray can of ether to give the little bit a a guarantee to get started before the battery poops out from trying at temps about 10 below F. Open the cover for the airbox to the filter and soak the filter with the spray. Quickly put the cover back on to keep the fumes inside. The oil was so stiff in the transmission that i had to drive in first gear for 5 minutes, ( big cabover Hino G model with the big 6 cylinder diesel ) before i could shift gears. Oh, yes, wear long johns, because at those temps, there is no warm air coming out of the heater for about 20 minutes, even when driving, which warms the engine up faster.

  84. Bill Shelton

    We purchased a Ford F-450 with this motor for our business. Heard the towing capacity was good. The first one (straight from the factory) had an oil leak. Another dealership allowed me to trade for the exact truck. It had a “click” from the start and the dealership said to keep driving it but at 2000 miles it got really loud and I carried it in and they say it needs a new motor. I know things can have small issues but both of these engines?

  85. JohnJ

    The truth is calling others names doesn’t fix your trucks….

    Ford does have problems with cheap torque to yield head bolts that lose their torque and dump coolant into your engine and on the ground. Changing the bolts to a stud kit fixes that issue. But while you have the heads off you need to check the heads for straightness and have them milled, check injector tubes for leakage and replace all if any are leaking.
    They also had major problems with the EGR system. Chipping the computer will give you better power and economy settings. A Powerstroke website will give you a list of issues that need to be fixed at the same time which costs around $7000. After that you will have a great diesel engine that will last with proper maintenance and driving.

  86. Paul Hutcheson

    I had a 2011 with the 6.7 loved it after I deleted it 500,00 plus on it when i sold it pulled trailers for a living didn’t want a payment so I bought a 2004 with 200,00 on it can’t keep it running i sure wish some of that law suit money would come my way


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