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All Six 2021 Ford Bronco Trim Levels Pose Together For The First Time

Ford has been hard at work putting together pre-production Ford Bronco examples at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant as it tests its tooling before real production begins. We’ve already seen Base and Badlands Bronco trim levels emerge from the assembly line, but now, Bronco Nation has caught all six Bronco trim levels lined up next to each other for the very first time.

From left to right, the Broncos seen here are Badlands, Wildtrak, Outer Banks, Black Diamond, Big Bend, and Base trims. It’s a great first look at the full lineup of (almost) real pre-production models and how they’ll stack up, and Bronco Nation also shared a few pictures of these various examples and their distinct paint colors as they were going through the production process, too.

Seeing each of the six Bronco trim levels in near-production form should be helpful for the 165,000 plus reservation holders currently awaiting the launch of the Bronco configurator, which is scheduled to happen in the next week or so. We also recently learned details surrounding the Bronco dealer allocation process, as well as a timeline for converting reservations to actual orders.

Ford expects to sell around 200,000 Bronco and Bronco Sport models combined in 2021, though that won’t include all reservations. In fact, the automaker has already stated that some of those reservations wouldn’t be filled until 2022, though deliveries will begin this coming spring.

Those that opt to add any of the 200 or so official Ford accessories to their Broncos during the build and price phase will be able to do so with labor included at the dealership, as we recently learned, as well as roll the cost of those parts into the financing or lease price of the vehicle.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    They all look great I just hope FORD got it right they have a Hit on their hands if there are NO recalls

  2. Master Sparky

    Powertrains will further abound from existing 2.0L diesels to hybrid, fuel-cell, and all electric versions. The Ranger crew cab was already boots on the ground in the Eastern hemisphere in 2009 and those assembly lines could also build Broncos…
    Look out next for (Base & Black Diamond) Forestry, Fire and Police Interceptor in an official alternate offering of one and two-tone colors.
    Thinking now that Ford will announce all new Ford Broncos will be introduced as 2022 models, opening reservations for 7,000 more First Edition leaving VIN to the first 7,000 2021-1/2 First Edition and prototypes we’re seeing here.

  3. DJ

    Looks like a knockoff of a Chevy homely front end design!

  4. 2.7EcoBoost

    Looks good. Probably on my list of future vehicles, but not until 2023 or 2024 after prices make sense and the recalls are done.

  5. BG

    If only there were a 3 row option! I’d buy it in a heartbeat

    1. Jane Saint

      The mini van category is over there ->

  6. Trent

    Yeah, another minivan would be just awesome!!

  7. Daniel Dugan

    Looks like a Honda Element with a gland problem…

  8. John engineer

    I think the design team will be looking for a new job soon. Looks like a tonka for a 9 year old kid.

    1. Aaron

      Is that a bad thing. Tonka trucks are awesome

  9. Lucky

    Great photos!
    Curious where the white roof is coming from as it wasn’t an option that I saw. There are a lot of cool add-ons shown in the photos (matching cooler, interior dash-rail devices, etc.), has any after-market companies announced/shown actual options yet? Who?

    1. Tamara Pitre

      You can order a painted hard top, maybe you can mix and match.

      1. Lucky

        Thanks for the heads up. Had a ‘77 in the Ford yellow with a white hard top, thinking about duplicating that in the new model.

  10. Kurt

    Bravo!FoMoCo! Love the looks of
    the Bronco. I’ll be getting the 2dr
    base model.

  11. Ford luvr

    One of the best looking 4wd out there, takes me back to my youth.


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