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Artist Attempts To ‘Fix’ Everything Wrong With Mustang Mach-E: Video

Mustang Mach-E Rendering
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The Ford Mustang Mach-E is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial vehicles introduced in years. And truthfully, the main reason people don’t like it is because it bears the beloved Ford Mustang name. Otherwise, the Mach-E is just an all-electric crossover with promising range and performance, and what’s wrong with that? Well, apparently a lot.

Mustang Mach-E Renderings

At least there is according to an artist named Marouane Bembli, or The Sketch Monkey, as he’s otherwise known on YouTube. Previously, Bembli has attempted to make the rear of the Mach-E look more like a Mustang, but this time around, he’s working on the front end. The idea is to imagine what the crossover might look like if it were based on the next-gen Mustang, an interesting endeavor indeed.

Mustang Mach-E Renderings

Bembli believes the front end of the Mustang Mach-E is a bit too unrefined and soft. He also doesn’t like the way the front fenders look, noting that they aren’t quite as sculpted as the Mustang’s. Throw in the grille shape and its requisite black trim piece, and there’s quite a bit to redesign up front.

Mustang Mach-E Renderings

Bembli starts out by sharpening up the edges of the grille to give it a more muscular look before moving on to do the same with the hood lines. He then lowers the headlights so they line up with the hood, and adds a couple of additional intakes up front to make it look more like the current S550 Mustang.

In terms of the overall shape, Bembli also decides to make the Mach-E a two-door (which we have already done), as well as lower it and give it a wider stance. Throw on a set of Shelby GT350R wheels, and, well, the result is interesting to say the least. As far as whether it looks better than the real Mach-E, well, we’ll let the masses decide that.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Much better. It´s like an electric 4 door Mustang. I would buy that. The actual Mach-E, not in a million years. Not everyone likes SUV´s or Crossovers or is willing to buy one, no matter what. Besides, the Mustang has always been a car. Transforming it into an SUV, its an abomination.

  2. Part of the problem is that Ford is calling the MME a “crossover.” At 5.7″ ground clearance, that puts in on-par with the rest of the Mustang stable (which is 5.4″). It is most certainly *not* a crossover. It’s actually more like a sport wagon (which may actually be worse).

  3. I have driven two Mustangs (one was a Mach 1) and there is nothing wrong with the 2021 Mach-E. It was designed with big differences because it is a different vehicle. Many here may remember when Ford used the Pinto body for the 1974 Mustang II, and that was also a different Mustang. So if Ford does it, why go back?

    We all want differences with a new model, not a rehash of an older design (masked as a “refresh”). At least Ford know what truck owners want, and the electric F-150 will not have major differences when compared with the gas model.

  4. RTR already fixed nearly everything wrong with the Mach E when it comes to exterior style. Granted I would like to see a more open grille on the vehicle and a different rear diffuser with “exhaust ports” to route heat from the rear motor along with making the fenders actually the design of the vehicle and not add on pieces. Basically this design needs to be the RS Variant of the Mach E. What the Mach E really needs to change the interior. I see what they were trying to do with it but it’s too boring and telsa-like with that screen. A more sleek center stack and a smaller infotainment display would be nicer. Also the Instrument cluster should not be floating the way it does. it should be under the cowl of the dash like every other mustang. Even if it is the same cluster. The RS should have way more power than the standard GT, somewhere in the neighborhood of 680hp/800lb-ft of torque. Once it has all of that, then the Mach E will be worthwhile.

  5. The Mustang should be a two door coup not an SUV. A this looks like a wagon, or you call it a crossover, or whatever you want. It’s something Ford could have stuck to old Taurus, or Escort or better yet a new name on instead of that of Mustang and should have. Heck Ford has plenty of 4 door cars they can have wrap this into. They could have kept with the horse naming thing even and called it a colt, pony, or maybe stallion. It’s like they said hey lets make a car that looks like every other EV suv and slap the Mustang name on it to help it sell. Better yet add Mach because those were our popular nostalgically sporty version that evoked the speed of sound. IMHO the esthetic and expectation of what the name Mustang Mach has not been met with this car.

  6. That’s beautiful and reflects a true Mustang. Ford is loosing their style and should remember why the Mustang design has kept our interest. The Bronco has proved the old can look new again without sacrificing looks. Please don’t call things what they are not, like the Mach E. Don’t trash an icon with this SUV.

  7. The Public – “Hey what is your kid named”
    Ford – “His name is Mustang Mach-E”
    The Public – “NO. You can’t name him Mustang Mach-E because you already have a son named Mustang!!”
    Ford – “Yes. I do. I’m not getting rid of my son Mustang. I have another son named Mustang Mach-E”
    The Public – “NOOOO! We don’t like what you named your son!! Mustang is special. You should never name anything with that name unless we approve of it!”
    Ford – “They are both my sons. They are from the same family. They are different but both my sons”
    The Public – “Yeah! But what about the HERITAGE!! You cannot ruin the Heritage!!!”
    Ford – “Ummm…you want ownership of the Mustange II and the Grande Mustang too?”
    The Public – “No! Those Mustangs suck too! We get to determine what Mustang is really a Mustang and you dont!”
    Ford – “Da fu*k? When you raise your own kid you can name it anything you want. This kid, my son, his name is Mustang Mach-E. Get over it”

  8. I had the opportunity to drive the Mach-e and I´m really dissapointed. it´s definitively not a Mustang. It doesn´t look like a Mustang, it doesn´t behave like a Mustang, it doesn´t drive like a Mustang, it doesn´t feel like a Mustang and it doesn´t have the character of a Mustang. It´s just another boring cookie cutter SUV with Mustang grille, Mustang tail lights, Mustang badges and Mustang pretentions. If Ford really wants a 4 door EV Mustang, then it needs to target something the likes of a Porsche Taycan or an Audi e-tron GT. I don´t care if Ford wants to call it a Mustang. It´s not a Mustang. The Mach-e is like putting grill stripes to a piece of Tofu and call it NY steak.

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