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Bronco Warthog Name Confirmed By New Prototype Spy Shots

Last month, we reported that Ford had filed to register the name “Warthog” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). At that time, we speculated that the name could be used on a forthcoming high-performance Ford Bronco variant. We also floated the idea that the Bronco Warthog could be the nameplate used on what we’ve been referring to as the Bronco Raptor for some time now.

Now, we’ve received some confirmation that the Bronco Warthog is the prototype we’ve seen testing over the last few weeks, thanks to some new photos of the vehicle. In them, we can clearly see an added, camouflaged panel inside the wheel well that has “Warthog shock cover” written on it, presumably by Ford engineers.

As was the case with our previous photos, this prototype Bronco is also wearing 17-inch Ford F-150 Raptor-like wheels and LT315/70R17 BFGoodrich KO2 All-Terrain T/A tires, as we previously uncovered. Those are the same size tires that will come on Sasquatch Package-equipped Broncos, however, unlike the Sasquatch, they aren’t beadlock-capable.

As Ford Authority exclusively reported, the forthcoming Bronco Warthog will have a wider stance than regular Bronco models. Recent spy shots and some high-flying testing pictures from Ford indicate that it will also use the same Fox Live Valve shock technology as the current-gen F-150 Raptor, in addition to a host of other suspension upgrades.

The Bronco Warthog will also feature unique front and rear fascias and bumper treatments, a single-exit, dual-tip exhaust located on the driver’s side, higher ground clearance and a wider stance than other Bronco variants, and more pronounced fenders.

As outlined by Ford Authority previously, the range-topping Bronco model will be powered by the Ford 3.0L EcoBoost V6 engine making around 400 horsepower, which will be mated to Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission, though a hybrid might be offered later on in the model’s lifecycle. No manual transmission option is currently planned.

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  1. Kenneth Shillts

    Dear Ford Motor Company,

    I am writing in regards to the “Warthog” name. I have one question. Who lost the bet? A truly terrible name. The name does not envision anything good or positive. The naming job should have been given to the person who came up with the name “Raptor” a name that brings to mind something powerful, mean, and unrelenting. Better luck on the next naming project.

    Kenneth Shilts

    1. Master Sparky

      Scroll down below… (Schmoe!!!!)

  2. Mason Paul

    Will this Warthog be the same body and interior dimensions as the 2021 Bronco with just a wider stance and bigger fender flares and lifted?

  3. Master Sparky

    Mo Fo Bro!!!! … WARTHOG????

    This is serious. I mean rewind 15 years ago to Microsoft Games’… HALO!!!!

    The WARTHOG was a robust, animated military vehicle on Halo. It looked more like a 1970’s Manx dune buggy than a 1940’s Willy’s Jeep, BUT!!!! similarities aside…

    As Halo evolved, it had nearly a dozen pilot vehicles. Some of them could fly! Some were even powered by ultra-violet plasma. But not the Warthog.

    The Warthog appears the least practical, but most believable. An all-electric, ground only, four-wheel steering, three man conveyance.

    The closest thing to it, on Earth for right now, are construction forklifts called Gradall (pronounced: grade all).

    Halo’s Warthog, enabled players the cinemascope perspective, of being either: the driver; the shotgun rider or the tow gunner.

    On the gaming platform, it was even more complex…

    Warthog rear passenger tow armament was comparatively either:
    A heavy M2/Gatling machine gun; -or- A rocket/grenade launcher…
    as Warthogs were duly configured as “either-or”… with an 180 by 90 degree hemispherical range of firing… virtually unlimited ammo, (inevitably) until the Warthog was so damaged, it would verily explode with everything on it, including you if you don’t get off in time.

    Even more complex, the shotgun rider literally fired a shotgun, or whatever else (s)he chose to carry.

    So Mo Fo Bro… FoMoCo 😉 applies for patent rites (not in the least misspelled) for what has already been an animated military vehicle????

    Shame on me for raising the issue… as Ford executives would surely cringe at the very thought, that one of its Bronco reservists, would raise a captured flag from Microsoft’s Halo!!!!

    A true open rail, minimal bodied, four-wheel steering, military Warthog… would certainly solidify a Bronco division of Ford… and bring the one-in-a-million soldiers who drive one, an element of “fun”… every fifteen seconds or less!!!!


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