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C7 Corvette Driver Wrecks After Showing Off To Group Of Mustangs: Video

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We’re all well aware of the reputation the Ford Mustang has for, well, crashing. Crashing into poles, bodies of water, and even houses. But perhaps that uncanny talent is also capable of rubbing off onto other vehicles, or at least the desire to show off with disastrous results. That certainly seems to be the case in this new video that shows a C7 Corvette crashing right in the middle of a pack of Mustangs.

We weren’t provided with any sort of backstory as to what’s going on here, but it’s clear that a pack of Mustang drivers are out enjoying a cruise together. The C7 Corvette, which is in the middle of the pack, changes lanes, only for the entire group of cars to slow down for some reason. We’re not sure if they’re trying to mess with the Corvette driver or if there’s something ahead that causes the procession to brake.

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Whatever the reason, this doesn’t seem to settle well with the Corvette driver. When the Mustangs in front of him take off, he tries to keep up and validate his manhood, but things go wrong rather quickly. The Corvette driver loses traction, the car pulls hard to the left, and it catapults right over the concrete median, which looks pretty painful for the fiberglass sports car, at least.

Thankfully, the Chevy guy didn’t hit any other cars on his way to the lonely town of embarrassing wrecks caught on video. And the two Ford drivers behind him stopped to offer assistance, it seems. The good news is, the wreck doesn’t look to be the kind that might cause any sort of bodily injury, at least to the occupants. But as far as the driver’s ego goes, well, that’s a different story.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Some people never learn, there’s a time and place for everything that’s why they build Race Tracks. STOP Street Racing

    • If anything they’ve been SHUTTING DOWN racetracks-and that’s part of the problem. When I lived in Northwest Indiana there used to be a racetrack on US 30 between Schererville and Merrillville. No thanks to the NIMBYS that lived in the area in condos (which were built long after the racetrack)the racetrack owner shut it down and sold the property!!

      • That’s not the problem and the last thing you need to be doing is giving this type of conduct a excuse. Google race track drive there cut loose, the problem is the track is to far for them to drive to

  2. And, if the driver’s insurance rates aren’t high enough on high-performance sports and muscle cars, he’ll get a nice surprise when the next six-month renewal term comes due. No “Safe Drivers Save 40%, for him!”

  3. That is what we call roll racing. It’s legal in Mexico. The drivers choose a starting speed, which in this case looked to be 10 mph, and whoever gets to 100 mph above the starting speed first wins. It’s usually done late at night where there’s little or no traffic. The Vette needs a driver mod.model.,,,

    • Okay. “We’re in Mexico” is a joke people say when they record themselves illegally racing. I really hope you know that already, but you typed it out like you were shooting hot facts.
      Roll racing is stupid. Street racing is for losers. People die from it regularly because the racers don’t know what they’re doing.

    • Except this wasn’t Mexico,this was somewhere in ILLINOIS(note the “Land Of Lincoln”road sign at 0:29). Either way, when it’s said and done,play stupid games win stupid prizes!

  4. Like my father told me many years ago: “Son, if you don’t want your feet wet, keep them out of the water”
    What that C7 owner did was just plain stupid.

  5. Buy a Honda or Toyota. It’s obvious you lack the skill to handle anything with horsepower. Stupid is,…. As stupid does.

  6. Driver obv missed the fact that there was a raised median separating the lanes; he was going to try to bypass the egotistical mustang parade in the opposite lanes.

    You guys don’t think the Ford a-holes were on purpose holding the Corvette back? Just being jealous, maybe?

    Idiots try to throttle me back & block me on the road & I’ll cut them off in the opposite lanes too… but not if there’s a raised median.

    • Excuses, excuses… the richard cranium ran out of talent, plain and simple. That’s the problem with “boys” trying to compensate for for their manhood. They go out, show their ass, then totally embarrass themselves, doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive. It just most of us mature enough before you tear up an expensive car.

  7. He does race it at the track. Its a 9.3et /153mph car. And does Road course racing.
    He knows how to drive. This time it got away. It is 900+rwhp.
    Most everyone was out there running slicks. He wasn’t … And it was 50° and lots of dirt/ gravel on the road.
    Car isn’t bad. One rear rim and 2 new tires and a few aero pieces of carbon fiber. It drives fine.
    No insurance claim involved.
    No tickets issued.
    Just hurt ego and a few extra dollars for new parts.
    First time I’ve seen it do that.
    I’ve driven it a few times and usually it hooks ( after heating the tires up a lot) and goes straight.
    Just sayin…

    • Knows how to drive? A REAL driver knows get the HP to the ground, he wasn’t even smart enough to feather the pedal. He ran out of talent, plain and simple. A boy driving a mans car, and his daddy is probably pretty pissed.😂

    • Lol you clearly haven’t cause you don’t live in the area and you are not in our private car meet group. You live in florida we live in Illinois.

    • He don’t know how to drive if he doesn’t know when to race, today it’s not a 9sec 900hp car it’s a wreaked corvette. Which makes him looks worse a street is not prep like the track race Is period

  8. This happened on River Road Cruise of Alton/Grafton Illinois, dude was being dumb infront of me so I recorded him, and got this legendary excursion.

  9. Looks like a modified Z06. Guy can’t handle the power. At least no one was hurt. Many Mustang idiots and others out there doing same thing.

  10. Ya thats STL’s local river road cruise. They were heading down to the docks and a group in front punched it, and in return the corvette behind him wanted to give chase. Shouldn’t have tried to ride out the spin and just clutched in and let off the gas.

  11. Why do super-powered Chevrolets have no proper handling. My Honda s2000 has handling to match the horsepower. I’m glad that I never bought a Corvette. I drove a vintage Camaro ss that had the same issues which made it so unstable during hard accelleration.

  12. I like the early 1980’s Corvettes. They look fast, but you can’t wreck them like that! I guess the guy was in a hurry to ruin the rest of his day.

  13. We’re aware of the reputation some Mustang DRIVERS have. Can barely even say owners because most the people who do that are leasing the vehicle and never actually own it at all which is part of the reason it happens. These cars have high horsepower. It used to be you’d have to be smart enough to work on the car yourself to have that horsepower and do you’d have put your blood sweat and tears in it and not want to wreck. With leased cars with that kind of horsepower it’s all just a credit rating and some insurance papers. You don’t end up with the same respect for the vehicle or the same knowledge of the vehicle and so people don’t take the time to learn to drive. It ain’t about a brand. We WANT cars you CAN lose control of or it’s an electric AWD pile of crap. It’s some individuals who don’t have the respect for the vehicle that leads to this not the car or the brand. Some people are going to hate us just for not being all electric AWD appliance car lovers. For every new car wrapped around a power pole five more exist without a scratch with fewer computers over correcting and more horsepower because the owner has respect for the car he built.

  14. I wouldn’t buy anything from Ford, they will screw the lights out of you for warranty work, I have driven Ford’s for 44 years but not anymore, they’d rather screw you than live up to their warranty.

  15. More power to the vette owner
    He just had an unfortunate thing to happen
    We get cut off by all kinda of vehicles as we do our Corvette Convoys
    Which really he had nothing to prove because
    Vettes are the True Icon of the
    American Sports Car

  16. “A reputation for crashing and getting in water, etc.”?? What did I miss? I’ve been a car guy for several decades and never heard this! Sounds like a typical case of a Corvette owner trying to show off and it backfired on him.

  17. There’s idiots driving every kind of car. BTW writer its a C7 Z06. Of course these Ford scribes don’t know dick about Corvettes. Could of been modded to 800hp .. who knows?

  18. What difference does it make if it was modified? The problem is, this small Richard person, doesn’t know how to make the HP get to the pavement. People try to “overcompensate” for other problems and screw the pooch, as it were, and get themselves in a predicament. Which in this case seems to be the problem.

  19. What difference does it make if it was modified? The problem is, this small Richard person, doesn’t know how to make the HP get to the pavement. People try to “overcompensate” for other problems and screw the pooch, as it were, and get themselves in a predicament. Which in this case seems to be the problem.

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