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FoMoCo Has No Plans To Bring Back Lincoln Sedans Any Time Soon

2019 Lincoln Continental
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Ford has already ended production of all of its sedans following the recent discontinuation of the Fusion. Lincoln isn’t far behind either, as Continental production will end later this month, marking the end of Lincoln sedans. Still, it’s worth wondering – should Lincoln sedan owners hold out hope for another sedan from Lincoln, or has that ship already sailed?

Lincoln MKZ

“Sedans, especially in the luxury segment, are still very important in China, and Lincoln is growing in China,” Kumar Galhotra, Ford Vice President and President of the North American region, told Ford Authority executive editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview. “But for the foreseeable future, we don’t have any plans to go back to sedans. But we’re always looking at the marketplace if there is an opportunity, so never say never.”

Thus, Lincoln sedan fans can hold out a little hope it seems, as Galhotra is clearly leaving the door open here. It’s certainly possible that consumer preference shifts back from crossovers and SUVs to sedans at some point in the future, but for now at least, that simply isn’t the case.

Back in May, Ford Authority was the first to report that the Lincoln MKZ would be discontinued, and production of the luxury sedan ended at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant back on July 31stas was the case with its platform mate, the Ford Fusion.

The Ford Bronco Sport will take the place of the Fusion and MKZ at the Hermosillo plant. Full-scale Bronco Sport production at the facility will start on October 26th, 2020.

Meanwhile, the Lincoln Continental is nearing the end as well after Ford Authority was the first to report, a little over two years ago, that Continental production at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant would end after the current generation had run its course. Lincoln confirmed this news back in July, and production is scheduled to end on October 30th, officially marking the end of the Lincoln sedan – for now, at least.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. I get it, but at the same time its a shame. There are consumers like me who have no need for a a SUV/CUV or truck. Like I was ready to leave the Ford brand all together due to lack of sedans, but bought a Mustang GT instead. I mean the Japanese, Koreans, and Germans still offer sedans. Guess Genesis is looking better and better.

    • Yep, I’m with you, though we drive a pair of Lincoln crossovers ourselves. It just seems to me that if you want to compete in the luxury segment, you still need either a larger sedan that can be adapted for the limo/private car/hearse businesses or a unique sport coupe or sport sedan that turns heads and delivers new shoppers to Lincoln dealerships.

      I was told years ago that convertibles were always featured in dealer showrooms in the 60’s and 70’s to draw shoppers in. Dad loved it of course walking in. But with kids he would walk out two hours later as a proud owner of a new full sized station wagon.

      By most accounts, the Mustang GT is a fine car. How hard would it be for that plant to produce a Lincoln coupe or sport sedan on that platform? Not hard at all I suspect, but design and development costs must be prohibitive at this point.

    • I don’t get it but Lincoln Power that be will because where I live there are more MKZ models on the road then any of the other models the brand sales. What work for Ford could hurt Lincoln they are 2 different clienteles. Ford killed Ranger when it was a #1 seller had they not done that it would still be instead of letting the import Toyota Tacoma take over, let’s see how that work out for them

  2. This is a huge nonsense and one of Ford´s biggest mistakes as they shot themselves in one foot with this abominable decision. Even when SUV´s and Crossovers sell like hot cakes, not everybody likes them and not everybody is willing to buy an SUV or a Crossover no matter what. Talking about Lincoln, not everybody considers even an SUV or a Crossover as a luxury vehicle. Lincoln is supposed to compete with Cadillac, MB, Audi, Lexus, Genesis or BMW. All of them produce sedans. Without at least one sedan, Lincoln stays way behind and is not even competitve against its competition. Lincoln is letting one market segment go (probably its basic segment) with the risk that those buyers will not come back to Ford when the market trends change again as they become familiar with other brands. The market is cyclic, so one thing that can be assured with matemathical certainty is that market trends will change again. Lincoln should keep at least one sedan in its lineup if they want to be competitive. A global company, with the experience and expertise of Ford should be able to satisfy the needs of all clients it may have, so no financial justification is valid or even acceptable, even more when Ford competitors do satisfy all market segments. It´s really dissapointing finding out that Ford/Lincoln, the company that created the first production line and changed the world as they sold the first mass automobile is not capable of offering at least one sedan. In my case, after 30 years buying Ford or Lincoln products, I switched to a Chevrolet Volt and am considering a Tesla Model S or Model 3 for my next purchase. There´s absolutely no human power that´s going to make me buy an SUV or a Crossover for the simple reason that I don´t like them and even less as a luxury vehicle.

  3. You are pretty much on target. As much as I have preferred FORD products, I will be looking at other builders when the time comes other than FORD and GM. I don’t care that much for SUVs/crossovers and certainly don’t like sports cars. Yes , why is it that other builders manage to build sedans? FORD obviously want to go in a different direction other than my preferred sedans so be it. I know I’m in the minority here but if I can’t find a sedan I like next time, a CHRYSLER mini van will be my alternative. I find them to be smooth and comfortable with a nice long wheelbase. As much as I would like an EXPEDITION, they are much for my money clip plus, I have many years of experience with minivans to vouch for them as sedan alternatives. So don’t get attached to one builder otherwise you are limiting yourself unnecessarily.

  4. Too many changes in the boardroom never speak well for long term corporate stability. Bragging about reservations ( not sales) of Broncos of 35,000 less vehicles than the existing 200,000 sedan market share makes no sense. Who will be next in the boardroom, a pencil sharpener?

    Cutting the sedans, gutting the market share may expose Ford to a potentially unsustainable future. Can we say American Motors Act 2?

  5. I totally agree with you guys, not everyone wants a truck or SUV. The Fusion is a fine car and sales prove it, why give the competition an extra sales boost. The new little Maverick pick up will not sell like the Fusion. It’s like now the are competing with them self in truck market.

  6. Lincoln’s power that be Cut their nose off to spite their face, biggest problem here the so call Continental is a larger MKZ which share the same front end. Keep the MKZ update and rename it Zephyr build a proper Luxury Flagship Continental use Explorer/ Aviator platform that the next Mustng will be using and add a coupe. How hard is that. Ford – Lincoln already has the platforms and engines that’s half the cost bring in a BadAss design team and get serious about building a competitive 1st class sedan ever thing is not Trucks and SUV

  7. This is a shame. My wife and I just purchased a 2018 Lincoln Continental Reserve and this car is so luxurious. We also own and Jaguar XJ and this car keeps it own with that one. Lack of promotion and making it too fragmented cost them sales. You have too many different types of Continentals and way too many options that should be standard if u want to compete. They dropped the ball. On the bright side we will have a unique car for a long time.

  8. I have been buying Ford products since 1971.
    I took my Ford to Europe when I was in the Army. My Father was a Ford man. I love Ford automobiles. There people like me we don’t want an SUV. I want a Lincoln Continental with a SHO engine or a V8 and not on Fusion platform

  9. I like others don’t want or need an SUV. If I need space for people or to haul stuff I have a F-150 XLT crew cab. I like quiet cruisers. I’ve had LeSabre’s and Bonneville’s. My last Bonni (10 years) wiring harness got eaten by the neighborhood critters making fixing it too costly for something that old. I was going to buy a MKZ not sure now since it has been Dcd. I don’t put on a lot miles now so the Hybrid MKZ battery pack would last me a long time but I was hoping Lincoln would bring out something to compete with arrogant Musk and Tesla.

  10. While I’m very content to purchase a Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring (when they become available), I do think FoMoCo is making a huge error in completely abandoning the sedan market. Especially from the Lincoln brand. Keep a small Ford sedan (like the Focus) and a large Lincoln sedan, like the Continental. It is painfully obvious the market is there, so Ford’s decision to exit is curious and lamentable.

  11. I feel the same, loved Ford cars.I’m 58 years old and have always owned a Ford since I was 17, I’m with you on the fact of not being interested in a truck or Suv

  12. My family includes four generations of Ford buyers. Ford got rid of Mercury and the legendary Thunderbird. Now Ford is saying goodbye to Continental and sedans so I am saying goodbye to Ford.

  13. I currently drive a 2017 Reserve Continental and absolutely adore it! Luxury AND speed! I have NO desire to drive a crossover and I just priced out a aviator. $850 for a lease? No thank you! After being a loyal Lincoln customer for my entire career, unfortunately after I pick up my new 2020 Continental In the next month or so, will be switching over to Genesis. Oh, I forgot to mention… I’m a Ford employee with 26 years seniority. If I can’t get a sedan from my own company, I’m FORCED to spend my money elsewhere…. sad day for us Continental drivers!!

  14. Ford will realize they made a mistake when folks who are ready to trade in their sedans they bought 5 years ago discover SURPRISE! We don’t sell cars anymore. We who follow the auto Industry know this has been going on for a while but those people are going to walk out the dealership shocked and disappointed and will walk over to KIA and test drive the new KIA K5. If Ford and GM took some time to design a great looking, out of the box thinking sedan like the K5 people would buy them. I’m not a KIA fan. I use the K5 as an example of how fresh unique styling can jump start interest in sedans. Plus offer AWD on all of them.

  15. Basically I agree Lincoln needs a sedan
    For my part, I’m PROUDLY getting my Continental Coach model next month.
    Because of limited production and quality abound, is LIVING PROOF Lincoln is still world class.
    What do the guys want in the neighborhood?
    Something the Big 3 forgot:
    A massive 2 door convertible with super performance engine, (like a Lincoln 429, like Chrysler brought back the hemi), no options, all top quality at 140,000, sell 20000 units, gold mine. Instead Big 3 surrender. Who really won the war??

  16. This is a big mistake by Ford.They should milk the Mustang platform and do what they did with the Fox body platform back in the ’80s.They had all the mid size cars based on that platform.They even won Motor Trend Car of the Year from a car based on the Fox body (1987 Tbird Turbo Coupe).So that shows Ford knows how to do it if they put their mind to it.Surely Ford can stretch the current Mustang platform and turn it into a 2 dr or 4 dr Lincoln.Then they can do another Ford branded 4 dr sedan from said platform.Maybe even another 2 dr performance based Ford.Through this they could even regain some of the police market back from Dodge and the Charger.And all of this means that Lincoln would become rear wheel drive again,as luxury car buyers like rear wheel drive.Just like it used to be.Nobody can do rear wheel drive autos like the American brands used to build.

  17. Ford just needs to sell the mkz hybrid they make for other markets in n the US. My 2015 is incredible car, not everyone can afford an aviator, although I’d love one.

  18. I believe it’s a shame they have cancelled the Continental, while I wish it was the traditional v8 rwd/awd set up, the large sedan that it was plenty great. Comfortable, roomy and smooth. Getting rid of sedans is obscene and ridiculous. I despise SUV’s and crossovers. They aren’t practical and most buyers have no need for them at all, it’s just the trend. The lincoln continental is not a trend it’s a fundamental benchmark of luxury . I wish Ford would just the right thing and continue with at least the Continental for the luxury market. Make it be an even better competitor than the Mercedes, bmw , lexus and others. Large V8 rwd/awd. I believe they may actually be surprised with the response. I hope they are listening!

  19. Have owned two Town Cars and enjoyed both, especially for travel. Have also owned Buicks, Oldsmobiles and large Chevrolets, all 4-door sedans or hardtop. The Lincolns were the best! Too bad Ford dropped them.

  20. So disappointed with Ford motor company . I currently own two 2011 Lincoln Town cars and will continue to drive them until I Die. It’s the safest car on the road, best comfort on long trips. Low maintenance, still one of the best looking cars on the road. Almost every day someone makes a comment to me about how nice they are and wish they could find one as clean as mine. It’s a shame Ford Lincoln Executives do not have the commitment to keep a legacy alive with pride. SUCH A SHAME!!

    • I too have a 2011 Towncar. Ford has LOST me as a loyal Lincoln buyer ( 9Towncars). I will NOT even enter another Lincoln showroom. Why not end the Lions too!

  21. I have a 2019 MKZ Hybrid now and when the lease runs out that’s it for Ford/Lincoln. Never ever again will I or anyone in my household purchase a Ford product. They’re dead to me because of their short sighted money grubbing attempt to push their high profit margin vehicles. I’m not too crazy about GM products either. So, the American car companies are pushing Americans towards the Japanese products again.

  22. i own 2019 Lincoln Continental and let me tell you Ford did a big mistake not focusing more on this car. it’s a beautiful luxury car with a reasonable price tag but you can see that they rushed into production. as i drive it i don’t feel the luxury it need to be bigger and wider and 6 speed transmission isn’t helping. my daily driver is a Chrysler 300C i enjoy driving it with the 8 speed transmission and it feels more luxurious than Continental.

  23. I drive my Continental here in Germany and the Netherlands and get stares daily. And there is a Maybach a few blocks away from me. Yet this car gets all the looks. It stops traffic and truck drivers make pictures of it during traffic congestions. Once at a car wash as I was leaving a guy pulled over in panic and grabbed his phone to snap a shot. My point being, Ford knows how to style a luxury car (great job Kemal) but Ford needs to up their game in keeping their product fresh. The promised 8 speed transmission and phev version of the Continental never came, which is a damn shame. I drive mine daily and it is a delight. Yes rwd would suit this cars stature better. But when driving this type of car as it should be driven (relaxed) awd and fwd set ups do just fine. I do hope however that Jim has a plan to make Lincoln the forerunner in tech for Ford. Make them pioneer ev tech at high profit margins and trickle that down to Fords mainstream cars. I would love to see a Lucid or Tesla S competitor from Lincoln as a full ev based on either a stretched Mach E or Rivian platform with all the bells and whistles. Pretty please? I’d buy that. And just for a dollar… But it has to be a sedan for me.

    SUVs are fine and I will likely get an Aviator. But I have my heart set on another plush sedan that looks and rides like only Lincolns can do.

  24. Ah, the whining of the same people who haven’t bought a Ford product in years, let alone a sedan.
    You are part of a minority that doesn’t buy SUVs or trucks. Just deal with it, all ye whiners and complainers.

    • I have had numerous Town Cars over the years and have put a half million miles on them. They are the best there is . I bought 2 low mileage Town Cars that I store so I will have luxury transportation for the future. Just as the car companies are doing what is best for them, I am doing what is best for me.

    • I don´t have to deal with nothing. I don´t work to buy what Ford (or any other company wants) but what I want and like. I have been owner of many Ford and Lincoln sedans for during over 30 years. If Ford/Lincoln doesn´t produce a sedan, I will simply migrate to other brand, but there´s no human power on this Earth that´s going to make me buy an SUV or a Crossover for the simple reason that I don´t like them. As a matter of fact, the last car I bought was a Chevrolet Volt and my next car will probably be a Tesla Model S. Cancelling sedans is in detriment of Ford. Not in mine.

  25. I’m in love with my 2019 Continental and wouldn’t trade it in on any crossover or SUV on the market today. Honestly, I think they’re a ugly hunk of metal. I understand that you have to go where the market leads, but offering one or two sedans couldn’t hurt. Not worried though, just as in the past– The Continental will return.

  26. Well if Ford / Lincoln would make them pretty again and something special prople might buy one. So disappointed because they look like everything else on the market. Dull and boring.!!!

  27. I purchased a 2018 Ford Focus in July of that year. It’s not the greatest car but had more features then my 1999 Kia Sephia I traded in ( was the original owner). That is when I learned that, Taurus, Focus & Fiesta were all being canceled but the Fusion would remain for another couple of years. I have a small income so I need fuel economy which my Focus gets a little over 30mpg or 400+ mile per tank. I was also trying to stay with American made. I’m going to go look at the last Fusions Hybrids that I believe get around 40mpg or so but not sure if I’m ready to trust the longevity of the battery issues and cost of replacing them. I’m in no hurry to say goodbye to my Focus as it has a rare 5spd which I love driving and it actually handles backroads fairly well. Thanks Ford but we would love to see the revival of the American seden( & their sport wagon siblings 🤗.

  28. Ford wasn’t wrong to get rid of their sedans, honestly, they could get rid of pretty much everything they’ve made up to this point except for the F-series pickup. Because 98% of Ford’s vehicles are crap! They’re boring and honestly not worth buying. Currently, besides the F-series platform, the T5 platform (ranger and now bronco) and the new CD6 platform, Ford needs to drop everything else and start from square one. Now I said 98% because the S550 mustang is decent enough in itself but Ford should be doing alot better with what they have. Ford could honestly do everything that’s not on a truck platform on the CD6 platform and they’d be fine. Ford’s main issue is the fact that they are holding on to the Mustang instead of doing what they need to do in letting the mustang ride off into the sunset and bringing back the Torino and making that a “Family” of vehicles. Ford already has a fairly successful Explorer on the CD6 platform being that it is one of the best american SUVs on the Market next to the Durango and Grand Cherokee but it lacks overall power, performance and luxury, which is what separates it from Mopar. I’m not saying to throw an oversized 5.0L V8 under the hood but Ford has a 450hp/510tq 3.5L Ecoboost, a 400hp/415tq 3.0L Ecoboost V6, a 494hp/630tq 3.0L Ecoboost V6 powertrain, a 660hp/550tq 3.5 Supercar spec Ecoboost and a 430hp/570tq 3.5L Powerboost V6 setup, not to mention the rumors of a 3.0L powerboost HO powertrain with 500hp and 600lb-ft of torque. Any of them “tweaked and tuned” could serve as potent powerplants for models above the Explorer ST and Ford could easily take the equipment from the Black Label Lincolns and make a better limited Ford package. along with giving the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring model better performance credentials for acceleration, handling, etc. to put it on par with the Jeep SRT-392. Nearly all of those engines can equal or out-torque the 5.0L V8 even in it’s hottest factory tune of 480hp/420tq, with horsepower numbers that float not too far off of the Mustang’s 480hp hot tune specs. While I admit, I am a fan of the sound of a V8 engine, the new clips of the next gen raptor V6 sound really good and the Ford GT ecoboost sounds like heaven. Now when it comes to cars, like I mentioned, the Torino family of vehicles would be a great idea because Ford’s midsize performance car history of the Ford Fairlane, has a larger spread than that of the one-trick-pony mustang. Cars like the Ford Thunderbolt, Torino Cobra, Torino Talladega, Gran Torino, Ford Elite, Torino GT, Torino 500, Ford Torino Falcon and Ford Ranchero and even the Fairlane Courier (Small SUV). Dodge is doing Amazing with their Charger/Challenger/Durango lineup and it would be wise for Ford to pay attention. The reason the Charger sedan is doing as well as its doing is because its fun and it has several models that fit the needs of its buyers from the V6 all the way up to the Hellcat Redeye. Where Ford’s Torino would come into play would be that the Torino was a midsize muscle car that came in a variety of body styles, Coupe, Convertible, sport sedan, wagon and mini-truck (Ranchero). Ford is (Smh) bringing back the Maverick as a truck to slot under the Ranger. Well the Maverick was never a truck, it was a small car, kin to the Mustang. The Mach-E should have been called the Maverick to be perfectly honest and it would have been better received (especially offering a maverick grabber high performance variant). With the Torino family, even though they would be competition to the Charger and Challenger, it wouldn’t be necessary to use V8 engines which would be one of the things that would set the Torino family of vehicles apart from the Mopar vehicles. Even offering the six variants of the 3.0 and 3.5L V6 ecoboost and powerboost engines I mentioned above, you go from a base 400hp/415tq 3.0L V6, a 430hp/570tq 3.5L Powerboost, a 450hp/510tq 3.5L ecoboost, a 490hp/630tq 3.0L Hybrid setup, a 500hp/600tq 3.0L Powerboost HO and a 660hp/550tq 3.5L Super High output Ecoboost V6. With those engines, you can eliminate and V8 from Ford’s lineup except the Predator 5.2L S/C V8 in the GT500. With the 10-speed options and the 7-speed DCT option with performance AWD, Magnetic ride, Brembo brakes, tech learned from the S550 high performance vehicles and all of that stuff, this gives an entire family of modern performance vehicles with trims that range from high performance to premium Ford levels of Luxury. Just as Ford could do with the Torino family, Lincoln could do with the Zephyr family of CD6 platform coupes, sedans and crossovers. Like the History of the Fairlane, the Lincoln Zephyr had a history of hot rodding and had multiple body styles. Granted Lincoln would not need a mini-truck the Zephyr did come as a coupe, sedan and delivery (SUV). A Large (BMW 8-series) coupe and gran-coupe fighter with an SUV entry that would slot just below the Aviator would be nice with styling cues from the hot-rod cars from the 30’s that utilize the Ecoboost and powerboost drivetrains. This gives Ford some exciting models for people to look forward to that also have practicality and usability year round. If ford wants to bring back a real sports car, Bring back a real Thunderbird 2-door/2-seater roadster and drop the 7.3L Godzilla V8 under the hood (Seeing that it will fit in a Fox body). Genuinely make it a modern ’57 T-bird with sharp fins, gills, a scooped hood and all of that and make it fun. I don’t want to hear about it not being practical (especially since Dodge has hellcats, demons, super stocks and all of the above). Low production numbers and an 8-year run with a V8 and a supercharged V8 as the only two options will keep it profitable. Do that, update the Expedition, Aviator, Navigator, F150, Ranger, Bronco, and superduty (switch the Superduty over to electric along with every single fleet style vehicle) rename the Mach E the Maverick, offer performance models of the Explorer above the ST and Ford would be fine and profitable. Drop the four-cylinder engines, drop most of the V8 engines (except the 7.3 Godzilla) and it works.

  29. There is a reason why the Mercedes Benz S Class, also a flagship halo for the Mercedes line as Continental is for Lincoln, is made on special order and only on a limited production basis from their Sindelfingen plant in Germany. The car is too expensive to make, and they make little profit off the car. Otherwise they’d have to cancel the most sacred car that embodies what a Mercedes is. Ford should be treating the Lincoln Continental the same.

    Ford, and GM for that matter with the cancellation of Cadillac CT6, another mistake, should be wise to learn from Daimler’s virtues and not be dumb enough from both of their own and each other’s mistakes.

    • I’m sure the Mercedes Benz S Class is very profitable because its sold in many countries (I don’t know the exact number) and it has the Maybach versions plus the Pullman Limousine which stickers for over 550,000 euros before options. Mercedes Benz’ management is at at least 100 times better than Fords.

  30. As a loyal Lincoln owner and a life long fan of the brand, I feel this is a huge mistake. My family and relatives have always driven a Lincoln. I learned how to drive behind the wheel of a Town Car. I myself have owned five Lincolns. My latest is the new Continental, which is by far leaps and bounds beyond any Lincoln of years past. I understand the move to build and sell more SUVs, but you are eliminating a segment of products a large portion of your loyalists prefer. I will never purchase a luxury SUV. I do not want to drive a box on wheels. SUVs do not turn my head no matter how much tech and features you load them with. Yes the new design theme for Lincoln SUVs is beautiful. But I still prefer a sedan. I think you will see your sedan buyers either hold out to see if you offer sedans in the future or they will leave and go to your competition. I really hope Lincoln pays attention here. Don’t turn your customers away.

  31. I purchased a 2020 Lincoln Continental and I’m glad I did! I have no compulsion to drive around in a truck and it’s a truck regardless of appointments and upgrades. As usual, the “bean counters” running American industry don’t realize that if someone wants a “sedan” they now must visit the showroom of an import manufacturer. Even if in the market for an SUV a sedan isn’t on the floor to catch their eye. Once a company or industry loses market share it’s difficult, if not impossible, to win it back. Women’s skirts rise and lower, men’s lapels get both wide and narrow and tastes in automobiles also change. Bring back Lee Iaccoca, the man knew how to sell cars!

  32. It really hurt to know that Lincoln can’t or want build a sedan for it’s car customers . Just two sedans is all that’s needed . bring back an AWD / RWD MKZ or ( rename what ever ) an a AWD / RWD Continental give us the coach doors . we want the Lincoln of old. You saw how the Coach Door sold. Make it something most Lincoln owner can afford . A Reserve Option and / or A Black Label Standard feature . Please don’t tell me the STANDARD BY WHICH LUXURY CARS ARE JUDGE . can’t build two cars that can compete with the market . I am 65 and been driving Lincoln cars since I was 26 I hate to think I have purchase my last Lincoln.

  33. I’m totally with you. I’ve been a loyal Ford customer since I bought my first car at the age of 18. I’m 51 now. I’m so disgusted at how Ford has treated its loyal Lincoln customers. I bought my first Lincoln in 2006 and never thought I’d have to look elsewhere, but now here I am, my lease on my MKZ is up in a month. Hello Cadillac CT5.

  34. I owned a 1988 Continental, traded for a 1995 then had a 1996. ford went small and the continental was pretty much garbage. I went to European cars then Ford brought the Continental back, I resisted then I bought a new 2019. Ford is doing it again and going to SUV’s. I don’t care for them so will be going back to the European cars again. It really upsets me because I was proud of Ford when they passed on the Government handouts.

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