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Ford Expands Active Lineup To Meet Customer Demand For Outdoor-Friendly Products

Ford continues to expand its Active lineup with the announcement of the EcoSport Active, which we reported on yesterday. The outdoors-focused Ford EcoSport joins a quickly-growing Active lineup that already includes Ford Fiesta, Focus, Ford Transit Custom, Transit Connect, Tourneo Custom, and Tourneo Connect variants. And it’s proof that the automaker is laser-focused on a fast-growing segment.

The Fiesta Active was the very first model in this growing lineup, and Ford has moved 55,000 units since it was introduced in 2018. Meanwhile, nearly one in five Focus models sold in the first half of this year was an Active model. That success has prompted the automaker to quickly expand its Active offerings, which are tailored to meet the increasing demand for vehicles that support outdoor adventures and active lifestyles.

But strong sales aren’t the only indication that more people are looking to spend more time exploring the outdoors. According to a recent survey conducted on behalf of the European Outdoor Group (EOG), 70 percent of respondents across Europe said that they are specifically looking forward to participating in outdoor activities, while 86 percent stated that outdoor activities are essential for people’s wellbeing.

Meanwhile, more than half of those surveyed said they have missed outdoor pursuits more than anything else while COVID-19 based restrictions on movement have been in place this summer.

Ford’s Active models aim to scratch that itch by providing customers with bold and rugged styling, greater capability, and the flexibility to support activities off the beaten track with chassis enhancements including bespoke suspension and steering components and traction-enhancing limited-slip differential technologies.

With demand for outdoor-focused goods on the rise, it’s clear that Ford intends to take advantage of this shift in consumer preference by offering a wide variety of suitable products, which is exactly what a customer-focused company should be doing.

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  1. Mark Bedel

    Wait, what? Aren’t we already driving our vehicles outdoors? Please tell me that I haven’t been dreaming “all” of this?

    1. Karl

      “Outdoors” meaning being able to go off-pavement/asphalt to some degree! That’s where the current market is and still accelerating in that direction.

  2. Justen M Ramírez

    I Wish Ford would just FOCUS on Sporty CARS instead of this ConFUSION of everything having to be an Off Roader! Some of us still want A Low Center Of Gravity Driving Position! Why are they only catering to One Part of The Segment? Please stop using the “No One Buys Our Sedans” as an excuse to turn into The Great Value Land Rover!.. Literally everyone bought Taurus, Fusions & Foci including Me! I’ve had a 2010 Fusion Sport(My Dad Bought New) 2016 Fusion 1.5EB(I Bought New in 2015) & My Current 2018 Fusion Platinum 2.0EB(Bought New In 2017). I Love My car Flaws & all but Fords just using the same Chassis & Engines. Only difference is it’s a CUV body! What’s Next? A Mustang Coupe Active?!?! Lol


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