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Ford Shows Off Unique Mustang Mach-E Electric Door Latch System: Video

These days, most all electric vehicles have ditched traditional door latches for fancy, electronic, integrated pieces. That includes the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, which utilizes what Ford calls an “E-Latch Door System.” The Mach-E electric door latch system utilizes a button on each door that releases the door latch, which the automaker was keen to show off in this recent video.

The Mach-E electric door latch system is quite different from what we’ve seen from other BEV automakers like Tesla, which still utilizes actual door handles, albeit ones that fit flush with the body. To get in the Mach-E, owners must first have the key fob handy, or they can also use their phone as a key. When one of those is detected by the vehicle, the owner simply presses the button on the door to activate the E-Latch.

The door doesn’t open all the way, however – only slightly. Just enough to grab the pull handle located inside the door and pull it open the rest of the way, though those are only located in the front doors. Rear seat passengers have a grab pad on the inside of the door used to complete the process.

While this might raise fears of pinched fingers, Ford has designed the Mach-E so that once the doors are popped open, they cannot be closed again until fully opened. Getting out of the Mach-E is much the same as exiting any other vehicle, as the occupant merely has to pull the level near the armrest to unlatch the door.

Many will undoubtedly worry that the E-Latch won’t function properly, which is to be expected. But it’s worth noting that Ford has designed the system so that even when the battery is depleted or completely dead, the doors can still be opened from the inside by pulling the lever all the way back.

However, getting in the Mach-E with a dead battery isn’t possible unless the owner connects jumper cables to the two power points located in the front lower grille. Then, the Mach-E’s front trunk can be opened so it can be charged.

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  1. Mark

    That idiotic door system is a big reason that I won’t be buying a Mach-E. I have an 8-year-old electric car that I will be looking to replace soon. Too many of the new design EVs have made opening the door a pain in the a**. I won’t be considering them.

  2. Matt

    So the door won’t close when popped until fully opened? What if your in a tight parking space and can’t fully open the door?

  3. imanjunk

    And if you put a portable 12v thingy on the grill contacts you still can’t open the door? How stupid. You gotta charge it first?

  4. Joe Wilbert

    Grow up.

  5. ERM

    this is insane, what is wrong with a regular mechanical latch/ tech for tech sack is ridiculous

  6. Will

    Why complicate the locking/unlocking process with such an insane, stupid system. I think I will pass up any car with such a system.

  7. Mike

    Naming this thing a “Mustang” is a form of blasphemy.

  8. Bill Howland

    I consider all this effort FORD and other automakers have put into these things beyond silly, and I question Ford Management’s appraisal of the IQ of their typical customers. I’d feel insulted.

    I’ve gone through 3 of these goofy things so far with EV vehicles.. A 4th I have not personally experienced but I saw enough that it caused me to never purchase the car.

    1). 2011 Tesla Roadster – The driver and passenger doors of this EV Lotus Elise were finally perfected by Lotus with very large, heavy hinges that maintain perfect allignment. Tesla Changed the perfected door latches with electric solenoids that have outdoor HUGE (about 1 sq inch) push buttons which are un-anviled (that is, preventing overtravel of the actuator). Someone with a heavy touch will deform the mechanism, besides the button freezing during snow and sleet.

    Since the entire door and window regulator must be removed to get at the deformed switch mechanism – its an expensive repair, and happens anytime you let anyone (or any kid gets near it) ride with you who does not have a ‘watchmaker’s finesse’.

    2). 2011 (also 2012) Chevy Volt. A solenoid mechanism was installed to access the Charge Port, but the reasoning behind it is ridiculous, since when the car is NOT publicly charging there is nothing to steal and therefore no security issue. People will steal the charging cord when it is already open and charging.

    Such a dopey thing also happened to have to be serviced under warranty a few times – GM got tired of spending the money for a useless feature and all 2013-2019 volts just have a simple unsecured door around the charge port, which is obviously what they should have originally had.

    3). 2014 ELR. – This is the BEST implementation of the 4 items mentioned, since the only thing that does go wrong with the frost-proof, protected outside switch pad is that it eventually seizes in the closed position -keeping the door constantly unlatched – BUT the daily workaround is to quickly LOCK the door either from the keyfob or inside the car such that the defective switch doesn’t matter.
    I finally replaced mine with an OEM part online for $25, and it is as simple to change as burned out license plate lights.

    4). Tesla Model “S” sedan. This is the WORST implementation of this kind of thing, and prevented me from purchasing the car. Since almost all Tesla service must be done at authorized service centers, the 4-door repair for this is $1,200 times 4 everytime you have a freezing condition in the winter time. The issue is this:

    A). When you approach the car, RFID senses the ‘keyfob’ (or a similar discovery method), and the handles pop out from the car surface about 3/4 “. Unfortunately the mechanism is a 1/200th hp (about 4 watt) worm gear motor, with the WORM made out of white metal. During sleeting conditions, the WORM strips and you cannot get in your car, besides having to spend $4800 to get all 4 doors fixed (they’ll all strip) each time it happens.

    Tesla has been offered ‘robustified’ stainless-steel worms by well-wisher German and American machinists, yet Tesla just continually offered the same junk.

    This is a FORD website yes – Just preparing you guys for the kinds of things that can happen with these types of goofy things that have nothing to do with the car’s performance yet can make you have several very bad and expensive days.

    I was in the market for a long range single motor Mach – E, but NOW I will wait to see how expensive the doors are to repair in cold climates.

  9. Justsayno Tocreepyjoe

    Why is the pull latch necessary for the front doors but not the rear? Would look much sleeker without them.

  10. Josh

    So basically, Ford is implementing a “new technology” that GM started using in 04 on the corvette for their newest and most advanced car thus far? Sounds about par for the course.

  11. John

    I would complain , but as a used car reseller if it wasn’t for the use of plastic door handles, shoddy window regulator cables/plastic clips, and error prone button operated rear hatches (2008+ escape rear hatch cough cough), increased owner satisfaction would mean I would be out of a job.

  12. The Gentle Grizzly

    Needless complexities. Just what cars need.

  13. Terry Williams

    I have a new mach e that is supposed to be here Feb 14th. I was real disappointed that there is no pet mode but now I just found out that there is no way to get in a locked mach e quickly if it has a dead battery. It is bad enough that you have to connect cables on the outside, but according to Ford that will not open you locked doors, it just allows you to open your front trunk to access the battery you have to charge before you can unlock the doors. This is INSANE no matter how you look at it. ATT FORD, THIS WAS JUST A DEAL BREAKER FOR ME. I was going back and forth on the mach e and the rav4 prime but I decided to deposit on the mach e and now going to cancel the mach e and get the rav4 prime. I take my small dog with me and if the battery died and I had the doors locked, I will have find someone with cables to get in, again INSANE. What were you thinking to not have some kind of back up like a mechanical key like almost every other car on planet earth has. I guess the only consoling factor is that if my dog is locked in the car and the car and climate control are on, one would think that the doors would unlock but no one knows if you can leave the car on for any amount of time or not. This kind of engineering or lack of just makes me worry what is behind door number 2 (pardon the pun)

  14. Richard

    I’m bummed out for Ford. I think it’s a design flaw.


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