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Ford’s ‘We Built Them A Truck’ Ad Celebrates The Pickup Truck: Video

Ford F-150 We Built Them A Truck Video
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Ford has doing a lot of things right in the advertising game lately, starting with the Built For America campaign that highlights the strengths of Americans, and how Ford enhances and supports the American people. One of the ads in the campaign covers Ford’s manufacturing operations and how they contribute to the country’s economy, while another focuses on the heroes we call first responders, and the Super Duty trucks they drive. And now this campaign is all about the greatest Ford creation of them all – the pickup truck.

Ford F-150 We Built Them A Truck Video

Aptly entitled “We Built Them A Truck,”, the minute-long video begins at the genesis, with the Ford Model T, and progresses rapidly from there. The commercial highlights the fact that Americans are a nation of creators and doers, and that the Ford pickup is built for America, and is therefore the perfect tool to help them along the way.

The stirring vocal lines are delivered over images of drive-thrus, farms, job sites and football games, each one making use of a different generation of Ford pickup.

“They used our trucks to build interstates, and families, and communities, and industries,” proclaims the narrator.

Ford F-150 We Built Them A Truck Video

One of the more interesting elements of the video might be how “unimportant” the truck is in the ad. Unlike typical commercials that focus on the truck itself, this spot puts the truck to the side or in the background, instead placing the focus on the people making and doing great things. It is about Americans more than it is about the machines.

Ford F-150 We Built Them A Truck Video

The last few seconds of the video are probably the most impactful, as the music swells and crescendos, and images of hard working people rattle through at a breakneck pace. “Americans needed vehicles worthy of who they are, and what they can do.”

The music goes silent, and the video transitions to a silver 2020 Ford F-150 on a rural blacktop. “So, we built them a truck,” concludes the voice-over.

Watch the piece in all its glory, right below.

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Written by Christian Moe

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  1. Ford Motor Company wasn’t built on building trucks. I don’t want a truck. I want a nice sedan. Where do I go from here? I used to buy Fords and Lincolns. Next time, through their stupidity in eliminating sedans, it will not be a FOMOCO product.

    • What you say rings true for you and an ever-shrinking amount of people.

      The death toll has rung. Sedans are dead. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Without automobiles, FOMOCO is dead. The sedan will be back. Just imagine our roads with all pickup trucks and SUV’s. Ridiculous. Since Ford has decided it can’t make a Lincoln sedan, but can field four (!) SUVs, It’s Mercedes Benz E Class or BMW5 series for me I guess.

        ps. Ford stock is really kicking ass. No dividend, selling for just over $7.00. I guess the “no sedan” decision is really turning things around.

        • It’s not just trucks and SUVs. It’s also crossovers. That’s where the growth is taking place.

          Stock isn’t really a good way to measure performance because of the hype factor. Ford is (generally speaking) a profitable company bringing in billions in profit per quarter. Tesla has posted one, maybe two profitable quarters and barely; the rest of the time it has posted massive losses. And yet Tesla is valued significantly higher than Ford. Why? Hype.

  2. I don’t think it’s a mistake. Have you seen all the Escapes and Explorers on the road? I bought an ’19 Ecosport to replace my ’01 Focus. Also have an ’11 Expedition and an ’88 F150.
    I agree it is sad that sedan buyers are a shrinking demographic.

    • I agree that sedans may currently be a shrinking market, but it’s still a market that represents around 25%-30% of the total vehicle volume. When I see Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Infinity, Lexus, Acura, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, etc. etc. drop all sedans, than I will admit that Ford made the correct decision. Until then, I say they shot themselves in the foot trying to impress the financial community with how they are making bold decisions. I don’t think they got the results they expected; just look at the stock price and profitability. Lost total market share will be Hackett’s legacy.

      • See what I wrote about about stock. In summary, stock price (and associated market cap value) is not a good way of measuring true performance.

        Sedans represent a good chunk of the market today, that’s true. But that share has been shrinking for years, and is forecasted to shrink even more in the near- and medium-terms. Most of those who are still making sedans today will drop their offerings over the next few years. Those that will retain theirs will be fighting an uphill battle to make money on them.

        As a fan of sedans, it’s a true but sad reality.

  3. A crossover is a sedan, just slightly taller and more spacious inside, much more visibility and versatility. If you want a sedan, just buy a slightly used Mks or Continental, or an even older grand marquis, crown vic or maurader. The sedan isn’t dead, it’s evolved and is the new performance vehicle. If you don’t believe me , go test drive an aviator, stomp the pedal and try not to smile. Do our country a favor. Buy domestic, better yet buy Ford.The only domestic manufacturer that hasn’t been bailed out by our tax dollars or sold out to foreign interest. It’s all we have. If you really want a sedan, buy two used ones and they will last twice as long 🤣. Name one thing a sedan can do that a crossover can’t. The only people that miss sedans so much are the same ones that don’t wear masks, seatbelts, and can’t really use technology. Get with the times. If you want a small car I understand that completely, but a large, slow, gas guzzling sedan has no place in the new car market of today.

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