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Lincoln Aviator To Take Over Livery Duties For Outgoing Continental

The Lincoln Continental has long been a favorite not just among regular car buyers, but also those that operate black car services, limousines, and other commercial fleets, mainly for the supreme comfort and luxurious experience it offers. But now that the Continental is being discontinued at the end of October, as we recently reported, Ford Authority has learned that the Lincoln Aviator will be taking over those duties.

Currently, the Continental is the only Lincoln vehicle other than the Lincoln Navigator to offer a Fleet Livery version. So it makes sense for the Lincoln Aviator to take the Continental’s place as a smaller, more affordable package for fleet customers. As is the case with the Continental and Navigator Livery trim levels, the special Aviator will be sold only through fleet sales and will be available late in the model year.

The Lincoln Aviator Livery trim level will be available in either rear- or all-wheel-drive configuration and will come equipped with the following features and equipment:

  • Ebony Cabin Environment
  • Standard Rear Door Sunshades
  • Elements Package, which includes:
    -Heated Second Row Outboard Seats
    -Heated Steering Wheel
    -Heated VisioBlade Wipers

The fleet-only Aviator will give the Livery market another option amid the discontinuation of the Continental and the MKZ – the last two sedans in Lincoln’s lineup. As we recently reported, the luxury automaker currently has no plans to produce another sedan in the near future, though it’s open to doing so if buyer preferences change.

For now, however, Lincoln buyers have nothing but crossovers and SUVs to choose from, whether they be members of the general buying public or fleet customers.

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  1. Crabbymilton

    Makes sense I suppose but what else can they do? Just for the record, I’m on vacation and they surprised me with an upgrade car rental. They gave me a CADILLAC XT4. I’m still getting used to the weird gearshift and fuel gauge but even though it’s smaller than anything I would want, it really rides nice with good power. However, the curmudgeon in me still can’t get past the fact that it’s still a four cylinder and not a sedan. But as is the case of both LINCOLN and CADILLAC, the 4 popper is here to stay as the crossover. With that announcement, I wonder if MERCEDES BENZ will try to make a move into the American livery market?

    1. Alex Luft

      Yup, the crossovers are the most logical choice for the livery market, especially given that there are no more sedans remaining.

      PS: the XT4 is a pretty good vehicle. The gear selector is awesome once you get used to it. But personally, I think I would buy the Corsair myself.

      1. Mick1

        Alex, I test drove an XT4 Sport. Drove fine but the luxury feel was lacking. I’m waiting for a Corsair Grand Touring.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    NOPE 👎 this is why Lincoln needs to build this Brand up market A FlagShip Luxury Sedan is NEEDED PERIOD. SUVs look dis-potion as Limousines. Not Nobody Want That

    1. Leonard

      Plenty of Navigators and Escalades in livery service. Since 2006, my wife and I have used luxury car services to take us to and from the airport, and to and from the airport where we’re vacationing. In fourteen years, two vacations a year, we’ve had actual sedans or limos four times. The rest have been Navigators. My next luxury purchase will be an Aviator (Navigator is too big to drive). I would never consider a sedan, and I’m in good company. All of BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti, Porsche, Volvo and Acura dealers in my state are 80% SUVs.

  3. Roy Chile’s

    The Navigator , Escalade and Hummer are full side SUV which pull the livery off better. When you get to the smaller models being transformed into livery it’s a ugly mess. Real talk you can use a regular full size SUV to go to the airport. In my area there are just as many Sedans selling as SUVs, I like the Navigator and Aviator am not buying either I don’t need or want a SUV to each his own, I use Uber for airport travel

  4. Crabbymilton

    I wonder about hearses since they said the CORSAIR’s days are numbered. Full size vans would be an excellent choice for hearse conversion. Plenty of room and the hearse builder could rebadge it as their own. Most hotels prefer full size vans or cutaway chassis for shuttle. As nice as full size SUV’s are for that, vans are the fraction of the price and can be as smooth and comfortable as well if speced right.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      I agree Your totally Right that makes more sense. Vans can be used in multiple ways save the company more money and carry more people


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