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Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Follows Escape PHEV In Delayed 2021 Launch

Last month, Ford Authority reported that the highly anticipated Ford Escape PHEV would enter production in January of 2021 after a bit of a delay. Then, earlier this week, we learned that this delay was caused by the stop-sale and recall of the Ford Kuga PHEV (a rebadged Escape) in Europe due to a handful of vehicles catching fire. And now, perhaps unsurprisingly, it appears that the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring, which shares the Ford C2 Platform with the Escape PHEV, has also been delayed.

“When we revealed, we announced that the Corsair Grand Touring will launch as a 2021 model year,” Lincoln told Ford Authority in a statement. “Although it was originally scheduled to go on sale at the end of this year, we are now are moving full scale production of the Corsair Grand Touring to 2021. It will go on sale next year.”

It’s been a long and winding road for both the Escape PHEV and Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring. The Corsair GT originally debuted at the L.A. Auto Show back in November of last year. In July of this year, Lincoln confirmed to Ford Authority that the Grand Touring was still slated to launch in 2020, though it would be later in the year rather than the planned summer arrival.

Lincoln Corsair GT

One month later, in August, Ford Authority reported that the Corsair Grand Touring would enter production in November at the Ford Louisville Assembly Plant for the 2021 model year. Then almost exactly a month later, we reported that the Escape PHEV’s launch was being delayed until 2021 because of Ford’s ongoing issues with the Kuga in Europe.

The Corsair Grand Touring (PHEV) is powered by Ford’s 2.5L iVCT Atkinson-Cycle I-4. That traditional gas powerplant combines with a permanent magnet synchronous motor to produce a combined targeted output of 266 horsepower, and is paired exclusively with Lincoln’s PowerSplit electric continuously variable transmission and electric all-wheel-drive.

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  1. William Thomas Kircher

    Would be nice if Lincoln would publish exactly what is different with the Corsair than the Escape PHEV.

  2. TennisGuy

    I am very disappointed with delays of the Corsair PHEV. Was hoping to purchase in 2020 but if now moved to 2021, I will be looking at other competitive PHEV offerings. PHEV style is a good compromise before moving to all electric. Wake up Ford, you will be left behind by Asian and Euro brands.

    1. tbird2252

      I am with you as Lincoln had originally published Summer ’20 delivery. Understand the China virus issue. When I learned about the problem with the Escape, I figured Lincoln would make an announcement soon. Like others have posted on this site I am looking elsewhere. Any suggestions to luxury vehicles getting 25+ miles E.V? Looked at the Volvo XC 60. Nice car but EV range under 20 miles per charge. Also, this car operates on premium fuel and its radio nomenclature does not offer the AM band…Too many negatives for me to proceed further…

  3. Sharon Salzberg

    I will be trading in my 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid this December. I originally was interested in the Grand Touring Corsair but due to the delays, I ordered the 2021 Audi Q5 plug in hybrid. It is fully equipped, luxurious and is less expensive than the comparably equipped Corsair.

  4. TennisGuy

    Wow, nice to hear👂. I will be looking into this as well. The new Mach E looks interesting, otherwise, Goodby Ford .

  5. William Thomas Kircher

    Audi Q5 plug-in has a 14kWh battery pack and gets all 19 miles of EV range? That is terrible as Ford’s Cmax with a tiny usable 5.6kWh battery pack gets longer EV range.

  6. TennisGuy

    How about some interesting upcoming Korean phev SUVs and the present Toyota Rav4 Prime AWD? RAV4 with very attractive style, features and power (302 hp), 18 kwh battery, 42 mi on all electric and greater Govmt incentives, $13k from both Fed. and Prov.

  7. William Thomas Kircher

    Toyota is only sending 5000 RAV4 Primes to the USA and they are all sold out! The PR from Toyota is they did not have enough battery packs to make more. Really? Then again, Toyota has invested millions into solid state battery packs which do not have the thermal runaway issues with lithium ion packs but..cost more at this point.

  8. Guy Beauchamp

    Corsair is a heavier vehicle and also AWD, so you would think Ford engineers new this and able to install a larger kwh battery in a higher price Luxo vehicle…dah?
    Looking forward to seeing some of the Korean, 2021 Santa Fee and Kia Sorento, although maybe only next March?

  9. William Thomas Kircher

    Ford announced a new battery chemistry for the F150 EV. Won’t be found in the soon to be released Mach E. Will Lincoln also receive this?

  10. Rocco

    Tried for 4 months to order 2022 Corsair Grand Touring finally found dealer that would little over 100 miles away now the wait


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