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Mustang Mach 1 Handling Package Pricing Announced, Will Be Available With Automatic Transmission

When Ford unveiled the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 back in June, it said that the optional Handling Package would only be available with Tremec’s excellent 3160 six-speed manual transmission, while the regular Mach 1 could be had with the row-your-own gearbox or Ford’s SelectShift 10-speed automatic. However, after receiving some feedback from fans, Ford has now decided to offer the Mach 1 Handling Package with the automatic gearbox.

This is great news for those that prefer to let the quick-shifting 10-speed do all the work for them, yet also want the many enhancements the Mach 1 Handling Package offers. Those upgrades begin with a set of attractive and wider 19 inch x 10.5 inch front and 19 inch x 11 inch rear Tarnished Dark-painted aluminum wheels.

The Handling Package also includes a larger, unique higher downforce front splitter, new front wheel lip moldings, and a low-gloss Magnetic swing spoiler with a Gurney flap and rear tire spats from Shelby GT500.

To enhance track endurance, Ford added two side heat exchangers – one to cool engine oil, the other transmission oil – as well as a rear axle cooling system and lower diffuser from Shelby GT500. Ford says that the Mach 1 Handling Package generates 150 percent more downforce than a Performance Pack 1 Mustang GT.

In addition to this announcement, Ford also revealed that the Handling Package will cost $3,500. Earlier this week, the automaker pegged the starting MSRP of the Mach 1 at $52,915, so a manual Mach 1 with the Handling Package will run at least $56,415, and adding the automatic brings the total to $58,010.

Considering the amount of equipment added by the Handling Pack, and the fact that Ford says the Mach 1 will hang with the Shelby GT500 on a track, those prices make the Mach 1 a pretty solid performance value.

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  1. Christopher Hackbarth

    I was at my dealership on Saturday to start the ordering process, went with Fighter Jet Gray, with ALL the options, with this news I now have the complete pricing. Cant wait till January to put a stamp on it.

    1. Bruce

      Congratulations Chris I think I want a regular Mach 1 without the handling package because I’m never going to track the car but as long as it comes with the TREMEC, B&O sound system, leather seats I’m good(I’ll probably put HRE aftermarket wheels on it later along with a new set of Michelin tires)

  2. Roy Chile’s

    Is this supposed to be the 2012-13 BOSS 302 Laguna Sega Equivalent ? As I said My 13 BOSS 302 is more Unique the 5.0 RoadRunner is a 2 year engine, there are lots of 5.0 Coyote that you can swap the Cobra GT350 Tranny and suspension parts to. The last MACH 1 used Cobra NA engine with a Shaker this should have NA 5.2 ,it got GT BULLITT with a 480hp tune and some stripes for $60-$70K No Ma’am I’d wait and pick one up very used half price then add the power and Shaker it should have gotten, Ford drop the ball on this parts bin money grab Mustang Am totally disappointed as the saying goes “A Fool and his money will always part”

    1. Christopher Hackbarth

      Do you not have a comment that hasn’t been repeated numerous times, I have seen this more than once or you just that short on words. DGAF what your opinion is so take your All to special Boss 302 and drive off into the sunset.

      1. Bruce

        I think Roy’s a troll we don’t really know if he has a Boss 302 or not, he might be a kid bragging on his dad’s or big brother’s car; just ignore him!

  3. Christopher Hackbarth

    Thanks Bruce, I would never track the car myself but I just traded a GT500 so I thought a Mach 1 would be a good fit, have always wanted one, so I pulled the trigger. Now just have to wait till spring. As for Roy, must be a wanna be.

  4. Scott

    My very first car was a 1971 Mach1 Mustang sporting a 351C, 4 speed, and 4.11 rear end. I was 15 years old. The car was far too fast for an inexperienced kid, but somehow I managed to survive. I have to admit the the 2021 brings back memories of my first ride as well as creating a desire I have not had in some time. Mine would be White/Black, 4 speed, handling package.

  5. nauticalone345

    I like it. Would also be really nice if Ford would match the stich pattern of the rear seats the same as the front. They made this same decision on the Bullitt and hoped they wouldn’t repeat it here.

  6. Nick

    Is there a reason why the handling package is not available in Australia? If we could at least get the option of the wheels, spoiler and front splitter!!! Ford you still have time to correct this. A lot of disappointed Australians.

  7. Greg

    Ordered My 2021 Mach 1, handling package not available in Canada either. Disappointed.


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