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New 2021 F-150 Running Board Design Utilizes Kick Stop Feature

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Power deployable running boards have been around on the Ford F-150 and many other pickups for some time now. But in prior generations, the F-150 running board design consisted of a shorter piece that ran the length of the cab, then stopped before reaching the bed area. That meant folks who wanted a step for easier access to the bed had to go with either Ford’s optional box side steps or a comparable aftermarket solution. However, that isn’t the case with the all-new 2021 Ford F-150.

The 2021 F-150 will offer a longer deployable running board as a single piece, with a kick stop feature, Ford Authority has learned from F-150 vehicle engineering manager, Dawn Piechocki. This makes the step longer and avoids the separate step. Hence, the primary running board now simply swings backwards. This is evident in photos of the new F-150 running board, which spans the entire gap from the front wheel to the back wheel.

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2020 Ford F-150 Box Step

This seamless solution provides a much cleaner look than the old, separate box steps, and fully retracts underneath the pickup, while the old steps protruded slightly, as can be seen in these photos.

2020 Ford F-150 Box Step

The old box steps were also a $325 option, or can be purchased from Ford’s accessories site for $385 each. On the 2021 F-150, the deployable running boards are standard equipment on King Ranch High and Platinum and Limited trim levels, and are optional on the Lariat High SuperCrew. Adding the 601A High package to the King Ranch costs $4,560, and the running boards are included in that package.

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Those who want Ford’s new deployable F-150 running boards on the Lariat must first pay $6,920 for the 502A High package, then add on the running boards for an additional cost of $1,220.

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2021 Ford F-150 Photos
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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Ford – Please install a “tailgate open” l.e.d./warning light on the dash somewhere. Tonneau cover owners would be thankful.

  2. You have a rear view camera on almost every F150 after 2017. If you are worried, put it in reverse and if it’s pointing at the ground your tailgate is open. And you wonder where the name idiot lights came from ?

    • Other than that Nissan copied Ford? Ford’s design patents for even the previous gen came out before Nissan’s did.

    • Really? Nissan has pretty much been a copy of the F150 since day one, and is still trying to imitate Ford. So was Toyota in the beginning but have moved away a bit, or stayed where they were while Ford has moved on.

  3. copy nissan are you high right now ford was the first with auto running boards and center co sole shifter dodge stole the shifter idea nissan stole the boards this isnt new 08 king ranches had this Ford is KING at this truck ish

  4. I hate how you can’t just get an option you like anymore, without getting a whole package. It has made ordering a truck almost a waste of time. Basically these running boards would cost Over $8000 to add to a Lariat, not an XL. I don’t understand that. You’d think they could make money at the $1220 price if it was a stand alone option.

  5. @Mike, cost and profit. At almost a million copies per year, if one could squeeze out even $1 of mfg cost, or could induce $1 or more of profit by getting the purchaser to upgrade, the number adds up.

  6. Bought a 1975 f100 in 76 if you would have told me that one day you could get so options on a pickup I would have laughed😆.

  7. Could you please eliminate the antenna on the passenger side fender since all new vehicles have a shark fin capable AM FM GPS and satellite radio other Ford products do not have the antenna on the fenders of their vehicles just something to think about.????

  8. I think if u buy an expensive truck like king ranch or platinum edition that all these options should be on the truck and not pay extra for it it helps sell the truck many times I went to buy a truck and I would end up buying a manager special or a truck that had the options on there and go some where else

  9. Ford could you also put a light on the dash notifying Garth in case he happens to leave his child or his coffee on his roof

  10. Hey Ford please for God Sake have a bed cover that is operated with a switch and not a manual and kindly have a ramp on the back that too either comes out and by pressing a button or a very easy manual pull kinda like cyber truck. Please please we need that its so basic thing I can’t belive we talk all about trucks and not have basics done to the truck. Think about it anyone who has to load three wheeler or event a roller tool box or its raining in middle of highway we should be able to do this on a fly. I don’t know who to tell this is so basic.

  11. A brand new set of wheel to wheel running boards is $300 to $800. The first thing I do is take off my factory running boards, and put on a set of wheel to wheel. I sold my new, chrome factory boards for $100.

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