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New Ford Bronco Apparently Doesn’t Scare Chevy At All

Even though we’re months away from the first 2021 Ford Bronco deliveries, The Blue Oval’s reborn off-road SUV is already a massive hit. The automaker secured 165,000 reservations for the new Ford Bronco in the first three weeks they were available, and it’s been blowing up the internet ever since.

Meanwhile, Ford’s cross-town rival, General Motors, also recently revived an iconic nameplate – the Chevrolet Blazer – though not as the rough-and-tumble off-road SUV fans remember, but rather a unibody crossover. So while we would think that the Bronco’s impending success would have Chevy a little worried, that isn’t apparently the case at all.

“We keep a very close eye on our competition, and obviously we are always focused on what our competitors are doing,” Brad Franz, senior marketing manager for Chevrolet SUVs, told Ford Authority executive editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview. “We think that what the Blazer stands for in the marketplace right now is more of the on-road performance, and that’s how we have the vehicle positioned. So, we feel good about how we’ve been able to build [the Blazer] brand in that fashion.”

While the Chevrolet Blazer was brought back as a unibody crossover, the new Ford Bronco is set to do battle with the Jeep Wrangler almost exclusively in the off-road focused SUV segment. And that fact hasn’t settled particularly well with Chevy fans, who would have preferred to see the Blazer make this battle a threesome. Regardless, it doesn’t sound like that’s ever going to happen.

“Now, as you know, the Bronco and Wrangler are going to be bringing very heavy off-road type communication, so we feel like the Blazer will have its spot in the on-road space, and the sales performance reflects that,” Franz added.

Franz is correct that the Blazer has been a sales success since it returned for the 2019 model year. Chevy Blazer sales posted a stellar performance during Q3 2020, as deliveries shot up 45 percent to 23,486 units, allowing it to secure a second-place finish in terms of cumulative sales in its segment. Additionally, the Blazer increased retail market share by 2.2 percentage points when compared to the third quarter of 2019.

New Bronco

While that’s great news for GM, it’s quite obvious that enthusiasts aren’t pleased with the fact that the reborn Blazer is designed to appeal to the masses as a mainstream crossover. They’re certainly dreaming of a modernized, capable, retro-styled, body-on-frame SUV like the new Ford Bronco, or even the Jeep Wrangler. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t appear that GM is listening.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    Chevrolet will be Johnny come lately and throw something together when they see the Bronco and Jeep market growing. Just like the did with the Camaro which showed up to the party last. We see how that’s playing out in real time right now.

  2. Harry Nimmergut

    GM made the right decision. This is a niche market and all that will happen is the Bronco eating into Wrangler sales. The overall market won’t grow. Not sure Ford made the right decision, considering all of the investment $.

    1. WSE

      165,000 reservations and they can’t keep up with demand… I’d say that’s a pretty darn good decision on Ford’s part.

      1. Brad Yelius

        Wrong. Reservations are not sales and doesn’t represent actual demand. Ford would be lucky to have half of those reservations.

        The new Bronco is a great product but it is still a niche product. It will be hot for the first couple of model years. What happens after that initial pent-up demand is satiated? It will start to decline into oblivion and go the way of the Focus. Do you honestly think there will be a new bronco on sale by 2030?

  3. Stalkbroker94

    This is because of one of two things. Chevy can’t compete in that market and won’t unless it’s viable for them and is very happy to let Ford test the waters. You know, so they can talk crap about Ford offerings while making something just like it.
    OR, Chevy can’t compete in the segment because they weren’t planning on the Bronco being as successful as it’s likely going to be and they thought the Blazer was going to handle things well enough.

  4. Mark L Bedel

    Chevy’s Blazer isn’t competing with the Bronco and Wrangler. It’s an SUV…and as mentioned by other contributors above, I also think this category is a very narrow one. Not a lot of “volume” sales to be had here. This is one reason I think the management at Ford resisted the Bronco redo idea for so long. I must say though…to keep excitement about a brand, that brand does have to acquiesce to a higher than normal fun quotient every now and again even if profitability takes a back seat. This idiom is particularly important given Ford’s centralized focus on SUV’s these days…the ultimate statement in boring…

  5. WSE

    I think the key phrase there is “GM isn’t listening” which has been the case for maybe 30+ years now?

  6. Mark

    The Blazer is sharp, and reportedly great on-road. I think they could have created a bit of a niche if they made it at least a little more off-road worthy. It didn’t have to be a full-frame Wrangler or Bronco competitor, but they could have made it more like the Subaru Crosstrek. The exterior of the current Blazer is very cheaply built. I suspect even a longer drive on dirt road could rattle some of the plastic pieces off of that thing. Yet the price is high.

  7. Motorpsychology

    I think we are seeing a reverse of what happened in 1958; Corvette vs Thunderbird. Chevrolet added bigger brakes and higher performance while Ford opted to move away from going head to head and made the Thunderbird a four seat personal luxury car.
    Today, the Thunderbird doesn’t exist (again) and the Corvette is still America’s sports car. The Ford GT is unobtainable to the masses
    The Blazer will do battle with the Bronco Sport.

  8. RGV956

    The sad part about GM is when you see reviewers saying, it is a lovely day to day cruiser to go pick up groceries and or your kids from school. They aren’t listening to any of their fans. I for one, do not like any GM product. However I will call out what they do wrong and that’s create something “GM” thinks the customer will like. For the comment referring to the Camaro, yes they brought it back, and yes it started eating sales from the mustang. However, now the challenger is the only competition to the mustang at the moment in sales. Because GM has this weird thing of making everything look like an older camaro, then they haven’t been able to make up their mind with the redesign. Correct me if I’m wrong, from 2014 to 2020 they have had 3 or 4 refreshes to the car. Again, because they just give what they “think” the customer wants. The Corvette looks a whole hell of a lot better than the Camaro and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Corvette is cannibalizing the sales of the Camaro.

  9. Gary

    The Blazer is just another SUV and we seem to have plenty of them doesn’t interest me.


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