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The 2021 Ford F-150 Will Still Offer Hand-Crank Windows

One of the biggest draws of the all-new 2021 Ford F-150 is the fact that it’s packing a host of innovative and fancy new features. But Ford hasn’t forgotten the 14th generation pickup’s roots, it seems, as those who want a simple pickup are still able to get one, at least in one regard. Those who like to crank-their-own can still get hand-crank windows in place of those fancy electric-powered ones, Ford Authority has learned.

2021 Ford F-150 Window Mechanism Summary
Regular Cab SuperCab SuperCrew
First Row First Row Second Row First Row Second Row
XL Manual Manual Fixed Power Power
XLT Power with one-touch up/down Power with one-touch up/down Power Power with one-touch up/down Power
Lariat Power with one-touch up/down Power with one-touch up/down Power Power with one-touch up/down Power
King Ranch Power with one-touch up/down Power with one-touch up/down Power Power with one-touch up/down Power
Platinum Power with one-touch up/down Power with one-touch up/down Power Power with one-touch up/down Power
Limited Power with one-touch up/down Power with one-touch up/down Power Power with one-touch up/down Power

This isn’t to say that buyers who want hand-crank windows have a lot of options to choose from, because they’re only available on one trim level and two cab configurations of the 2021 Ford F-150 – the regular cab and SuperCab. Coincidentally, those are the configurations most popular with fleets, which typically eschew as many fancy options as possible to drive down total cost of ownership.

From the XL SuperCab on up, buyers will enjoy the modern convenience of power windows. And for drivers and front seat passengers that don’t want to suffer the inconvenience of having to hold down the button and wait on the window to roll down, XLT and up trim levels come with one touch up/down power windows. Strangely enough, this feature is only present on one trim/configuration – the XL SuperCrew.

For those that do like fancy tech options, the new Ford F-150 still offers plenty of those. They include things like a digital instrument cluster and giant infotainment screen, Pro Power Onboard generator, and a high tech electrical system that enables over-the-air updates, to name just a few.

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  1. Ford Owner

    Going back to hand cranked windows is illogical and unexpected. The oldest car with hand cranks was my 1975 Chevy Vega. After that, all my following cars, starting with my 1980 Mustang, had power windows.

    How much of a discount does a hand crank window feature apply for the F-150?

    1. Bob Dobson

      Totally agree with you, seems silly to be honest, even the cheapest Kia and Hyundai has power windows.

  2. rmkilc

    A Platinum, Limited, Lariat, or King Ranch in regular cab configuration? 🤣

  3. Chris VL

    Consider the crank-window F-150 XL as chiefly a “loss leader” model. That is, a basic truck with a price low enough to lure buyers onto the sales floor, whereupon dealers can steer them toward the fancier models they’ll most often want instead.

    My last vehicle with hand-crank windows was a Ford, a 1993 short-bodied Aerostar XL, which I got rid of in 2008. It was a solid-feeling but basic vehicle.

    Every vehicle of mine since then has had power windows…and I won’t willingly go back.

  4. Stalkbroker94

    To all those complaining about it; don’t like it? Don’t buy it.

  5. Motorpsychology

    My “82 Escort 2dr had crank windows in front, popouts rear.
    In today’s vehicles, the window switches are usually tied in to the CAN system and the motors have got to be as cheaper cheaper than the crank hardware, I don’t know how the F-150 XL fleet packges work, but I suspect to get other “necessary” features e.g.: amfm radio, cruise control AC etc you need to order a package that includes PWs

  6. Ryan

    I’m not sure why people are mad about this on a work truck trim, I just ordered a 250 and almost went with them (wife wanted the power). This is available for fleet buyers that are extremely price sensitive, as well as getting people in the door with low starting prices (as others have said). Unlike a Lincoln that is straight luxury, a truck has to be everything to everyone.

  7. Dorian

    Lol maybe they can offer additional discounts such as “bring your own seat, steering wheel and mirrors”
    Just think how affordable it will be for those fleet vehicles.

  8. SteveP

    I guess some of you didn’t read the article all the way through. It stated manual crank windows was only available on the basic model which is commonly used for fleet vehicles. You know, the ones that are purchased by large utilities and are used and abused by workers. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen company cars and trucks that are beat to death. Fleet vehicles need to be inexpensive to save total overhead. For personal use, get all the bells and whistles!


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