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Which 2021 Bronco Color Is Better: Race Red Or Rapid Red?

Those holding a 2021 Ford Bronco reservation have plenty of difficult choices to make over the coming months. For starters, the reborn off-roader comes in seven different trim levels, if we include the sold-out First Edition. Then, there are bountiful options and accessories to choose from. And once all of those decisions are settled, we must choose a Bronco color from the 12 hues available.

Several pre-production Ford Bronco examples have rolled off the line at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant over the last couple of weeks, giving us a chance to see many of these colors in the flesh. That includes both reds – Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, and Race Red. Bronco Nation recently posted pictures of Broncos bearing both of these colors, which gives red fans a much better look at them.

Race Red is a brighter color for sure, and a more traditional red, per say. It’s the one for folks that enjoy being noticed, or just prefer a real, well, red. On the other hand, Rapid Red is much darker and sports a metallic finish, which a lot of people like. It’s a tough choice for sure, because both of these colors look great on the Bronco’s flanks.

For those that aren’t into red, there are plenty of other options as well, including a whopping four different shades of blue. That palette includes Velocity Blue, Shadow Black, Antimatter Blue, Iconic Silver, Area 51, Carbonized Gray, Cactus Gray, Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat, Oxford White, and Lightning Blue, though the latter is only available on the First Edition.

That’s a lot of Bronco color choices, but then again, variety is the spice of life. But we’re curious to know which red most folks prefer. So be sure and tell us via the poll below, and perhaps we’ll get a preview as to which will ultimately proves to be the most popular shade of red!

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  1. Frank Keel

    Race red hands down!

  2. Kenny Rogers

    Why 2 reds, remove one and add copper!

    1. Gina Marie

      HELL YEAH!!!!

  3. David

    How about a Brown Chestnut or Rootbeer metallic, only need one red when so close in color.

    1. Gina Marie

      Seriously! Thank you!

  4. Roy Chile’s

    I agree with all 3 of you Race Red, add Copper and RootBeer Metallic

  5. XirallicBolts

    Race red. Too many boring cars come with “fancy metallic red” paint nowadays.

  6. Dan Bolton

    British racing green with a wood grain interior. Red is fine, but there are a lot of red cars out there.

    1. Roy

      Race red hands down.The other looks more maroon or burgundy.


    How about the Eddie Bauer editions, green and tan , white and tan, blue and tan , red and tan , and so on . Tan leather interior with wood grain accents …… hello?????? Seriously I’m not buying one the first year just because the colors are horrible. GREAT BRONCO, AWFUL COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM , ESPECIALLY THE BLACK INTERIORS.

    1. Gina Nappi

      This is EXACTLY what we have all been saying & asking for in the Bronco Group!

  8. Jeffrey Rogers

    l hate red anyway go with the chestnut or the copper but I am partial to Oxford White

  9. Albert RODRIGUES

    Just goes to show you that in 2021 you can’t make everyone happy.

  10. Angela Klett

    grabber green!

  11. Gina Marie

    SERIOUSLY, if Ford is really listening & reading these comments! Why did you offer Kodiak Brown in the baby Bronco (aka Sport) & not the regular Bronco? Why do we need 2 reds & 4 blues??? We all keep asking for some original colors, some retro/Eddie Bauer colors! We want a GREEN, a Brown or Tan!!!! PLEASE???

    1. Mike

      Everyone loves those cool colors, then they buy a Red, Silver or Blue one, especially if it’s gonna be their main driver.

  12. Tomasz Ustupski

    I’m with the ones that say too many red should be enough or maybe just 2 shades is plenty. Leave one for the look at me red and then the other a darker shade of red..but yes I would prefer something from a brown shade..

  13. Alex Grant

    Abyss Gray should be an option. Great color. Turning the Badlands….Badass!

  14. Allen

    Rapid Red 🙋🏻‍♂️

  15. Joseph R Kennedy

    Race red. If I have to vote for a red. One last request, can you make the Cyber Orange a little more orange and a little less school bus yellow…👍

    1. Master Sparky

      Our pah bought a brand new 289ci 1968 Ford Bronco cash out the door. Manual transmission, 3 on the tree!
      There was no base model. It was surprisingly more water tight than the competition, but all early Ford Broncos were essentially “stripped” with few options.
      It was non-metallic school bus yellow with a white top. Back then, Ford called it “Chrome Yellow”.
      It’s as if Ford “has to” include this color like fastback lime green 15 years ago for the retro Mustang.
      They should have made powder blue, turquoise and pink for those last run of Thunderbirds!

  16. Ron

    Rapid Red

  17. Mike

    Rapid Red is a much nicer color, but Race Red fits the Bronco better. Plus scratching up Rapid Red and having to patch in a spot will be a lot harder with Rapid Red.

  18. William Dearing

    Our hopes and prayers ride on this fine president. My family and I never slept better in our beds at night then with President Trump at the Helm of this Foundation we call the United States of America. I am truly proud to call the United States my home God bless Donald Trump.

  19. George S

    How about interior colors, tired of every manufacture that black is the only choose. I would like to purchase Colorado, Ford Ranger, or Tacoma size truck but I’m not because of only black interiors. Every auto designer should spend a summer anywhere along the gulf coast, from Houston to Sarasota and see how they would like black interiors.

  20. Stevens

    Rapid Red Metallic all the way. Remove Race Red and that hideous Chilli Pepper color. The Rapid Red is a sexier color and stands out better.

  21. Nate

    I will let you know when Ford fixes its supply chain issues, and I am able to order a Bronco.

  22. TomD

    Race red by all means. The metallic paint just doesn’t cut it.


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