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1979 Ford F-350 Restomod Left No Component Untouched: Video

New or old, both new and old Ford trucks continue to enjoy high levels of interest and demand. While The Blue Oval remains committed to making extremely capable vehicles packed with useful features, restorers toil away at older models way past their prime. This 1979 Ford F-350 restomod is no exception, with the truck receiving a top-to-bottom restoration that touched every component inside and out.

The truck arrived at the shop looking a bit worn. There was some rust around the passenger side window trim and some dents along the rocker panels. It also had to be towed in due to some engine trouble. But overall, this F-350 didn’t look like a lost cause.

Speaking of engine issues, the 1979 Ford F-350 morphed into a restomod when the restorer determined that the 400 cubic inch V8 wasn’t worth saving. Instead he opted for a 460 cubic inch V8 from a 1996 Ford F-350. That engine, however, wasn’t problem free and required its own rebuild.

At some point in its life, the 1979 Ford F-350 sustained a dent directly behind the passenger side door. This prompted the restorer to drill a speaker hole into the metal in order to get to the dent. He then created his own special tool designed to push the dent back out. Eventually, he bent the metal back into its proper shape, but the process certainly looked quite involved.

To show just how detail-oriented this massive undertaking was, the restorer stripped the 1979 Ford F-350 right down to the bare frame, which he proceeded to clean and repaint. He also installed four wheel disc brakes all around, gutted and replaced the cooling system with completely new components, while also replacing the stock wheels wrapped in larger rubber.

The interior received its own rebuild, with the seat fabric getting ripped out for some brand new upholstery. Additional sound-deadening material was installed in the doors and the roof.

The truck morphed into an essentially “new” 1979 Ford F-350, albeit with some modifications. But it still looks very close to factory spec, despite being the recipient of so many new parts. The final result is one sweet Ford truck.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. david wicker

    wish ford would build a hot rod f150 [ lightning ]. they got everything in there parts bin to do it put the godzilla engine in it, bucket seats, lower it, big rim and tire on it. keep it simple, no blower or supercharger, like the first gen lightning

  2. Steve

    Is it for sale

  3. John

    I have a 1969 F-100 Ranger SWB that I’m planning a frame-off restoration.

    It was a factory big block truck, the 390 C.I. in this case, however, it currently has a 1977 vintage 351 V-8. I was planning on doing a diesel conversion, using a Cummins 4 cylinder turbo.

    However, I have a strong-yet-relatively-economical work truck now, a 1974 Chevrolet Custom 10 with an Inline 6 and a long bed. It is much more suited to what I wanted out of a truck that gets used as a truck. (Yes, I’m a Ford guy, but this truck has most definitely grown on me, lol!)

    So, Ford decided to not only create an all-new big block OHV V-8 (7.3L Godzilla), they decided to offer it as a crate engine. If that wasn’t enough, they debuted the crate engine in a 1969 F-100. They might as well have used a picture of mine in the reveal, in order to beat it over my head any more so! Haha!

    So, the truck will once again have a Ford big block V-8 and a manual transmission (although not the terrible 3 speed it currently has), just as it was originally built.

    If its gonna be a hot rod truck again, I’m gonna upgrade the rest of the truck. It will get Crown Vic front end (steering components etc.), disk brakes all around, and so on.

    Its gonna be a helluva truck, again.

  4. Midway

    Am working on a 68 F250 highboy, all original, 360 is quiet as a church mouse, under hood parts all replaced, body and paint this winter, gmc sierra is my daily drive, l love it also, 17 mpg is better than the 8 mpg I will get with the Ford.


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