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2021 Ford Bronco Digital Instrument Panel Captured In New Photos

To date, we’ve seen a number of CGI/simulated pictures of the 2021 Ford Bronco digital instrument panel. But what we haven’t seen is a real, up-close picture of it, until now. These excellent photos come to us courtesy of the Instagram page Utah Bronco, which recently captured them at night, which gives us a great look at how the new Bronco digital instrument panel looks.

There’s quite a bit going on in the panel itself, starting with a traditional, round speedometer dial on the left with an engine temperature gauge located near the bottom. The incremental speed indicators light up blue, much like the digital instrument panel itself.

Speaking of that digital display, it consists of a large rectangle with rounded edges. In the upper left hand corner, there’s a bucking Bronco logo. The inside contains a host of valuable information, including a fuel gauge above the range remaining. Next, we see a digital representation of the Ford Bronco itself. One particularly nifty feature present is the fact that the headlights are on, just as they are on the vehicle itself, which provides a nice, quick visual confirmation of that fact.

Moving over to the right, we see a digital speed indicator, which has warning lights below it. The warnings lit on this particular Bronco indicate that the door is open and the seat belt is not fastened. To the right of that is a compass and the current temperature, a tachometer, and odometer.

There are additional warning lights to the right of the center display, and in this case, the airbag, parking brake, and headlight on lights are illuminated. There’s also one photo of the infotainment screen, which in this case is the larger 12-inch SYNC 4 system that’s capable of receiving over-the-air-updates.

The system also works with the FordPass Performance app with off-road navigation, which allows owners to plan, navigate, and share their off-road adventures. The SYNC system displays the available 360-degree camera system with off-road spotter views to provide additional visibility in technical pursuits such as rock crawling.


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  1. GaryB

    The tank level remaining and miles to empty suggests a fuel economy of 21-24mpg

  2. Madlyb

    For those us that actually drive vehicles off pavement, it would be great to show information about the car’s state of level (Roll, Tilt) and possibly something that flags when limits are being reached.

    I know this isn’t for everyone, but i am an information junkie and love how digital displays are providing me with levels of information I had to previously chase with third party tools.

  3. Vern T

    Just got to “see” a vehicle at Phil Long Ford. It was already sold so “looking from afar” was the only option.
    I own an uncut 1974 with just 120K miles and am in the market. However, I need to drive the 2.7L v-6 “with” the manual transmission. I “DO” some moderate trails here in Colorado and need the new one to go where the old one has!!
    I also could “not find” any information on “instrumentation”, one needs to know “vitals” of drive trail condition to avoid damage. Ex: Oil pressure and battery condition are important in approaching any “moderate to intermediate” approach angles. I have “starved” my 74 of oil on a 40% approach and was quick to respond before damage was done.


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