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2021 Ford Bronco Towing And Payload Specifications Are Competitive With Wrangler

Of all the questions people have had about the all-new Ford Bronco since its unveiling back in July, one that has persisted more than most relates to the 2021 Ford Bronco towing and payload specifications. It seems that more than a few prospective Bronco owners are also interested in towing things with their shiny new SUV, and judging by Ford’s official specifications, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The 2021 Ford Bronco towing ratings are 3,500 pounds for both two- and four-door models when equipped with the automaker’s Class II Trailer Tow Package, which is available at an additional cost of $595. It’s worth noting that this option is available on every 2021 Bronco trim level except the Base model, though it’s a safe bet multiple aftermarket options will be available.

Meanwhile, the Bronco’s chief rival – the Jeep Wrangler – is also rated to tow up to 3,500 pounds when equipped with the optional Trailer Tow Group package. However, this rating is exclusive to the four-door Unlimited model, as two-door Wranglers are only rated to tow up to 2,000 pounds. Thus, the two-door Bronco holds a distinct advantage in this regard.

Payload ratings do vary between two- and four-door Broncos, however. Two-door models feature a max payload capacity of 1,170 pounds, while four-door models can carry up to 1,370 pounds. The Wrangler’s max payload ratings vary depending on which trim level buyers opt for, but range from 1,081-1,220 pounds for two-door models, and 1,160-1,310 for four-door models.

Those that want to bring their 2021 Bronco along on RV trips will also be happy to know that the vehicle is capable of being flat-towed, which means it can be hooked up behind another vehicle and pulled on all four wheels. This saves owners from having to get a trailer to bring the Bronco along on trips, which plenty of travelers will likely be looking to do.

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  1. JimL

    Look at that soft top fold!

  2. QHQHMare

    What’s the difference between a towing rating of 3500# and a payload max of 1170? Can I pull a horse trailer or not? (My horse is 1082#)

    1. P

      I would not. I never go beyond 60% of the tow rating. tow ratings are calculated at sea level “Flat and Level” surface under below average summer temps. I would not tow a horse with a pony. Sad development by Ford. Or should I say fewrd, with the new euro anti American functionality.

  3. K Cater

    Okay to flat tow, great. But, can we avoid buying a base plate and connect to the provided front D ring mounts? Finding a custom clevis for my Blue Ox to fit those mounts looms as an immediate problem to flat towing.

  4. Klayman

    There are so many mid size SUV’s that tow 5k pounds or more. I wonder why I never purchased a wrangler? But I have owned a 4runner and am now looking at a land rover…..sry Bronco ….sasqautch ain’t doing for me…..even the explorer tows 5600# and the wheel base is only 3 inches longer? How about a 120″ wheel base 4door bronco that can tow and still walk Moab? Then you can write a hit piece on the wrangler and the gladiator!

  5. paw

    LOL, is that a misprint? 3500? And they are bragging about it? Less than a pathfinder or an explorer? So, they built a “FORD BRONCO” that can tow as much as a 2015 Kia Sorento?
    They should have named it the New Ford Shetland or Welsh


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