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2022 Ford Expedition Taillights Spied In New Photos

Earlier this week, we reported on a 2022 Ford Expedition prototype that featured a massive new infotainment screen on the dash. Now, we have new spy photos to share which reveal some key details about the refreshed exterior of the forthcoming, refreshed Ford Expedition – specifically, its revised taillight design.

Though the 2022 Ford Expedition prototype is covered in heavy camouflage, we can spot several differences in its taillight design over the current model. The overall design is somewhat similar, as the center portion still contains the reverse light, but it’s slimmer and sleeker than before.

Additionally, the black lines that intersect the taillight are more pronounced, taking away surface area from the red portion of the unit. While we can’t see how far the taillight extends down the side of the Expedition, it’s safe to say that it will, though it’s unclear if it will extend as far as the current model.

In addition to the new taillight design, the 2022 Ford Expedition prototype sports a huge new infotainment screen that dominates the dashboard. The new screen appears to be lifted directly from the Ford Mustang Mach-E, vastly upgrading the infotainment display over the current Expedition. In the Mach-E, the screen measures in at 15.5 inches.

The large screen is also a big counter to the interiors unveiled for the all-new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, as well as the GMC Yukon, which all come with a standard 10-inch infotainment screen. The 2020 Expedition currently comes standard with an 8-inch screen.

Meanwhile, the 2021 Expedition will bring a few changes to Ford’s full-size SUV. It will introduce a new STX package, and as Ford Authority exclusively reported in September, and the 2021 Expedition will be available with two-row seating for the first time. However, as is the case with several other 2021 model year Ford and Lincoln models, the Expedition is losing its Windshield Wiper De-Icer feature.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    The taillights are the one thing that needed to change. I never understood why they where so big or went so far down the side of the vehicle

  2. Tom

    As someone who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s loving to read about new developments in CARS, it’s very depressing to read nothing but hot rod trucks and big SUV’s. Nothing exciting to read any longer. Ford, in my opinion, you really blew it by dropping coupes and sedans. Trucks are good for hauling equipment and tools, not groceries and soccer balls.

    1. Karl

      Tom you are in the minority! All you have to do is look at the sales trends and numbers. Numbers don’t lie but they tell the story. More and more people are transitioning to bigger higher riding vehicles and car companies are reacting to this shift. Like any business,the customers are right. Your perception I’m afraid is simply no longer reality. Trucks are longer farm equipment! Trucks and SUV’s are now being bought as lifestyle vehicles. Ford like any other business are in business to make money and a few people living on nostalgia will not dictate the course it takes as business. If the market shifts in the future to more sedans I am more than certain that Ford will react to this trend. Nothing sells like success!

      1. Ed

        I wish they would widen parking spaces to accommodate the new behemoths.

        1. Me

          The Karens with their Prius junk will complain.

      2. GG


        You hit the nail on the head! Car companies must be proactive with tomorrow’s trends!
        If you’re not ahead of the curve, then you will be left behind and out of business.

  3. MikeInNYC

    Face it. In profile and from the rear most suv little trucks look alike. Indistinguishable, even by car buffs.

  4. Jnooh

    Ford just giving up on their travesty that was the bronco? Moving on to an even worse suv. Nice job though putting a massive tablet in the car. That is all people need… looks like everything else. You already cloned panel for panel the wrangler. Might as well copy every suv. Can’t make your own body designs.. What a shame coming from a what use to be original brand.

    1. Ford Fan

      lol are you a comedian. those are some pretty good jokes. how did they copy the wrangler panel for panel

      1. John

        Ignore the troll. Jealousy and ignorance cannot be reasoned with.

  5. gareth

    If they copied all other manufacures they would have ugly square arches,big huge ugly front grills and designs just like just a mess especially the from front.As for the bronco there is similerys to the jeep from the back but thats becuase of how the spare is mounted. the rest of bronco is so much better then the jeep.

  6. Delano Dabney

    Why they got it all covered up on the outside like that when I know for sure they made no major cosmetic changes? They probably only changed the headlight, taillight or grille marks and called it a 2021 smh. Ford has a history of keeping the same design for several years while their competition completely changes their designs.

  7. Ann

    I have driven a Ford for 35 years, or longer. An SUV needs a V-8 motor. I believe you can still get this motor in Chevrolet products. I love my Fords, but I will have to switch over to something with a V-8 motor. Ford dropped the ball on the motor change.

  8. Macky

    This is a wonderfully built vehicle. I went in on a CPO 2018′ Platinum after owning a 2015 Impala LTZ and am loving it. It is the perfect country cruiser. I’m hoping the current design lasts 10 years like the last Expy.

  9. Dust

    This looks horrible! They really need to stop with that horrible distracted driver tablet on the interior. Absolutely awful. The squarish body looks bloated, and the headlamps and taillights look beyond boring. Yet another design flop from Ford. It will join the Escape and Explorer in that!


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