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Delta4x4 Builds Massive Ford Ranger Raptor For Europe: Video

America is essentially a dreamland for those who love big trucks, especially the ones that are lifted to the sky and fitted with ginormous tires. Unfortunately, giant truck lovers in other parts of the world, like Europe, don’t quite have it as good. Delta4x4, makers of some pretty cool modified Ford Ranger trucks, took offense to the fact that Europeans must always settle for “one size smaller” pickups, so they decided to build their own heavily lifted version of the Ford Ranger Raptor.

The result is this massively lifted mid-size pickup that promises to tower over just about everything else on European roads today.

To achieve this wicked stance, Delta4x4 fitted the Ranger Raptor with not one, but two types of lifts – a 40mm (1.5-inch) suspension lift, and a 100mm (4-inch) body lift. They then filled that newfound space with a set of 35-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires wrapped around a set of Legacy Forged wheels.

The result is a truck that the German tuner appropriate calls “Beast,” a word that’s also emblazoned down the sides.

What’s even better about this build, however, is the fact that pretty much everything used to create it is available through the Delta4x4 catalog, so customers who want a beast to call their own can easily recreate it. The giant decals, of course, are optional.

In a region of the world currently obsessed with all-electric vehicles, this giant Ranger Raptor certainly makes a statement and stands out more than it would in the U.S. We can only imagine the looks it gets rolling down the highway, surrounded by diesel-powered cars and various fuel-sipping vehicles. And we imagine that more than one buyer will be very interested in soaking in those envious (or disgusted) looks, too.

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  1. Ford Fan

    that thing is lifted WAY to damn high. looks like a toy truck… damn capable though.


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