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Five Henry Ford Hospitals To Assist With COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Henry Ford Health Systems has announced that five of its hospitals will assist with COVID-19 vaccine distribution from both Pfizer and Moderna. As both promising vaccines inch closer to gaining approval, healthcare providers are working overtime to figure out how to receive, store, and distribute them.

The second piece of that puzzle is particularly challenging. As we reported yesterday, Ford has ordered 12 special ultra-cold freezers to store the COVID-19 vaccine to ensure its employees have access to it. These special freezers are needed because the new COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna require lower storage temperatures than traditional vaccines – around -70 degrees celsius (-94 degrees Fahrenheit) versus 2-8 degrees Celcius (35-46 degrees Fahrenheit).

Henry Ford Health Systems has also purchased six of these special freezers to store the vaccine. Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit will have two of each type of freezer. Meanwhile, Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, and Henry Ford Allegiance Health in Jackson will each have one of each kind of freezer.

All five hospitals have been approved as vaccine distribution sites by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Installation of the freezers is expected to be completed by December 1st, long before the vaccines are available.

Right now, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has been submitted for Emergency Use Authorization and is expected to be reviewed by an FDA Advisory Committee on December 10th. Henry Ford could receive its first shipment as early as December 12th. Meanwhile, Moderna has said that it will also apply for Emergency Use Authorization and, if approved, could have its vaccine available by early January.

At the moment, it’s unclear how many doses of the vaccine Henry Ford Health Systems will receive.

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  1. Robert A.

    For everyone’s information, the Henry Ford Health System and the Henry Ford hospitals are not, and never have been a part of Ford Motor Company. Yes, the original Henry Ford Hospital, in Detroit was started by Henry Ford, back in the 1920s, with huge donations of cash from the old man, but as a separate organization from FoMoCo. just as the Henry Ford Museum of American Technology and Innovation and the affiliated Greenfield Village, In Dearborn MI, is a separate organization from the automaker, and is a non-profit, cultural organization. Ford Motor Company as well as various members of the extended Ford family, have, however, also made massive financial contributions to both organizations, over the years and have occasionally served on the boards of directors, over the years. The NFL Detroit Lions is owned by a great-great granddaughter of Henry Ford, but, it too, is separately and privately owned apart form the automaker. although FoMoCo often sponsors the Lions TV games that occasionally feature members of the Lions team.

  2. Bill Howland

    I wonder how many people are actually going to willingly take this quite painful – 2 step vaccine which, for the first time, modifies your DNA.

    The New York Times, among others, are currently involved in a campaign to convince ordinary Americans that they should take the vaccine, and of course, soon Digital Passports will be necessary that PROVES you have taken the vaccine regimen before allowing you to enter an airport.

    Take a GOOD LOOK at my Gov Andrew Cuomo , or any other of the big experts like the Pennsylvania Health Czar, or Bill Gates (who looks to me 10-15 years older than he actually is), or how about the president’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who states “there is no constitutional right to refuse a vaccine” .

    Do any of these people look like the Picture of Health? Are they going to promise to take exactly the same stabs they want to force on you? I’m sure they will – but lets get court ordered enforcement to be sure they aren’t playing another fast one.

    Since the big pharmaceutical companies have immunity from prosecution from any side effects these may cause (little things like half the test rats dying during trials didn’t seem to bother them) – I’d want them to take their own (to me unwanted) products first – and see what happens.

  3. Grant

    Bill Howland, the vaccine does not “modify your DNA.” If you don’t actually know what DNA or RNA are, why run your mouth about them? It can only damage our public health.


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