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Ford F-150 10R80 Transmission Lawsuit Dismissed In Illinois Supreme Court

More than one 2017-2019 Ford F-150 10R80 transmission lawsuit has been filed over the last couple of years in both Pennsylvania and Illinois. Now, the latter suit, which was filed back in August of 2019, has been dismissed after a judge found Ford’s motion and corresponding arguments to be persuasive.

The lawsuit was originally filed by a 2018 Ford F-150 owner in Illinois whose truck was equipped with the automaker’s 3.5L EcoBoost V6 and 10-speed automatic transmission. The plaintiff claimed that Ford was aware of the transmission’s harsh shifts and gear slippage, but chose to simply conceal the issues rather than address them.

More owners eventually joined the Ford F-150 10R80 transmission lawsuit, claiming that these defects could lead to severe damage and even fires. The suit pointed to numerous technical service bulletins and owner complaints as proof that these problems were widespread and serious.

On the other side, Ford argued that the owner failed to provide it with pre-lawsuit notice of alleged breach of warranties, meaning that the express and implied warranty claims wouldn’t hold up in court. The judge agreed, and this decision also meant that the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act claim had to be dismissed because it is contingent on the plaintiff having a viable state law warranty claim.

The lawsuit also alleged that Ford engaged in deceptive trade practices in violation of the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act, but the judge dismissed that claim after finding that the generalized allegations fail to specifically describe the misrepresentations on which the plaintiff allegedly relied.

The final two claims related to unjust enrichment, which Ford argued should be dismissed because it wasn’t filed under Illinois state law, and a negligence claim, which Ford claimed should be dismissed because the transmission lawsuit didn’t allege the plaintiff suffered any non-economic damage.

Ultimately, the judge agreed to dismiss both of those claims and ruled that the F-150 owner never alleged that he suffered any physical injuries or property damage as a result of these transmission problems.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Ryan

    Have the 10 speed in my super duty, shifts beautifully

  2. crabbymilton

    Should have stuck with the 4R70W series. Tough as a bad steak.
    Just had to make changes without testing them first.

  3. Alan

    I briefly had a 2020 Mustang ecoboost with the 10 speed automatic. Dumped it in 3 months due to too many problems. It was a complete mess. Extremely harsh reverse engagement at times, jerky downshifts, rough up shifts. Dealer updated it and was better a few days then right back to the old habits again. Then they told me they all shift bad. Drove 2 other used ecoboosts and 3 GT’s. None were great. One GT was horrendous. What a pathetic situation. I’m done with Ford.

    1. Bill Howland

      Alan – what is disgusting here is that ONE JUDGE just decided there was no financial hardship, but you yourself no doubt lost tens of $thousands on dumping a brand new car after 3 months…

      I currently don’t own any fords since my problem 40 years ago with the 2300 cc 140 horsepower 4 cylinder, which they said to ‘change the oil every year or at 10,000 mile intervals’.

      The car started burning oil at 45,000, – was running on 3 cylinders at 50,000 miles, and was running on 2 cylinders (and 10 mpg) at 55,000 miles.

      Called the Zone manager – he said that stuff in the owner’s manual was just ‘marketing’ and people should continue to change the oil at 3,000 miles/3 months.

      People will say I shouldn’t hold a 40 year grudge, but I can’t blame you if you stay away from Ford for the next 40 years. Any product besides motor vehicles that costs this much money – there are not these kinds of games played with the customer.

  4. Dan the man

    Always check 4 recalls on any car u buy

  5. Laoblu

    Is this the transmission made in Chyna? I was upset that I should have looked at the details before buying. Come on a Mustang made in Chyna….Xi is laughing…

  6. The Sagebrush Kid

    The ten speed in my F-150 shifts like a dream. It works perfectly. Most of the time the only way I know it’s shifted is because the numbers on the indicator change.

  7. John Doyle

    2012 F150 with Ecoboost. I’m on my third engine. Each lasted about 80k miles after sucking in water that accumulated in the inter cooler. Ford said Tough when it happened at 83k miles. Replaced engine and had same problem at 150k miles. I’m anal about oil and maintenance. Never Ford again! They don’t know how to design a turbo engine!
    Ford no more.

    1. John Doyle

      I sold my 2012 eco boost with the third engine. Original sucked water in from intercooler at 83k. Second engine lasted to 91k. Piece of junk. It was Ford Tough. That’s what they told me – that’s tough. Anal about taking care of my stuff but I can’t fix a bad design with maintenance.

  8. Garry

    We’ve had ford pickups for ten years now. Always new and pricey higher end units. You can’t know ahead of time if one will give headaches or not. One thing is sure, you lose huge money on depreciation after one month of the sale. After three years with minimal mileage expect to lose half of what the vehicle cost you when new. Add known headaches and lose more on resale. All said to say no economic financial loss has been lost, the trips to the dealer, sitting there waiting or taking back the rental vehicle, that never is the same as your new one, is all on the vehicle owner. There needs to be more done these days when you are forced to deal with recalls and warranty repairs. One example, the dealership comes to you to retrieve the defective vehicle, leaves the same type of vehicle and brings back your repaired vehicle with a two hundred dollar visa or mc card for you to spend anywhere for inconvenience.

  9. Marlyn Edward Clemens

    Ford and General Motors built this transmission together. I know all cars have their problems now and then but I have had great luck with the Fords so I can’t complain.

  10. Kyle

    My 2018 10speed with the 2.7 of as terrible. It would slip in second gear when cold and accelerate on it’s own when cold to try and skip second. Numerous times I’d have to hit the brakes to stop it from taking off. Brought it in and they did a TSB service which helped but didn’t eliminate the problem. After the service a new problem arose at highway speeds. When it would kick down, there would be a clunk/ bang tire chirp transmission slip and traction lights all at the same time. I would be at a power loss for about 10-20 seconds as the transmission sorted itself out. It began hunting for gears after the TSB as well and constantly tried to stay in the highest gear sometimes droping 5mph while empty with the cruise on before down shifting.

    The truck was a great value at the time and I was so fed up with the transmission I got rid of it. I will say after driving a gm with the same transmission none of the problems seem to have been present whether it was different mapping/ program or some quick push to market I don’t know. Either way the ecoboost and 10spd, when working properly was a dream to tow with.

  11. Fred Baxter

    2020 f150 10r80 10 speed trans slipping bang cold tran get on high way kick down gear went loss Throttle bang 4 gear no Throttle cold trans

  12. christopher l spencer

    I have a 2018 F150 Lariat with the 3.5L Ecoboost and the 10 speed. Every service interval has been met with service at the dealer and no modifications to the truck. Even the tires were replaced by the dealer at 40k mile intervals. I complained to my dealers service dept on many occasions that the truck would shift hard and get stuck in gears throughout the warranty lifespan of the truck. I was told by no fault of the dealer that this was a common complaint and there was nothing they could do. At 95k miles I asked the dealer to service the transmission as I did not want expensive repairs due to lack of maint. Again the truck has been serviced religiously by the dealer at Fords recommended service intervals. Long story short, at 103k miles or mostly highway driving and no towing my truck sits with a transmission self destructed. I was with the Ford Technician when he pulled the pan of the transmission. We found larger pieces of metal in the pan along with silver shavings. These were a result of the hard shifting and as a result destroyed the transmission costing 7 thousand dollars in damages.

  13. Raptor

    Bought a new 2020 Explorer ST. Transmission had to be replaced at 26k, and again at 35k.

  14. Johnny B

    I have a 2018 F150 3.5 L 10 speed trans. took 85,000 pampered miles but this trans is just a POS. Neutrals itself, in multiple gears at the same time ( falls on its face due to power loss when this happens. Even had it shift to 1st gear at 40 MPH almost lost the engine due to over revving. Rear tires locked up, no one was behind me. Ford didn’t figure out how to apply the brake lights when this happens. The judge in Illinois sounds like a real douche bag.
    Moral of the story , we all know ford doesn’t know how to build an engine now you can add transmissions to that list.
    BUY JAPANESE they last and they stand behind them.


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