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Ford F-150 Saves Sunken Chevy Silverado After Ram Tries, Fails: Video

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still seeing some waterside shenanigans happening across the globe. The latest of which involves all three of the big Detroit automakers’ pickups and their owners out trying to enjoy a day on the beach. However, this video kicks off with a Chevrolet Silverado stuck in the water with a Dodge Ram attempting to free it from its precarious situation before a Ford F-150 comes to the rescue.

Yes, the poor old Dodge gives it a solid try, but just can’t budge the Silverado, which found itself stuck after trying to load up a jet ski. Both trucks are 3/4 tons, and the Chevy is running a 6.6L Duramax diesel and big knobby tires, none of which help it much in this case. Those tires are halfway buried up front and 100-percent buried in the rear, which means that the Bow Tie driver probably overdid it a bit trying to extract his truck from the sand.

Unfortunately, the Ram does essentially the same thing while trying to pull it out. The tires just spin endlessly, and neither truck goes anywhere. Thus, the Dodge driver gives up and makes room for a lifted Ford F-150 to give it a try. At first, it doesn’t look like the Blue Oval pickup will have much better luck, however.

Warning: there is some strong language in the video, so if that sort of thing bothers you, watch it on mute.

But then, the Ford backs up a bit and gives it another try, and the Chevy immediately emerges from its watery grave. Hilariously enough, it also loses its jet ski, which falls out of the back of the truck in the process. On the bright side, this extraction could have cost the Silverado owner some money if he had to call in the professionals, so he’s lucky there was a Ford on hand to save the day.

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  1. kev

    immature, low class and trashy are just a few words to describe female commentator. had to mute video to be able to watch this

  2. Jay

    I’m a ford fan all the way, but I’m all about great trucks, motors, etc That ram looked to be a Cummins 12v? Unless he had slicks on it, it should of drug that Chevy thru the middle of that “pond” ! But just goes to show great drivers prefer a FORD!! 😆

    1. John

      No it shows too many idiots want too keep repairing a Ford

  3. Don Moya

    I am somewhat surprised that the audio was published with the video. The use of the vernacular by the person filming completely detracted from what otherwise would have been a great story. Once.i heard the person filming refer to the men trying to help as “F#!king faggots” it was game over. I didn’t finish watching the video.

    How can “” condone this type homophobic, ignorant and highly offensive commentary by publishing it? I am appalled to say the least. Shame on you Brett Foote and You have neglected your professional responsibilies as a writer and online publication. More is expected of you by this reader. I am very disappointed to say the least


    Don Moya
    Santa Fe, NM

  4. Banger

    To bad they had to help dig out front wheel and plus stick something under the tire

  5. Mark

    Had nothing to do with the truck. The Ford driver was smart pulling from the dry ground gave him better traction and his truck didn’t sink like the dodge on the wet soft ground.

  6. Sam

    What would they have said if those assisting were black females? Best to listen to this muted. We need to make America’s values great again and stop the name calling. Otherwise, I’d have the option to say those commenting are white trash.

  7. Jaja Beans

    I say let’s get along and work together. Anyone gets stuck, the other ones take it out! Nice job guys!

  8. Cliff Sense

    If the Dodge driver had given half the sauce the Ford did, and had dug the front tires out like they had to for the Ford it would have pulled it out just fine!

  9. LittleBigFordGuy

    12 year old video? Trash talking lady and people who can’t drive their cars properly? Wow, what waste of time

    1. Brett Foote

      Commenting on an article you don’t like – priceless.

  10. JJ

    It would only be fair to try to pull the Chevy doing the same things with the ram as well as the Ford otherwise it’s not a fair comparison. Children. 🙂

  11. Mac Franklin

    The word “faggot” is so offensive. Can’t believe people still use that word. Someone should educate her and you in the ignorance it shows. And can’t believe you as a website in 2020 didn’t edit it out. Sad and loss of respect for all responsible for letting this be online. You should be ashamed. You can do better. No excuse is valid even with the warning. I’m straight and I am very offended. 🙁 I will be contacting Ford for action on this to be corrected.

  12. Shelly Baker

    Wish someone who had half a brain had taken the video… being a woman who love her fords I am saddened to think this woman represents the rest of us…that said I believe the for owner was just a better driver ultimately!!

  13. Slim Pickard

    Although I own and feel Ford the better truck, it appears what saved the chevy were the tires on the Ford, not the truck. Traction is EVERYTHING!

  14. Erick

    The only reason the Ford pulled it out was because the driver knew what he was doing. If you put that driver in the dodge it would have just as easily pulled out the chevy. The dodge driver attempted to just pull, the Ford driver used the jerk method in which you leave slack in the tow rope and literally jerk the truck while pulling.

  15. Robert

    Dodge had the strap basketed which shortened the rig and put the tires in the mud. Also looked like some bald meats.

    Ford ran it eye to eye which put it up on dry land and had better rubber. Its a no brainer and nothing to get excited about.

  16. K money

    Had nothing to do with the brand of truck. All in the setup. True Ford fashion to skew the results.

  17. Rick Boyer

    It’s not a phobia of homosexuals, it’s wanting all faggots to be dead, as they should. The ford turd had better tires, yanked harder and had the benefit of others digging out the front tires. It would have been crazy easy for anything to pull him out with a bubba rope.


    Buy a wench !!!

  19. Danny

    The ford was a 4×4 if the Ram was a 4×4 also it would have dragged it out, if it was another Chevy 4×4 pulling it out it would have done it also. This is no feat at all, it just shows the difference between a 2WD vs a 4WD

  20. Dick Wood

    Now get to the truth. The Dodge was a stock truck with average tires. The ford had a highly modified motor ,.big mud tires and more ground clearance and with the lift it was jerking the truck from a more favorable angle. The white trash chick filming the whole thing shows the type of people who are ford lovers

  21. Gary

    Easy Mr. WOOD. Been driving Ford pickups for 44 years. Don’t be judging all humans because of one human who needs an attitude adjustment.

  22. Gary B kempf

    Been driving ford pickups since 1976 and never had a bad one! Sure had some problems but never lost an engine, Trans, or rear and did ALOT of towing.


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